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Chicago Title Company of Oregon provides title insurance, escrow/closing services and related real estate services to homeowners and real estate professionals. For assistance with your real estate transaction or for more information contact your local sales representative or title agent. Contact information can be found on the “Office Locations” page.

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Recommendations (62)

Mar 2, 2020

Kirsten Wolff recommends Mary Jo McGauvran


Mary Jo McGauvran was spectacular!
Aug 23, 2019

Jenni Peterson recommends Mary Jo McGauvran


Thank YOU all so much for all of the hard work that you put into this transaction. My clients and I appreciate your diligence and efforts on our behalf. Chicago Title is the only company I work with because of you guys and Kim.


Jennifer Peterson
MORE Realty
Dec 21, 2018

Bonnie Magdelain recommends Zachary Taylor

Project Coordinator, Emerio Design

I just wanted to say thank you so much for reaching out to Anna and handling things for her. You are the best!!! She stepped into his process totally blind and you know how confusing it can be. She appreciates and is very relieved to have your help!
Dec 17, 2018

Bill Hupfer recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Realtor PPG

Megan Iwami is over the Top!!!!
Dec 10, 2018

Lisa Godfrey recommends Mary Jo McGauvran

Realtor MORE Realty

Mary Jo was very kind and thoughtful. We had to reschedule signing for the sellers but she made it very smooth?
Dec 3, 2018

Lisa Yamin recommends Mary Jo McGauvran


Mary Jo McGauvran, Francine Beckler and Kim Mitchell all
exemplify superior communication, customer service, and
knowledge for smooth transactions.!
Oct 23, 2018

Don Devlaeminck, PLS recommends Zachary Taylor

Compass Land Surveyors

Thanks so much for all of your timely help (on the Brunswick Commons project), Zach. As usual, you have made my job easier and it is much appreciated.
Oct 12, 2018

Jennifer Reilly recommends Zachary Taylor

Everett Custom Homes Team

Zach & Darlene ~ Thank you both so much for all of the time & effort you put into making the Eastmoreland Walking Tour such a success. I know I can speak for Vic (Remmers) and myself when I say we were completely thrilled with the whole event! I look forward to many more opportunities to work together.
Oct 1, 2018

Lori Livesay recommends Mary Jo McGauvran

Realtor Wndermere Realty Trust

Mary Jo and her team are Excellent !
Sep 10, 2018

Trent Werner recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego


Megan Iwami provided excellent service and were a pleasure to work with.
Aug 6, 2018

Lisa Fain recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Real Estate Agent Ascend Relaty

Megan did a great job with this transaction. We encountered challenges discovered via the title report. She kept in contact with myself, the buyers agent and the seller throughout the process so we could get the transaction closed. I truly appreciate her knowledge and communication!
Aug 6, 2018

Aj Crawford recommends Mary Jo McGauvran

Lender Sales Executive

Mary Jo is one of the most exceptional Escrow Officers I have ever worked with. Her level of knowledge and experience is beyond compare. She will make sure that your transaction closes smoothly and on time. I would not hesitate to open escrow with her and her team. She is a pleasure to work with and her team is outstanding.
Jul 16, 2018

Jacob George recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Realtor MORE Realty

Megan Iwami is my go to people! I appreciate everything she does for me.
Megan deserves to be recognized for all her great work and Amazing Customer Service!
Jun 22, 2018

Lisa Fain recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Ascend Realty

Megan Iwami did an excellent job with this somewhat complicated transaction involving a bankruptcy for the seller. Megan was very patient with the seller who had many, many questions and she kept me in the loop while she was tracking down payoff information from the lender. She did a great job! Thank you, Megan!
May 9, 2018

Troy johnston recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

High maintenance realtor

Megan Iwami at Chicago title is the best and I’m surprised this request for this information even was sent to me as you all should know this already. I have some crazy people that demand some on the spot answers and this last transaction needed the best officer in business and Megan rocked it. Definitely using her for the long term and recommending to others which should be a long great future for both so hopefully she is given a large raise for this expected increase in business as it’s going to be a great 2018 and beyond!🌞
Apr 30, 2018

Will Tucker recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Willamette Valley Redevelopment

lf Yes, who is it?:
Megan lwami has been amazing. Willing to do or go
whatever and wherever to get a deal closed. I Highly
recommended her to 2 other colleagues already!
Feb 1, 2018

Gavin Peacock recommends Mary Jo McGauvran


"You have such a kind and lovely team! Thank you for being so great to work with! "

Sep 21, 2017

Rick Herrera recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Real Estate Broker

I just wanted to let you know that Megan has gone above & beyond to help me research a project that I’m working on right now. I’m running questions and scenarios by her that she’s actually taking her time to help me research. I’ve made these types of inquiries & requests in the past to other escrow officers, including one at “ XYZ Title Company” where I have run most of my business through in the past couple of years and even she puts me off. I know escrow officers are busy and most are completely caught up in just getting their job done, especially the ones that are very well established.

Megan on the other hand still appears eager to learn about these types of things and has been willing to help me investigate. NOW that IS EXTREMELY valuable to me. I don’t mind paying for services and advice, what I don’t like is being put off and someone only accepting my business and not giving me a real good reason to be faithful to them. I’m in the business where title companies are competing for my business, however in my opinion, there’s no REAL incentive that any of them have been able to offer that sets them apart. The fact that Megan has an open mind and not just automatically shutting me down, gives me pause to consider that a relationship with her can also be of benefit to me.

From this point further, I’ve determined that Megan will be my title/escrow officer of choice. Whenever it is within my ability to do so, I will be running my transactions through her. Hopefully her extra efforts will end up being profitable for all.
Jul 17, 2017

Steve Davis recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

MORE Realty Inc.

Megan was awesome, actually in both deals she's done a very good job. I'm always open to ways of improving by business so I'll probably check in with her to see if I can do anything better!
Apr 11, 2017

Parvaneh Kalantari recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Principals broker and owner

Linda has been wonderful and prompt! She does a great job keeping all communication and updates together for all parties. I've used s lot of escrow agents and she has been the best!
Apr 5, 2017

Stacy Schlesinger recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego


I have known Linda for many years. I am so excited that she is back in escrow. Knowing that she is in my corner gives me peace of mind that any concerns will be promptly addressed and that my closings with go Smoothly.
Apr 4, 2017

Lindsay Lydon recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Realtor, Vitality Home Realty

Linda was highly recommended to me from a colleague and since working with her this past year, my expectations have been exceeded. Her communication, attention to detail and pro-active approach to problem solving, makes my transactions run smoothly. She is the ultimate professional and I feel fortunate to work with Linda. I would recommend her to anyone!
Apr 3, 2017

Brian Denne recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Real Estate Broker

Jarrod and I have recently started working together, and in that short period of time he has made a huge impact in my business. What really brought me to work with Jarrod is a question the had for me: "What is your Title Company doing for you beyond what is expected of them?" My answer: "Nothing".

I've used the same Title Company for years, no complaints... however when I made the switch to Chicago Title (and Jarrod Fay), changes were happening. Jarrod has went out of his way to set up meetings between myself and lenders, connected me with other referral sources for additional business, and delivered to me all things asked of him in a timely manner. Value, and going beyond expectations, this is the best possible label I can put on Jarrod and Chicago Title.

Thank you Jarred!
Apr 3, 2017

Tere Maurer recommends Chicago Title Lake Oswego

Senior Mortgage Specialist

I am so excited to be working with Linda again. When I first started in the mortgage business, over 20 years ago, she was the first Escrow Officer that I closed with. We have continued to work together for many years and she always spoils me with her superior service and attention to detail. Here's to many more years of working together.
Mar 29, 2017

Stephanie Chumbley recommends Kathy Comolli

Director of New Media & Education

I love working for Kathy! She makes me feel like a valued member of the team and listens to my ideas with a thoughtful ear. Some of the words that come to mind when I think of her are: calm, professional, conscientious, ethical, consistent and happy. These are all good traits to have in a leader, and I am so fortunate to have her as my manager. Kathy genuinely cares about each employee and she sets a good example for the team and the entire company. We are so lucky to have her here at Chicago Title!

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