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Chicago Title Company of Oregon provides title insurance, escrow/closing services and related real estate services to homeowners and real estate professionals. For assistance with your real estate transaction or for more information contact your local sales representative or title agent. Contact information can be found on the “Office Locations” page.

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Recommendations (654)

Oct 29, 2020

Mark Schorr recommends Charissa Cooley

I am very appreciative of how responsive Ms. Cooley was in handling my recent home purchase. Whenever I had any questions, she was quick to answer in a clear and concise way. She made the sometimes challenging process go smoothly and the closing went off without a glitch.
Oct 27, 2020

Marika Feibel recommends Wendy Thacher

Wendy Thacher

Wendy is on point when it comes to trainings and helping real estate brokers with lead generation. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy and her team at Chicago title. I greatly appreciate them!! Sincerely Marika Feibel Inhabit RE
Oct 13, 2020

Liz Ellis recommends Charissa Cooley


Charissa kept our transaction on track and on time. I would highly recommend this wonderful Escrow Expert!
Oct 9, 2020

Corey Allen recommends Charissa Cooley

Real Estate Agent

I love using Charissa and her team at Chicago Title. She is communicative, proactive and solution-oriented-- all qualities that invaluable during a real estate transaction. I recommend her without hesitation.
Oct 6, 2020

Jennifer Lundstrom recommends Wendy Thacher

Principal Broker

Wendy has been KILLING it during covid. She has stepped up in every way to adjust to the new normal, bring agents and office up-to-date technology to help their business, and timely class content virtually. She's the best!
Oct 6, 2020

Donna Schorr recommends Wendy Thacher


Wendy always brings a positive vibe to any interaction, including online. She pays attention to what's relevant in the market and is always helpful.
Oct 5, 2020

joyce morrelli recommends Wendy Thacher


Really a good class Wendy and you did a great job!
Oct 5, 2020

Ryan Lee recommends Wendy Thacher

Oregon Licensed Real Estate Broker

Wendy has been incredibly informative in regard to the benefits and services of Chicago Title, and has gone the extra mile in building a new relationship. Expanding on her services, as well as tips and tricks has been so helpful for a new agent like myself. Professional and personable!
Sep 30, 2020

Ed Maher recommends Wendy Thacher


Wendy was incredibly helpful in providing real resources that helped with my digital marketing. The quality of her assistance was both professional and practical. Highly recommend Wendy and Chicago Title .
Sep 29, 2020

Tyler King recommends Wendy Thacher


Super helpful, super informative, and super awesome!
Sep 27, 2020

AnnaMarie Davault recommends Wendy Thacher


Very professional and knowledgeable. Always does what she says and follows through. Refreshing to have someone like her on the team.
Sep 26, 2020

Darray frazier recommends Wendy Thacher


I am a new agent with a lot of questions, she allowed me to ask the questions that were holding me up and now I’m off and running. Wendy has become an all star in my book, she spent quality time connecting me with great lenders, a CPA, and online realtor help. I am so thankful for her help!
Sep 24, 2020

Melanie Rehfield recommends Wendy Thacher

Client & Community Relations Manager

Wendy and her team always do an amazing job coordinating classes for us. Great support, timely information and always available for our questions. Highly recommend!
Sep 22, 2020

Steve Russell recommends Wendy Thacher

Managing Principal Broker

Wendy always brings an amazing fun energy into any interaction. That, plus her incredible professionalism and service focused message to our agents makes it a no brainer to connect with her.
Sep 4, 2020

Lynette Saloom recommends Wendy Thacher

John L Scott Broker

Wendy is always informative and helpful! I appreciate all that you do! Thank you Wendy.
Sep 3, 2020

Deborah OHara recommends Charissa Cooley

ASL Interpreter

Charissa was foremost personable and made feel at ease going into the homestretch of the process. Kudos for a great first time buying experience!! Thank you.

Sep 2, 2020

Margaret Evans recommends Charissa Cooley

Charissa was very helpful walking me through all of my questions with the closing process. Charissa was great in working around my schedule in setting up a time for me to sign all of the closing documents. Very knowledgeable and helpful!
Sep 2, 2020

James Bilous recommends Charissa Cooley

Software Engineer

Charissa was excellent to work with. She made our first home buying experience as easy as possible. Communicative, clear, positive, and obviously seasoned; I would gladly work with her again!
Sep 1, 2020

Michael Todd Pendell recommends Charissa Cooley

Naturopathic physician

Working with Charissa was awesome, and she helped make the home-buying process super smooth and seamless! Strongly recommend!!
Aug 14, 2020

Sherice Yano recommends Charissa Cooley


Charissa was super helpful. She was timely in her responses and able to adapt during this pandemic. She made the sale and purchase of our new home a breeze!
Aug 14, 2020

Anonymous recommends Charissa Cooley

Charissa was extremely helpful with everything required to close the sale of our house. Every question was answered promptly and when an issue did arise, Charissa took care of it right away. I would definitely recommend Charissa and Chicago Title to anyone.
Aug 11, 2020

Justin Bradley recommends Charissa Cooley

Real Estate Agent

Charissa is an absolute pleasure to work with...great attitude with professionalism, accuracy, patience! Charissa has a helpful, heart in the right place, way of doing business that makes each transaction as smooth as possible.
I ALWAYS look forward to working with Charissa!
Aug 11, 2020

Kate Smith recommends Charissa Cooley

Real Estate Broker

Charissa Cooley is a pro! She is my go to escrow officer for many reasons. She is 100% on top of everything she does, and she communicates with all parties with professionalism, warmth and respect. I know that Charissa is going to take excellent care of my clients and my transactions whenever I send a new deal her way. Yo will not regret working wit her!
Jul 20, 2020

Chelsea Caret recommends Charissa Cooley

Home Buyer

Charissa was very responsive and stayed in contact for the entire home purchasing process. It was especially helpful during the past few months and dealing with the COVID crisis.
Jul 9, 2020

Meagan Sorensen recommends Wendy Thacher

The Hagstette Group / Broker

Wendy is so great to work with! She's friendly, knowledgable, readily available, helpful, fun, and supportive. I can't imagine not having her as a resource for our real estate business.

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