Maggie Metcalf, President

Tri-County Manager, Chicago Title of Oregon Chicago Title Lloyd Center LPO
At Chicago Title Company of Oregon, we believe that our best asset is our employees. We are a Fortune 500 company that encourages autonomy and entrepreneurship. We empower our employees, invest in their success and provide training and leadership opportunities. As a 23 year veteran who started with the company pulling plat maps, I can attest to the opportunities our company provides. Here at Chicago Title Portland ideas are shared and encouraged. Our management team takes pride in growing for the future and I feel fortunate to be a part of that team. Our team success is born from a culture of building relationships and fueled by providing the highest level of professional services for our clients.
Jul 12, 2018
Escrow Officer
Maggie is one of the most motivated, encouraging, positive Big Bosses I have ever worked for! She lights up a room when she enters bringing her positive vibe and genuine care for her employees with her. I feel very lucky to work under a team of strong, sharp, professional women, leading us to success here at Chicago Title!
Apr 28, 2017
Sales Executive
Maggie is truly wonderful. It is amazing how available she makes herself to anyone in the Chicago Title Organization while at the same time, running the whole Chicago Title Operation. She makes every employee feel appreciated and is everyone's biggest fan. Our culture at Chicago Title is unparalleled and Maggie is the difference maker.
Nov 18, 2016
VP/Sales Manager
Maggie is an inspirational leader who has a positive approach to life and work. She is a colleague who I can count on to collaborate with on growth initiatives, problem solving, and culture building. Maggie is a great asset to our company!
Aug 29, 2016
Escrow Assistant
Maggie Metcalf defines what true leadership means. She is always encouraging her employees to do their best and to reach their goals and dreams. Whether she is telling you in person, over the phone, an email or a FB posting she is always encouraging us. Her warm smile and attitude are contagious, she genuinely cares for her employees and is here to support us whether it is work related or a personal situation. Her commitment to Chicago Title and her employees is something that is very fun and rewarding to be a part of.
Aug 26, 2016
Senior Commercial Sales Executive
Maggie is awesome always cheering us on, supporting us in reaching our goals and makes herself available to meet with employees and clients. She takes time to get to know us as individuals and recognizes our achievements.

She and the other managers provide a very positive work environment.
Don't hesitate to come join our team!
Jun 15, 2016
Sales Executive, Chicago Title
I am so fortunate to work on Maggie's team. Her positive and empowering energy trickles down to her wonderful management team, and to all of the colleagues of Chicago Title. Maggie has an open-door policy that is un-matched. I believe I can bring her any challenges or feedback, and that it will be welcomed and addressed immediately. She encourages us to succeed daily and I am so thankful for her mentorship!
May 13, 2016
Escrow Branch Manager, Lloyd Office
Maggie Metcalf is an amazing leader for Chicago Title's Oregon operation! She brings endless energy and a positive attitude that is infectious to those that work with her and for her. As part of her management team I am fortunate to benefit from her years of experience and her in depth understanding of what it means to work for a Fortune 500 company.
May 3, 2016
Commercial Escrow Officer/LPO
Maggie Metcalf is an amazing leader for us at Chicago Title. She has an open door policy and is here to help us grow both with the company and as an individual. I am impressed with how positive she is in this crazy industry we work in. I am thrilled to be a part of her group!
Jun 15, 2015
Administrative Assistant
I take great pride in recommending Maggie Metcalf. I've had the privilege of working closely with her over the last three years and have come to know Maggie as a fabulous and fun leader. Maggie embodies a commitment to outstanding performance and exemplary customer service. A motivating leader, Maggie also enjoys making the work-experience actually fun! We work hard, and we know our goals, with the customer being always at the forefront of our minds. More than just work, however, Maggie fosters the workplace as an encouraging team-environment where we can achieve together, and celebrate our successes together. For me, this is the place to be. Rock on Maggie!
Jan 16, 2015
Escrow Officer
The enthusiasm Maggie brings to the job is absolutely contagious. She works hard for her employees, listens to them and respects their input. Her management style by far surpasses expectations.

Maggie brings out the best in each of her employees and prides herself on nurturing their strengths. Personally she has taken my job to the next level and continues to help me grow on a grander scale.

Maggie and the rest of the Management Team here at Chicago Title make this the place to be!!!
Jan 14, 2015
Maggie is amazing to work for. Not only is she extremely smart but very open minded and thinks outside of the box. It is an honor to learn from her and have her by my side while I grow. I know my voice is heard here at Chicago Title. Maggie acts on employee needs immediately and knows the value of her employees. I feel appreciated and that I am valued here at Chicago Title. Maggie brings so much personal experience to the table that she can relate to her employees on a different level. Maggie wants the best for her employees and is there to help them reach their goals. It is a pleasure to work with Maggie.
Jan 8, 2015
Client Development Specialist - Chicago Title Sunnyside
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own cheerleader? Someone behind you every step of the way, cheering you on & supporting you? That’s what it’s like to work for Maggie. Not only is she dedicated to the success of our company…she’s dedicated to supporting every individual behind that success. Her positive energy, caring spirit and can-do attitude truly inspire me to challenge myself every day. With Maggie as our leader, I know the possibilities are endless! We will exceed our goals, soar to new heights and have a lot of fun getting there.
Sep 11, 2014
Sales Executive
So, it was a huge decision for me to make the leap to a new employer and I can tell you this much - I am glad that I did and that is due to Maggie Metcalf. The entire management team here at Chicago Title is excellent - and truly, you can only have that with good leadership at the top.

Maggie is just that.

Bringing fun and motivation to the workplace, she helps the team reach goals by positive reinforcement, is always there to listen and best of all - actually cares about people on her team. That, by the way, is not just my opinion, it's widespread.

Being a minion in the corporate world and that way of thinking for far too long, Maggie actually brought back my diminishing faith that there ARE people in leadership positions that give a damn about their employees, treating them like human beings versus "just employees". It's super refreshing...

That stuffy old corporate boss that you dread going to meet or have a lunch with? Nope, not Maggie. Fun, funny, motivation driven by her positive attitude, constantly laughing - you tend to forget once in a while that she's even "the boss" - I'm not even going to go into how much fun team building outings are - holy cow.

Maggie's leadership style is reflected in the people that report to her. mirroring her same fun, driven attitude and commitment to the team. I don't look at them as "people I work with", it's more like my "work family".

Since I made the decision to choose Chicago Title, Maggie, and her leadership team as that work family - you know what?

Monday morning? I find myself not dreading it as much as the majority of the people I know...

Maggie - Thank You for that.
Aug 13, 2014
Senior Escrow Officer
Maggie is high energy and always finds the positive to encourage her team. She is a resource, a sounding board and not afraid to try new things. She is loyal and supportive, always with the goal of having her employees succeed. She empowers her team and appreciates all that each person brings.
Jun 27, 2014
Chicago Title Sales Executive
We are lucky to have Maggie leading our company. Her dedication to our operation shines through daily. She cares about her employee’s success and our individual goals. She is incredibility supportive and is always happy to jump in and help whenever we need her. Maggie is approachable and open to hearing ideas and suggestions. I appreciate that she works hard and likes to have fun too. Under Maggie’s leadership I feel valued, supported and in great hands.
Jun 20, 2014
Sales Executive
Maggie Metcalf our Tri-County Manager is such a joy to work with! She has a great positive attitude and is always available to her employees and our clients. Her knowledge and decision making has made Chicago Title stand out in the crowd! I am so honored to be apart of this great team!
Jun 11, 2014
Sales Executive
Maggie is a wonderful Tri-County Manager for our team at Chicago Title. We are blessed to have such a hands on manager who is extremely involved and pro-active with our company and our market, full of energy, and truly excited about our team,
May 7, 2014
Sr. Escrow Officer, Lake Oswego Unit
My testimonal for Maggie,

Maggie brings a ton of energy to the table as our County Manager. With Maggie managing us we are in good hands and for me it is so wonderful to have a manager that once did the job I do every day. She gets it and that is what we need as employees. I feel this company is going the correct direction and it is because of Maggie making great decisions. We are truly blessed to have her here managing our company.
Apr 28, 2014
Escrow Officer/Branch Manager
I have worked with Maggie for a few years now and have come to really enjoy and respect her management style. She is a very hands on manager that really relates to both her employees and clients. Her dedication to the customer service levels are unsurpassed and she always has a smile on her face!
Apr 28, 2014
Chicago Title is a great place to work! I love Maggie's upbeat & positive attitude. She always brightens up the room and provides us with that extra support boost we need. We are lucky to have her!
Apr 25, 2014
Escrow Officer/LPO
Having Maggie as my County Manager was a wonderful experience. She had such enthusiasm and positive energy it truly propelled us forward and helped us to raise the bar.

I especially appreciated that she treated everyone equally and the "rules" were the same for everyone and not just a chosen few. She is fair and open to listening to your thoughts, suggestions, ideas and when needed constructive venting.

You would be fortunate to work on her team!
Apr 25, 2014
Senior Escrow officer
It is a pleasure to work for such a strong, hardworking and professional woman like Maggie. She really cares about her employees and the success of them individually and as part of the Chicago Title family. After 26 years in the industry I can truly say that I am honored to work for her, with her and around her and look forward to a great future here with her at the helm.

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