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Recommendations (738)

Sep 16, 2021

Donna Meeuwsen recommends Wendy Thacher


Wendy is always bringing the best educational opportunities in the business. Her presentations don't disappoint and are always worth the time! Best in the business!
Sep 14, 2021

Irene Kamelo recommends Charmaine Learnard

Charmaine was so quick with helping in any way especially with responding so quickly, she makes a very time bearing process a very smooth and assuring one. She was more than great! I'll always appreciate her and the great work she did for us!
Sep 10, 2021

ROB C recommends Charmaine Learnard


Charmaine was so refreshing to work with. She was on top of things every step of the way, and went out of her way to accommodate a closing with very short notice.
Sep 4, 2021

Denise Meehan recommends Charmaine Learnard


We had an unusual situation when we purchased a home in Portland, OR with our son. We live in New York and are accustomed to the long, tedious, expensive process the way it is done here. With Charmaine’s help, and our Realtor, Michael, we went from Offer to completed Sale in less than 2 weeks!

Being older, and having older tech, we had some difficulty with the deposit. First, Gmail sent the Secure link to Spam! Then we couldn’t get a photo to upload. Charmaine sent us countless emails and Finally we soldiered through! She also answered questions outside of her business hours, which we really appreciated.

We had such a Positive experience working with Charmaine Leanard. We rate her 11 out of 10!
Sep 2, 2021

Jennifer Johnston recommends Wendy Thacher

Principal Broker

Wendy is ALWAYS super helpful, positive and energetic. She brings the best content to agents educationally and for utilization within our business practices. I HIGHLY recommend connecting with Wendy for your real estate business!
Aug 25, 2021

Charmaine Learnard recommends Wendy Thacher

Escrow Officer

Wendy is the BEST. She really takes care of her clients and coworkers. She impresses me with her wealth of knowledge - and how valuable she is to the people she is around. 10000000% recommend! Thank you for all you do, can't tell you how much I appreciate you!
Aug 17, 2021

Risse Davis recommends Charmaine Learnard

Risse Davis

Charmaine is always fantastic…she’s responsive, friendly and a great problem solver!
Aug 16, 2021

Daniel Price recommends Charmaine Learnard


Charmaine was detail oriented, super responsive and patient with all my client questions! She proved to be an asset and I’m excited to already be working with her again on my new listing!
Aug 4, 2021

Lisa Cicconetti recommends Wendy Thacher


Wendy is always bringing fun and important information/educational opportunities to us. I thoroughly enjoy her presentation style, and have benefitted greatly from what she and her network have to offer. Thanks Wendy!
Aug 3, 2021

Steve Dufault recommends Charmaine Learnard

Charmaine was very kind and helpful. I called Her a few times with random questions and she had the answer and was super nice.
Jul 29, 2021

Amy O'Brien recommends Maggie Metcalf, President

Residential Escrow Manager

I feel very lucky to be on a team with Maggie! She is an enthusiastic, inspirational and engaged leader. Its obvious how much she cares for her employees and she makes the effort to get to know them individually. She is quick to offer support and encouragement. I value that she invests in her team and encourages growth from within and goal achievement. She embraces learning by supporting additional training and our fabulous coaching program. Everyone knows that Maggie has an open door policy and that their voice will be heard. Simply put - she works hard for us AND she is a lot of fun to be around!
Jul 26, 2021

Nancy Green Curran recommends Charmaine Learnard

Principal Broker

Charmaine was fantastic at communicating throughout the escrow process. She was flexible and helpful throughout a complicated deal and fluid closing date. Charmaine is professional and personable and related well to my clients. She made the transaction smooth and pleasant!
Jul 24, 2021

Kelly M. Norton recommends Maggie Metcalf, President

VP/Sr. Commercial Escrow Officer

Maggie Metcalf is an AMAZING individual, in every sense of the word.

She takes everything she does to a new level, then opens her circle of trust and politely invites you to join her.

This woman is so multi-dimensional she is hard to describe.......however, a few things that come to mind include always expressing an upbeat attitude, spins everything with a positive slant, has a great sense of humor, is fun to be around, quick witted, a wonderful sounding board, HIGH ENERGY, super smart, sympathetic, empathetic, hard-working, and strong in both body & spirit.

She looks at everything and everyone through a positive lens, and has a unique ability to motivate and inspire those around her.

Thus, if you are lucky enough to have an opportunity whereby Maggie will cross your path and touch your world, take that as a special gift from above, count your blessings, (especially in this day and age), and run with it!

Jul 19, 2021

Noelle m Howe recommends Charmaine Learnard


Charmaine, was great and did a wonderful job closing our deal.
Jul 14, 2021

Janikka Byman recommends Charmaine Learnard

Principal Broker

Charmaine stays on top of all the details, is pro-active, and excellent at anticipating clients' needs. A great communicator, always cheerful and ready to help.
Jul 2, 2021

Steve Eggerts recommends Wendy Thacher


Wendy Thatcher is the best in the business...Hands Down!!!! Never disappoints!
Jun 23, 2021

Lisa Nishioka recommends Wendy Thacher

principal broker

Wendy in One word! AMAZING
Jun 22, 2021

Janikka Byman recommends Wendy Thacher

Principal Broker

Wendy really cares about her clients, and makes service and education her top priority! A fantastic communicator, thorough, creative, and fun!
Jun 11, 2021

Erin Monahan recommends Charmaine Learnard


Charmaine was awesome from start to finish. She was on top of all the details, big and small, kept all parties I well informed and went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transaction! I look forward.l to working with her in the future and would highly recommend her for all escrow and title needs!
May 25, 2021

Eric Dunlap recommends Charmaine Learnard

Owner/Broker, Portland Loan Team

I've been working with Charmaine for the past several months and find her to be highly responsive and detail oriented. We have closed over a dozen files together and Charmaine goes the extra mile to ensure my loans close on time. She is a rock star escrow officer!
May 21, 2021

Gary Slac recommends Wendy Thacher

Principal Broker Vantage Point Properties, inc

Great job as always. Well organized with a great presenter. Wendy has a very positive demeanor and helps to create an relaxed and welcoming environment. Always look forward to attending these events.
May 20, 2021

Elisha Alcantara recommends Wendy Thacher


Wendy and her team are responsive, resourceful, and all around good humans. She has been an essential part of our team, growth, and ability to provide outstanding service to our clients. On top of it, Wendy is such a support to the brokers in our office. On top of being great, professionally, she's awesome personally too. I HIGHLY recommend working with Wendy and team!
May 8, 2021

Marika Feibel recommends Wendy Thacher

Principal Real Estate Broker

Wendy Thacher always provides great content for us to increase our real estate knowledge. I would highly recommend her and team at Chicago Title any day.
May 7, 2021

Dave Sutton recommends Wendy Thacher


Wendy is always
- responsive (quickly)
- on target
- able to connect you with the right specialist
- fun to work with
May 7, 2021

Terri Crotteau recommends Wendy Thacher


With so many classes offered around the city, I always find the topics that Wendy chooses the most enlightening. She's a great asset to our industry and I value her knowledge and 'can do' attitude!

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