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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time.

Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


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Nov 7, 2019

Andrew MANIES recommends Alyssa Vanderveen

Realtor - PMZ Real Estate Lodi

A picture says a thousand words.
Well in this case it only says two, but those two words say it all. As a real estate agent I am picking as to who I would prefer works with my clients. My clients come first to me and it's very clear that Alyssa and the entire Lodi Team for Chicago Title absolutely rock at customer service.
Thanks again and Alyssa you totally Rock!
Nov 7, 2019

Brooke B recommends Jeff Lee

Loan Officer Assistant

My relationship started years ago with Jeff just needing Property Profile access, I admit. Over the years, we have done many transactions with their offices covering Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Alameda and Contra Costa counties - excellent service!
But the reason I am writing this recommendation is because even though we may not have ever met in person, I can ALWAYS count on Jeff to lead me in the right direction, offer a supportive helping hand, and good for a great laugh watching his videos on social media. He goes above and beyond the word "service." Thank you for always being a reliable resource for me and whatever team I am with Jeff!
Nov 2, 2019

Clara Rugnao recommends Tana Fowler

Tana was very accommodating in order to close file on time.
Nov 1, 2019

Kit Larson recommends Tana Fowler

Oct 30, 2019

Theresa Qadree recommends JR Ballesteros


I have been using Chicago Title since 2005. JR. Has been on it every time along with the HELP! man Jeff Lee. Their service has never diminished.
Oct 25, 2019

Crystal Kirst recommends Tana Fowler

Tana was great and her assistant Jennifer too. They're always on top of things and great communicators!
Oct 25, 2019

Robert Leal recommends Jeff Lee

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Let me give you a "big booya" and thanks for the help. Those clients were so impressed and thankful for the immediate support. In a world of chaos we shined like the MOON which is a very large star as you know.... THANKS!
Oct 23, 2019

Andi Adams recommends Jeff Lee

Sales Executive

I learned so much from Jeff at his new agent boot camp. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge and a real asset to the team.
Oct 18, 2019

Vicki Reynolds recommends Jeff Lee


I certainly appreciated your presentation and came away with so much good information which will most "defiantly" hold on to. I especially liked the flow charts provide for the Life of an Escrow and Title search.

It was a pleasure!
Oct 17, 2019

Angel Keenan recommends Kandace Gaines

I have used Chicago Title for the last three years, using a few different escrow officers, which they all have been great. Kany Gains is one of the few I have used and have found her to be a fantastic escrow officer, who is very knowledgeable and personable. She makes every transaction a great experience.
Oct 11, 2019

Fonda Sutton recommends Kandace Gaines

Realtor at PMZ Real Estate

Kandace is awesome, always knows exactly how to get the job done. Fast ,efficient and very knowledgeable. She is definitely my go to. Highly recommend her.
Oct 11, 2019

Susie Williams recommends Kandace Gaines

RE Manager/Realtor

Kandi is the best at what she does! I don’t hesitate all of my Escrows with Kandi. I started with her predecessor, Sandy and Kandi’s take over and the position has been seamless, in my opinion. I highly recommend Kandi to everyone I know, in our industry.
Oct 11, 2019

Mike Howard recommends Tana Fowler

This was my first experience with Tana Fowler. I intend to pre open escrow on a new listing with her next week.
Oct 11, 2019

Alyssa Vanderveen recommends Kandace Gaines

Marketing Executive

Kandy is a an exceptional escrow officer and with years of industry knowledge, she is guaranteed to facilitate a smooth transaction from beginning to end. She is a pleasure to work around and would be delighted to earn your next escrow !
Oct 9, 2019

Yolanda Salazar recommends Tana Fowler

Great team to worth with. Very transparent and efficient in all areas.
Oct 5, 2019

Tracie Rosenzweig recommends Tana Fowler

Tana is professional and knowledgeable. She always makes sure all the ducks are in a row before the signing. She is wonderful with my clients.
Oct 5, 2019

Edie Boogusch recommends Jeff Lee


I really appreciate Jeff and his quick responses to any question I have asked. He's so knowledge about all facets of our industry. I trust him! Thank you Jeff for you make my job easier.
Oct 1, 2019

Marlene Gutierrez recommends Kandace Gaines

I had forgotten to let Kandy know the buyer wanted the property in his trust. She quickly said,"I'll be right back" changed the paperwork with ease not letting the buyer know it was my mistake. Plus she always says something nice about me--to my clients---which I appreciate. Kandy does a wonderful job!
Sep 27, 2019

Mary recommends Jeff Lee

Jeff is the guy will go ABOVE and BEYOND to get the deal closed.
Sep 26, 2019

William Schnitzer recommends JR Ballesteros

Senior Appraiser, Smith & Associates

Rarely do I request information from a Title Company. But I did with JR and he is so competent and fast. Highly recommend him for research and document work. Just amazing.
Sep 26, 2019

Kay Rubio recommends JR Ballesteros

Realtor, HOA Manager

JR is my go to guy. He is always pleasant, professional, and quick!
Sep 26, 2019

Pat Desmore recommends JR Ballesteros

Corporate Paralegal

JR's response time is outstanding.
Sep 24, 2019

Underhill Inc recommends Tana Fowler

This was one of the most difficult and complicated transactions of my 35-year career. Here's a brief summary: 1. Divorcing Sellers, each difficult to reach and living far away AND not speaking to each other (Lawyered up). 2. Two structures (One duplex, one SFH) on one lot. The lot had been split years ago, but the County would not assign a second APN until one of the properties (Turned out to be this one) was sold. 3. The tenant of the SFH was the Buyer of the duplex. 4. The main player of the two Sellers was very time-consuming and not easy to work with. She also had trouble providing some documentation due to the divorce and the fact some of her papers were in SoCal and she was in Northern CA. 5. Allocation of property taxes was only established by the County in a timely manner (allowing us to close) due to the unrelenting efforts of Tana and Team. Tana and Jennifer spent untold hours on this file. The CT staff spent much time also. I really think a lesser-caliber title company Team would still be muddling through this file for weeks to come. Kudos to Tana and Team!
Sep 24, 2019

Patti Baumert recommends Tana Fowler

Tana Fowler went above and beyond on this transaction to make things happen. Thank you Tana! It was a pleasure working with you. Patti Baumert Realty One Group (Outstanding Life Masters Club Member- 25 years in business)
Sep 19, 2019

Ronald E. Doty Jr. recommends JR Ballesteros

Law Office of Ronald E. Doty Jr.

JR went above and beyond. I had the wrong county, and he even though outside his area, JR got the report. Thank you!

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