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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


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Meredith Smith recommends Dominic Wooten

Agent, RickSmith.Co

Dominic is extremely knowledgable and patient when working with new agents. He is enthusiastic, encouraging and motivating. If you are in the market to learn new skills and broaden your information base in the industry, you should look him up. He is a superior teacher and mentor.

Albert Reyes recommends Dominic Wooten

Real Estate Agent Compass

What a great guy to start. Dominic has been such a blessing to myself and team. Always available and very knowledgeable! Goes above and beyond all the time. So happy with this guy. As newer agents, having Dominic by my side has been encouraging and built by confidence!! Thank you sir!!

Mary O Neill recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri did a top job at navigating through a situation between the lenders title insurance requirements and the Title officer. There was a difference in opinion as to which endorsements would be accepted and provided and she got the job done through perseverance and intelligence. Meanwhile keeping us all informed.
Thanks for getting this closed.

Lisa Faria recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Once again Sheri has done a terrific job. This was not a difficult transaction, we have had a few. I trust Sheri Davidson and Audi and Chicago Title co get the job done. Sheri is so experienced and will help with all types of title issues. She has answered emails and phone calls after hours (which I never expect!) and is always calm and professional. One recent transaction the carrier lost the documents on the way to Santa Clara County - Sheri called and got the done - on time!

Amos Monford IV recommends Dominic Wooten


As a new real estate agent and having a desire to create a successful real estate business I now better understand the importance of building a great team. Working together with Dominic is excellent. He is very proficient, knowledgeable, and a all around great guy. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to team up with Dominic for their real estate business or title needs, to not hesitate and contact him. I assure you that you'll be glad you did.

Kelly Le recommends Leila Conceicao

I would like to recognize Leila Conceicao, her assistant Sunday DeGallery and my title rep Linh Dang. Since the start of every transaction they are always helpful in every way. From dropping off open house booties, Flyer holders to reaching out to buyers or sellers without needing me to remind them. They make every transaction extremely smooth. Never once do I ever have to remind them to do anything. They are always on top of things. The best team Chicago has for sure.

Kirstin Carlos recommends Leila Conceicao

Always a smooth transaction when you have Leila and team handling your file! I highly recommend!

Bryant X. recommends Tina Leslie

Tina Leslie is definitely the life saver for my home purchase transaction. We were working through some very tricky situation that the sellers were not in US and the US consulate was also closed due to COVID so they could not notarize the documents there. It required them to go through the apostille process which has many unexpected catches. The time was ticking as the loan documents were to expire soon. Tina worked extremely hard like around the clock (as the sellers were in a different time zone) to keep things move as fast as possible, solved many obstacles that never encountered before using novel ways, made great progress everyday, and provided timely update. In short, she was taking whatever it takes to close the escrow ASAP. I was really worrying about this transaction at that time as unknown things can happen. After reading all the great feedback for Tina on this page, I had a very strong faith that my transaction was in the best hand it could be, and the rest would just be luck. This proved to be true :) I couldn’t thank Tina more for finally closing this escrow successfully in time! Cheers!

John H Coward recommends Dominic Wooten

attorney at law

Dominic is very professional and responsive to requests in a very timely manner. I strongly recommend him for title and escrow matters. A true professional and those are getting hard to find these days.

Dominic Gluhaich recommends Dominic Wooten


Dominic and I started working together about 2 years ago. He helped me get started and has been there for me ever since. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anybody in the business. He is knowledgeable, professional, and just an awesome guy to be around. He has a variety of different methods for realtors to increase sales, reach their goals, and has been an essential part in growing my business. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have started working with Dominic.

Mary O Neill recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri Davidson and her staff are always available to me and get the job done.

Ismar Maslic recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri Donaldson and Aurora Cordova are GREAT!!!

Deborah Adamo recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri Davidson Rocks!

Diane Baty recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri and Audi are such a great team to work with and always go above and beyond to get things closed smoothly and in a timely manner. I've worked with them for about 15 years and they are always my go to team.

Mary O Neill recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri always delivers and is knowledgeable and gets the job done on time. She is also pleasant and efficient.

Mercedes Kronfeld recommends Leila Conceicao

Leila Conceicao and Sunday DeGallery have never let me down in the many years I have worked with them. They often even volunteer to take tough stuff off my plate and always have my back. They are super organized and do an outstanding job communicating clearly and quickly with all parties. I can�t imagine anyone better!

Mary O Neill recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri and her team are always quick to respond and deal with any issues that come up during the transaction and they are always helpful and friendly while doing so.

Kristen Constantino recommends Kim Warrick

Angela was such a big help. Last-minute documents and deadlines she handled with ease. Thank you

Abraham Andrade recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

I enjoyed working with Sheri and her team and the services they provided. They were professional, knowledgeable and timely with information, documents and meeting all of my needs and those of my clients as well. I look forward to continue working with the Team in the future. Thank you, Abe
Andrade Real Estate Services

Tuan Nguyen recommends Leila Conceicao

Leila is gets the job done. Always answers my calls . Always positive. Always a pleasure to work with her.

Mike Uhri recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri was very professional and responsive to all my inquiries.
This transaction went smoothly because of her.

Deborah Adamo recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Chicago Title in Morgan Hill is absolutely awesome. They always go the extra mile. Sheri Davidson has been my escrow officer for years--and her team with Audi is Top Notch! Dominic is ready to serve and very communicative. Helping to serve my clients--and keeping their interests at heart!

Alexander Nichols recommends Chicago Title - Morgan Hill


In the short time that I have known Doug he has been a tremendous asset for helping me grow my business. We have taken some very simple but big steps to outline ways to grow. Sustainably and in line with the values my Real Estate business champions. As far as a support for my business, I have the utmost respect and trust for Doug‘s expertise!!! No matter where someone is, as far as growing their business, it is worth contacting him and Chicago Title!

Russ Warrick recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Anyone can close an escrow that has no issues or disruptions. However, Sheri Davidson's experience and quick action when glitches do occur sets her apart from escrow officers I've worked with at other companies.

Lisa Faria recommends Sheri Davidson & Aurora Cordova

Sheri Davidson helps make all transactions flow smoothly but excels at the difficult ones. I would not consider to do a "difficult" or distressed sale without her. She is very knowledgeable and responsive. Chicago also has systems set up to communicate with the clients in a secure manner and Sheri makes sure to get all the sensitive information without involving me, the agent. I highly recommend Chicago Title and especially Sheri Davidson and her team.

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