Doug Conte

Vice President, Director of Strategic Sales Chicago Title - Morgan Hill
Doug Conte is the Vice President, Director of Strategic Sales of Chicago Title Santa Clara and San Benito counties. Working directly with his sales team, Doug educates tools, technology and methods on how to increase revenue with unique ways of understanding their clients needs. Entering this industry post SB-133, Doug has grown market share in every territory he has been thus solidifying partnerships with our organization. His ability to understand the process of acquiring customers through all means of communication is bar none.

Doug helps grow market share and overall revenue for the Top 1% of Real Estate professionals by understanding inefficiencies through the "new age" of communication with future clientele.

His sales team is responsible for establishing professional relationships with a variety of lenders and real estate professionals within a specific sales territory. Responsible for building, maintaining and servicing real estate professionals while providing excellent customer service. Analyze and forecast market trends and conditions as to be an invaluable resource to clients/prospects. Demonstrated various compliant products to industry leaders through group and individual education. Assist with sales development and marketing support to help achieve the company's performance objectives. Provide product based technical support to clients ensuring customer satisfaction and a high rate of repeat business.
In the short time that I have known Doug he has been a tremendous asset for helping me grow my business. We have taken some very simple but big steps to outline ways to grow. Sustainably and in line with the values my Real Estate business champions. As far as a support for my business, I have the utmost respect and trust for Doug‘s expertise!!! No matter where someone is, as far as growing their business, it is worth contacting him and Chicago Title!
Natl Dir of Social Sales
Doug is an innovate sales executive who is dedicated to not only his personal growth but that of his clients as well. He has shown a proven commitment to mastering the art of social selling and continues to push himself outside of the comfort zone.
Account Executive
Doug is always very ready, willing and able to help! With great new and innovative ways to approach a situation. He is a great asset to our team as well Chicago Title. I consider myself lucky to have Doug as one of my colleague's as well as friends.
Doug's partnership with my organization has yielded results beyond our expectations. He's attentive, professional and a problem solver. It has been a pleasure to work with him.
Sales Executive
Out of the box thinker! Doug is a wealth of knowledge and insight into cutting edge ideas that can take a business to the next level. He was so generous to share his methods with me, another sales executive from another state who has never met in person! I mean what an amazing giver, he genuinely wants to help others succeed. Thank you Doug. You are amazing at what you do.
Doug is a great example of integrating business acumen with technology to deliver innovative solutions. His creativity and in-depth real estate knowledge combined with his passion makes him a great asset to anyone’s team. He constantly thinks out of the box to provide you with that competitive edge. Doug is extremely professional, responsive and always willing to help his clients with excellent service. He’s been a great partner and value to our Real Estate team. We highly recommend Doug for your real estate escrow and title services.
Doug is always very professional, and ready, willing and able to help with direction on how to better grow our business. He is attentive to what we need, and jumps on things immediately while always able to think outside the box! I would give Doug 5 stars!
Doug is strong in sales, outstanding in technology, but most importantly he is a very honest and real human being.
He is the complete package of customer service and I am proud to have access to all of his abilities.
Doug Conte is the BEST! He is extremely creative and comes up with unique ideas tailored towards you and your business model. These ideas have resulted in closed transactions. His dedication to detail, customer service and true follow through is second to none. If you are looking to get support in this evolving industry, give Doug a call. You will wish you did sooner! Thank you Doug!
Doug always goes above and beyond my expectations. Everything I've ever asked of him has turned out far better than I could have ever expected. He is smart, generous with both time and skills and he truly cares about those he works with. I couldn't be happier!
There isn't a lot of people like this guy. When he says he will help, he means it! And he's very quick at responding. Every time I've worked with Doug, he's gone above and beyond what I've asked for. Not to mention, he's personable and truly cares about a job well done. It's been a pleasure to work with him. Anyone who has the opportunity to utilize his services should consider themselves blessed.
Senior Mortgage Advisor
Doug Conte with Chicago Title is one of the best customer service reps I’ve encountered in 17 years of originating mortgage loans. Doug takes a genuine interest in your business, over and above the title and escrow services his company provides. He takes the time to understand your marketing goals, and goes out of his way to brainstorm ideas on how to help grow your business. Doug has helped me personally in finding ways to grow my business. I highly recommend Doug and his staff at Chicago Title. Mike Gallagher, Branch Manager, Finance of America Mortgage.
Doug truly goes above and beyond! He is forward-thinking, ahead of the market, super smart, and is always there to help. He is the best Account Exec out there! In an ever-changing market, you need a support team that can assist with the good, the bad AND the ugly. If you are looking for a rep to help support your business and is never more than a phone call away, Doug is your guy!
Branch Manager
Doug is the best title rep I've ever worked with. He is there when you DON'T need him just to help grow your business and then he is always available when yo DO need him to sort out problems, find solutions, or just be helpful. I cant recommend him enough.
Doug is one of the few brilliant minds in the escrow and real estate industry. He’s cutting edge, tech saavy, and dedicated to helping those around him succeed. Strongly recommend him and his team!
Doug has provided valuable information related to building my business. He takes the time to listen to the challenges, ask questions and is willing to do the research needed to solve the challenge. He thinks outside the box and willing to share his ideas. Doug is a true professional and a very positive individual resulting in building businesses and friendships. I highly recommend Doug as a partner in your next escrow.
Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
When I tell my clients I have a talented team of professionals taking care of the varied and complex levels of this business, Doug Conte is among those at the top of the list. He is consistently ever-present, always answering questions and offering specific and valuable solutions allowing me to be more effective with my time so that I can provide even better quality service to my clients. He always calls, emails and stops in to add-on to, complete and follow-up on projects. He knows my goals, understands how I work best and responds with exactly what I need. As full-time realtors know, we invest inordinate amounts of time, energy and attention to all the details of providing stellar service whenever possible. To have someone as dedicated and concerned about my success and satisfaction as Doug is, is very special. It is uncommon and extraordinary and I cannot express my gratitude enough for having this level of service available to me at every turn. He makes my job easier and infinitely more enjoyable. He goes above and beyond. On top of everything else, he is a terrific person - kind-hearted, generous and always smiling. What an asset he is to us all! Kudos to him and to Chicago Title, Morgan Hill.
Transaction Coordinator
Doug is a quality guy! His attentiveness and follow through are unmatched. If you need something done, and want it done right, Doug is your guy!
Mortgage Sales Manager
As an account executive Doug definitely sets himself apart from the rest, as his value add and knowledge has become a huge asset for my team and I. having someone that can think outside of the marketing box in today’s industry is key and Doug does exactly that. I would highly recommend Doug and his amazing team of escrow officers.

Doug has brought such great value to my business and is always a phone call or email away! He is incredibly knowledgable and reliable. I've met with many representatives in the past and Doug goes above and beyond. It's a pleasure to work with him!
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and helping me build my business. Clearly you are very good at what you do and your ability to learn and teach others is outstanding. I look forward to picking your brain for nuggets.
Doug has helped me out tremendously in increasing my listings

He has helped me with numerous things but most important item that stands out is him helping me set up a marketing campaign to emailblast my sphere of influence!

Doug is not only a technology expert but a great communicator and very responsive
Doug is a huge asset to my what I call "my team". Having someone you can count on to expedite efficiently, on time and with a great attitude makes working with he and his team a must! His ideas are great, his follow up superb and his manner is all about helping me to be better at what I do. How can I not be thankful for having someone like Doug in my corner? Thanks for all you do, Douglas!
Executive Broker, CEO
Doug Conte constantly amazes me with his consistent performance as one of the best business associates I have ever had. Always helpful, endlessly professional, he is also funny, kind and a really good man. His expertise is unparalleled and his follow-up is consistent. This is the man you want on your team, whether it's closing a real estate transaction, extending your marketing stretch or dealing with life's curveballs. Totally two thumbs up for this exceptional man.
Real Estate Agent
Doug is one of the best Account Executives I have worked with and known over the years! He is an expert in his field and has been an incredible value in partnering with myself and my team. His work ethic is impeccable, he is available 24x7 in all ways needed and always professional and respectful.
He has a positive attitude and willingness to help in any way possible.
If you want the best for your Real Estate business, Doug is the best you will find!

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