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Sheri Davidson and Audi Cordova bring a wealth of experience to their positions. Between the 2 of them, they have over 45 years of escrow experience! Sheri's experience provides her clients with a wellspring of knowledge that is well-served managing complex transactions and all manner of escrow dealings. Audi compliments Sheri's team with her efficient and organized work ethic. Audi has been with Chicago Title for 17 years. Their motto is "Let's make this a smooth transaction".
We love Sheri Davidson & Audi Cordova! We enjoy working with them and are always impressed. We frequently work with Title and Escrow chosen by other parties and are always disappointed. Sheri & Audi set a high bar.
Sheri is always on time with our timeframe and she never makes mistakes. She goes above and beyond in every transactions and answers all questions we may have.
Sheri Davidson and her staff kept me informed during the entire escrow. When I would call to answer questions, all of the staff was very helpful and able to get me an answer quickly. Because of my clients work schedule, we did used a mobile notary. Sheri and her staff made that request easy to set up and notary was friendly and well prepared for the sign off. Sheri gave us A+++ service!
Sheri did a top job at navigating through a situation between the lenders title insurance requirements and the Title officer. There was a difference in opinion as to which endorsements would be accepted and provided and she got the job done through perseverance and intelligence. Meanwhile keeping us all informed.
Thanks for getting this closed.
Once again Sheri has done a terrific job. This was not a difficult transaction, we have had a few. I trust Sheri Davidson and Audi and Chicago Title co get the job done. Sheri is so experienced and will help with all types of title issues. She has answered emails and phone calls after hours (which I never expect!) and is always calm and professional. One recent transaction the carrier lost the documents on the way to Santa Clara County - Sheri called and got the done - on time!
Sheri Davidson and her staff are always available to me and get the job done.
Sheri Donaldson and Aurora Cordova are GREAT!!!
Sheri Davidson Rocks!
Sheri and Audi are such a great team to work with and always go above and beyond to get things closed smoothly and in a timely manner. I've worked with them for about 15 years and they are always my go to team.
Sheri always delivers and is knowledgeable and gets the job done on time. She is also pleasant and efficient.
Sheri and her team are always quick to respond and deal with any issues that come up during the transaction and they are always helpful and friendly while doing so.
I enjoyed working with Sheri and her team and the services they provided. They were professional, knowledgeable and timely with information, documents and meeting all of my needs and those of my clients as well. I look forward to continue working with the Team in the future. Thank you, Abe
Andrade Real Estate Services
Sheri was very professional and responsive to all my inquiries.
This transaction went smoothly because of her.
Chicago Title in Morgan Hill is absolutely awesome. They always go the extra mile. Sheri Davidson has been my escrow officer for years--and her team with Audi is Top Notch! Dominic is ready to serve and very communicative. Helping to serve my clients--and keeping their interests at heart!
Anyone can close an escrow that has no issues or disruptions. However, Sheri Davidson's experience and quick action when glitches do occur sets her apart from escrow officers I've worked with at other companies.
Sheri Davidson helps make all transactions flow smoothly but excels at the difficult ones. I would not consider to do a "difficult" or distressed sale without her. She is very knowledgeable and responsive. Chicago also has systems set up to communicate with the clients in a secure manner and Sheri makes sure to get all the sensitive information without involving me, the agent. I highly recommend Chicago Title and especially Sheri Davidson and her team.
They were always very good about answering the phone and getting back to me during the transaction .
Sheri and her team do an excellent job servicing me and my clients. They are always helpful�if they don't have the answers-they search to get them. The entire office is top notch!
Sheri is professional, courteous and friendly. She has always been there to assist with any difficult scenarios which is the reason she is my "go to" escrow officer.
Sheri brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to her work. She's always calm, but stays on task and understands when a transaction becomes urgent. She's detail oriented too. I appreciate her professionalism and think she may well be the best escrow officer in South County!
Sheri Davidson has been my escrow officer for a long time. She is accurate, and very personable with my clients. She stays late and gets the job done day after day for me. Total professional.
It takes a lot of experience to become a pro at anything, but Sherri is not only a "pro" escrow officer. but she is also a pro at customer service. I know my clients are in the best hands when I open an escrow with Sherri.
Great job on a complicated transaction.
We had a challenging transaction and your team did a great job of keeping it all on track. Thank you!
Real Estate Sales Associate
Recently, my clients and I completed a transaction with Sheri and Audi in the sale of their property. To better accommodate my clients, Sheri arranged for us to sign the closing documents in a Chicago Title office in San Jose. The entire transaction was seamless and I highly recommend Sheri and Audi.
Christine Wheeler

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