Eleanore Tang

AVP/ Marketing Manager Chicago Title Oakland Broadway
With 20 years of real estate experience including sales & marketing, property development, real estate financing and office management. Eleanore loves to work and connect with people. She is actively involved with various business clubs and community organizations. She speaks fluent Chinese including Cantonese and Mandarin.
She and her team has the capability to serve the diverse community by providing language access, deliver professional and quality Title and Escrow services to the realtors, lenders, sellers, buyers in meeting their constant changing needs and demands to achieve success.
Jul 19, 2019
Eleanore is a trusted advisor and friend. I am so fortunate to get to know her and do business with her. She treats you as an integral part of the team and does all she can to make sure your needs are met and we are successful together as a team! Thank you Eleanor!
Oct 15, 2018
Loan Officer
I know Eleanore Tang for many years. She is extraordinary and able to assist us even is not her territory.

She is always able to guide me who would able to assist us. She will take time and help us even after business hours.

I like her and her teams. They can always support us and make us to next level.


Mar 26, 2014
Eleanore is very professional and informative and it seems she really cares about my business as well.
Aug 1, 2013
Real estate agent

Eleanore Tang is FABULOUS!!!
You definitely feel the personal touch when dealing with her.
You sense that she cares!
It touches everything she does: the way she talks to you, her helpfulness level,
her reaching out to you with information that is helpful to you,
how promptly she gets back to you when you need her help.

Highly recommended, and without reservation. Thank you Eleanore!
Jun 22, 2013
Real Estate Agent
My experience working with Eleanore has been exceptional. She is creative and thinks about innovative ways to help to help real estate agents maximize their business potential. I definitely recommend to her to others out there needing that additional support and expertise!
Aug 21, 2012
Director, Mortgage Origination
Fast, responsive, go extra miles for the customer. Always try to recommend her to the colleagues.
Jul 29, 2012
foreclosure investors for more than 20 years
We have closed many escrows thru Eleanore and her team Chicago Title
It is easy to do straight forward escrow. However, for those who are involved with foreclosure properties, most of the time, only Eleanore and her team was able to help us to close escrow

Obviously, this team know more about foreclosed properties than others
They have my highest recommendation
May 16, 2012
Eleanore Tang has been providing professional customer service to me regarding escrow and title business related matters. She is knowledgable, efficient, very patience with her clients, detail oriented and fluent in Chinese.
Apr 18, 2012
Realtor, Area Pro Realty - Bay Area Villas
I've been looking for a good title company and one of my colleagues referred Eleanor Tang, the Marketing Manager of Chicago Title. The first time I spoke to her, I felt that she was the person that I was looking for - smart, intelligent, awesome. She was full of energy and her personality was envigorating. Everytime I get a new listing, I open escrow with Chicago Title and Eleanor takes care of me. With the help of her able and hardworking assistant Lien Lam, I get the HUD1 prepared within 24 hours. Eleanor Tang is truly a gem and without her, I would not be able to close so many real estate transactions.

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