Kate Koens

Escrow Officer Chicago Title Orinda
A graduate of Saint Mary’s College and local resident, Kate has been with Chicago Title’s Orinda office since 2002. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing exceptional service, Kate is experienced in a variety of escrow transactions including resales, refinances, short sales and REO transactions. Her high standards of professionalism and attention to detail ensure that your transactions will close successfully. Kate consistently delivers a quality experience, exemplified by her customers’ trust, loyalty and satisfaction.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys playing softball and kickball in local leagues, served on the board for Saint Mary’s college and is active in the alumni association.
Jan 28, 2020
Kate Koens is..... priceless!!
Jan 7, 2020
It is hard to pick the best thing about Kate Koens as she does everything exceptionally well, but if you forced me to pick the one thing I appreciate her for it is her knowledge of the Escrow and Title Laws. This keeps my clients and myself safe from any potential negative consequences. Thank You Kate!!
Oct 4, 2019
Kate Koens is simply the best. Very responsive, proactive, great with my clients, all good!
Aug 16, 2019
Nov 21, 2018
Kate Koens is always my go to escrow officer. Very knowledgeable and caring. She knows how to handle any situation and discuss and explain matters with my clients.
Jun 23, 2018
Kate Koens, Sam Mariano, Traci, Leo...they are all great to work with, professional and very helpful. I give them a A++!
May 15, 2018
Kate Koens and Tracy (her assistant) are truly professional. Very knowledgeable team with the best work attitude. I would choose them over any other Escrow Offices I worked with during my 14 years in Real Estate.
Oct 25, 2017
Kate is simply the best she is prompt and on it!
Sep 12, 2017
Loan Officer
Kate and her team are always on top of their game. Excellent service and professional. My first choice always.
Jul 12, 2017
Kate Koens has been my Go-To escrow officer for my purchases and refi's. She is exceptional and always is very responsive and professional. I refer her to all my colleagues.
Jun 14, 2016
Realtor at Alain Pinel Realtors
Kate and her entire team are extremely professional and buttoned up. I appreciate their attention to detail and sense of urgency when handling my transactions. In addition, they truly understand the importance of client service to both me and my clients.
Jul 17, 2015
Post Closing Specialist at Ethos Lending
Kate responds very quickly to requests for assistance, specially sending the HUD1s which we, as a company, need to be able to ship our files to investors within the required timeframe. Great job, Kate!
Jul 14, 2015
Senior Loan Officer
I had the opportunity to work with Kate and Scott on a purchase escrow that had to close in less than 30 days . Their prompt service and willingness to assist us in clearing conditions for approval made the quick closing possible. Their assistance in researching an old foreclosure on a different property as well as commit to a same day recording made closing the high balance FHA loan in less than 30 days possible. Thanks Kate and Scott for your commitment to great service.
Jul 7, 2015
I was the agent for the buyer. Your group including Leo and Kate did a great job if keeping me well informed. Thanks for the great job! Bill
Jun 26, 2015
Real Estate Closer- Chevron Federal Credit Union
Kate Koens was a pleasure to work with. She handled the loan closing like a pro. She was prompt, professional, and wiling to help close the loan quickly while streamlining our auditing process. I hope that she continuously gets recognized for her service and knowledgable presence.
Jun 23, 2015
Real Estate Professional
Unfortunately, my transactions are NEVER black and white. There are always nuances that are not always easy to catch. Sometimes there are Sellers and/or Buyers that need hand -holding. More often demanding agents, processors and loan agents want their needs answered immediately.

Fortunately, I found Kate's team. Thru the years, I have entrusted my escrows with Chicago Title.They work seamlessly together and are always on top of issues, big and small.

I run my business using specific tools. I like to be able to respond to my clients FAST thru emails, texts and phone calls. It is a match because Kate, Adam, and Michelle ALWAYS answers my emails or calls in a timely manner. By doing so I am able to avert a lot of confusion, misunderstandings and potential negative situations.

Keep up the good work!

Apr 6, 2015
Responsive and attentive.
Mar 9, 2015
Signing party for refinance
Kate Koens faced a daunting task, to get signatures from six different parties in two states a country apart, in a matter of hours. She did it! My hats off to her diligence and overtime. No 9 to 5 days for this go getter. Very pleased with her efforts and results. Of course our mortgage broker, Dianne Crosby, was excellent as well. Great teamwork all.
Nov 11, 2014
Kate has been wonderful to work with. She anticipated most every request and was able to avoid difficulties and clear obstacles like a superwoman. Way to go Chicago Title. Diane Michelsen, Attorney
Oct 27, 2014
AE at parkside lending
Kate is awesome: quick and professional!
Jul 18, 2014
Kate is AWESOME!!! :-)
Jul 17, 2014
Broker representing the buyer
Kate's service is superb. At this very moment she is doing everything in her power to accomodate the buyers and sellers when there has been a major issue with getting loan docs to title. She goes the extra mile every time!
Jul 2, 2014
Realtor, Buyer's Agent
Kate was very efficient and a pleasure to work with. I
Jun 12, 2014
Kate provides the best service ever as do all her co workers!
Jun 11, 2014
Account Executive, Parkside Lending
Kate is great...super quick and knowledgeable. I've been in wholesale lending for over 10 years and have seen Kate do great work for some of my top clients (brokers).

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