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Escrow Officer Chicago Title - Saratoga
I worked with lisa and marsha in the middle of a pandemic, and they were still able to make the process smooth! thank you so much for making things easy to understand and maintaining so much professionalism during these surreal times.
Lisa and Marsha have been a pleasure to work with! Every question and concern I had was addressed with sincerely, professionalism, and promptness. She was able to walk me through the escrow process effortlessly. Thank you so much!
Lisa Nite of Saratoga-Sunnyvale and her team are simply amazing. Always so responsive, and on top of her file. My buyers were so pleased and happy with how they were treated. Overall, an excellent experience. Keep up the great work.
Lisa has always gone above and beyond for her clients. The service her office provides is always top notch. I have worked with many escrow officers and there is no comparison.
Lisa and Marsha are always a pleasure to work with, speedy and excellent service!
Marsha is very detail oriented, keep me informed during the transaction and easy to get hold of. It's a great experience to work with her! Her team is great too!
Lisa Nite will just get the job done for you. Never disappointed. Easy to work with. No complaints.
Sr. Customer Service Representative
What a great pleasure to do business with Lisa. She is thorough in her all information needed to complete a transaction, and business friendly demeanor which always makes working with her a joy. Please give her an opportunity to serve you and you will be happy you did.
Lisa rocks it. She is our "go to" with any and all questions concerning title. And she is proactive with issues that she foresees. We are honored to be in business with her and her team. Rod Hibner, Keller Williams
Lisa Nite and her team are professional and always on top of the transaction.
There is no better Escrow partner than Chicago Title. Lisa Nite and her assistant Marsha Brittendahl are truly the cream of the crop. Year over year -- transaction after transaction - they are consistent and always go above and beyond. They have a genuine desire to help get things done and done correctly. Kind, courteous, dedicated and hardworking. When you're thinking about opening up an escrow - do what I do, phone the Saratoga office of CTT and ask for Lisa Nite.
Perfect Transaction! Appreciate the Help
Real Estate Broker
For my first time working with Lisa, I have to say I had a great experience. She was very fast and efficient with the transaction and always responded to my inquiries in a timely manner. There was no hiccups at all with the transaction and she made sure everything was going to close on time. Thanks Lisa for all your hard work, looking forward to working with you again on future transactions !
Lisa was very responsive, professional. She handled every detail expertly. Very smooth escrow.
I met Lisa when she was working as an assistant and just getting into the business. I was so impressed by her organization and ability to follow thru on tasks without always having to follow up with her. I told her when she got a desk I would be her first client. Well she got that desk and I have been with her ever since! She is great with clients and is a great part of my team in making sure my clients are taken care of and deals close on time! I have been a full time Realtor for 30 years and Lisa is my escrow officer as long as I am selling real estate and have a choice of who to use. If you are looking for a new escrow officer I highly recommend you try her and Chicago Title.
A great experience working with Lisa! Highly recommend!
Realtor, Compass
Lisa was a delight to work with, efficient and timely. She did a GREAT job on my client's escrow.
Lisa and her team did a wonderful job on my transaction and I would highly recommend Lisa for your upcoming transaction!!
Lisa is very professional and answers her phone 80% of the time, which we know is rare in today's busy climate. I would recommend her to busy Realtors.
Lisa Nite is AMAZING! I had a very challenging escrow where I was the listing agent, and the buyers were having issues with the lender's product. On top of that, my sellers had a property in contract that they were purchasing in another state, contingent on the sale of their property here. It was very intense, and she was very professional and kept on top of things. She also helped to manage everyone's expectations and emotions! We were able to close and my sellers bought their dream home. The buyers are also very happy with their purchase. Thank you, so much Lisa! I appreciate your diligence and hard work on this transaction.
Lisa is the best escrow officer I have ever encountered. She is extremely responsive and she put every step under her control. She takes care of everything for you. Thank you, Lisa!
Lisa is knowledgeable and very helpful. She is also very responsive. All traits critical in any industry.
Lisa is the best !! She is knowledgeable, always on top of things, super quick in responding question, and such a pleasure to work with. I wish all escrow officers be more like her, and that will be a wonderful world... she is definitely the best of the best !!!
Lisa was a wonderful escrow officer to work with. Not only friendly but extremely responsive and helpful!
Lisa Nite and her staff were extra helpful and very professional in helping my buyers close their escrow on time.

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