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I don’t envy a real estate professional in today’s marketplace. Think about it for a moment. Your clients' general expectation, because you are a Real Estate Professional, is that you know everything about Real Estate. That's a pretty tall order because there is a lot of information you NEED to know. That is where I come in. Over the course of my 25 plus year career I have committed to learning the business. I have trained and helped many agents that have gone on to represent the top 6% in the nation. Bottom Line…I keep track of the things that can affect YOUR business.

Cell Phone 209-915-4357 (HELP)
Jeff is so dedicated for his work. When I asked some information about property information, he provided what I am asking is very very quick. Amazing Jeff!!
Branch Manager
I call Jeff speedy Gonzalez because anything i need i have it right away. He's the best there is around!!!
Loan Officer
Jeff is the absolute BEST. He responds to all your concerns in a very timely manner. He is extremely knowledgeable and his personality is charismatic which is an added plus to his knowledge. It is BECAUSE of Jeff that I enjoy working with Chicago Title.
Tina Padron - is an Excellent Escrow Officer and love working with her every chance I get.
Jeff, first of all is such a happy funny wonderful person. He is on top of his game and always answers his phone. I tell him all of the time that he is GOLD! Great job Jeff!
Sales Executive
Jeff is a knowledgeable in all things industry related and his turnaround time when it comes to problems that need solving is impeccable. Thank you for your help over the years Jeff,
Branch Manager
What can I possibly say about Jeff Lee that hasn't been said already. Is he the funniest guy in our real estate community....almost, I am slightly funnier! He
is the absolute BEST as a resource for title questions and crosses over with excellence in lending, best practices, marketing and social media. He is probably and exceptional husband and father, too (I think we need a review from his wife).

San Joaquin County as a whole and the real estate community are very blessed to have Jeff as an amazing resource and great citizen. He will never realize the depth and number of lives he has touched and careers he has help grow by being who he was purposed to be.
For the past decade I see Jeff is very dedicated to all of the realtors. He always answer his text, email and phone call even on weekends. Jeff never stop by the office without providing valuable information. I really appreciate his support and effort.
Jeff is always knowledgeable, professional, and adoring. I just love his personality. He has helped me with my business for many years. He is willing to solve our problems whether it is big or small. He make sure we have the best tools available for sellers and buyers. I just printed a statement he provided for seller/buyer fees in each county. Wishing him the best for the remaining years of his employment.
Jun 23, 2020

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Real estate agent
My first Zoom meeting and Jeff was Awesome! he took so much time with me to help me understand the Chicago title app! I highly recommend him !

Can't thank Jeff enough for the all time he has spent with me, very patiently, explaining the Chicago Title apt. as well as other questions. He has made things so much easier and has definitely made an impact, positively, on my business.!
Thanks Jeff, proud to be on your team!
Branch Manager/Loan Officer
Just in case anyone needs a reminder:

Who you open escrow with matters!!

We had an escrow with a escrow/title company that was opened 11/25. Fairly quickly they notified us of an old (2011) Household Finance Judgment. However, they have been unable to find out who is handling old Household accounts. Week after week another I decided to jump in and get er done.

I called 915HELP and spoke to the greatest PI of all time. Within 5 minutes he gives me the contact information of who the judgement has been assigned to, I make a phone call, send an email, and 1 hour later I have demand in my email and possibly a slightly hard time for not using Chicago.

Not all heroes wear capes and some are short (I couldn’t help myself). Jeff Lee rocks!!
Jeff Lee is an exceptional member of the Chicago Title team, he is quick to respond and leave no stone un-turned when it comes to helping his clients. We need more people like him the professional space.
Transaction Coordinator
Very kind and helpful. Thanks for all you do Jeff!
Loan Officer
Jeff offers great service and comic relief at the same time. Friendly to all who know him. Chicago Title is lucky to have you!
Loan Assistant Canopy Mortgage
Jeff and his team are the best! He always there when you need advice or help with a file in escrow. Who needs 911 when you got 915-HELP!
Loan Officer Assistant
My relationship started years ago with Jeff just needing Property Profile access, I admit. Over the years, we have done many transactions with their offices covering Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Alameda and Contra Costa counties - excellent service!
But the reason I am writing this recommendation is because even though we may not have ever met in person, I can ALWAYS count on Jeff to lead me in the right direction, offer a supportive helping hand, and good for a great laugh watching his videos on social media. He goes above and beyond the word "service." Thank you for always being a reliable resource for me and whatever team I am with Jeff!
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Let me give you a "big booya" and thanks for the help. Those clients were so impressed and thankful for the immediate support. In a world of chaos we shined like the MOON which is a very large star as you know.... THANKS!
Sales Executive
I learned so much from Jeff at his new agent boot camp. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge and a real asset to the team.
I certainly appreciated your presentation and came away with so much good information which will most "defiantly" hold on to. I especially liked the flow charts provide for the Life of an Escrow and Title search.

It was a pleasure!
I really appreciate Jeff and his quick responses to any question I have asked. He's so knowledge about all facets of our industry. I trust him! Thank you Jeff for you make my job easier.
Jeff is the guy will go ABOVE and BEYOND to get the deal closed.
Owner/General Partner
Jr and Jeff are the best-no doubt, timely and thorough-just the best!!
I have known Jeff for many years. Jeff has allways been very kind and helpful, willing to the extra mile with a smile
CEO/BROKER/MLO at Simplified, Inc.
You are a valuable asset and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for being real, consistent and always positive.

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