Mike Quezada

Sales Executive Chicago Title Walnut Creek Cell 925-699-3299
Mike is a marketing genius!
I’ve been in the industry for about a year and I built my entire business on Social Media. I’m happy to say I closed 11 deals my first year. All of my deals coming from Instagram and Facebook. A big part of my success was from the help of Mike.
I highly recommend ALL realtors work with him.
Real Estate Agent
Mike Quezada is an excellent person to work with. He is experienced, knowledgeable and competent in his field. I am happy with his service and I definitely recommend Mike Quezada and Chicago Title to an real estate agent.
Mike's class took us through the various Chicago Title apps and websites available to Realtors. Mike was thorough and showed us the functionality of each one and explained the uses, and gave us a few tips as well. I did not know all the capabilities, now I'm educated. Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.
Mike is sharp with good humor and very helpful. Glad we have him in our tema at Chicago Title.
I highly recommend Mike. Recently I had a big problem with a solar transfer. Mike went the extra mile and found the solution to the problem. He is helpful, resourceful and a great guy to work with.
Real Estate Agent
Mike has always had my back in difficult transactions. Mike is brilliant and highly capable. If he doesn't know the answer, he will research the problem and always gets the answer to me quickly. I highly recommend Mike!!
Assoc Broker / Asst manager / PNG
In this market you need to do More for less. You need the latest tools (Like Breakthrough Broker) You need the most affordable and efficient title company this includes Chicago title. You need one of the best Title Reps. Michael is always there to answer your questions and if he doesn.t know he is great at giving guidance on where to go.
Mike Quezada for the win! What a resource Mike is. I can always call or email him with my dumb questions and he patiently answers as if it were the first time I've asked him! LOL But seriously hats off to you and thank you for all that you do for us!
May 5, 2019

Why You Need Title Insurance

The 5th installment of Title Tips with Mike Q on why you need Title Insurance. Subscribe for future videos

Admin Assistant - Client Care Specialist
Mike is always taking the time to let us know about the latest and the greatest thing to help in our business. He never comes from a place of what’s in it for me. He makes each member of the Pelosi Team fill special.
Where does one begin with a top notch professional like Mike Quezada!? He's the standard in our busy Bay Area real estate market. Mike has found his calling and is literally one of the best in his field! He has increased our numbers all the way around, equips us with vital and impressive data making us look like super heroes allowing us to dominate in our area! I have18 years in the business and Mike is always showing me new tools to grow our market share. Bravo Mike and thank you!
Feb 27, 2019

Title Tip 4Video

Title Tip 4 - Ensuring a Smooth Closing
Loan Officer
I recommend Mike to all my realtor friends and people in general. He and his team are always extremely responsive and make the title portion of the transaction as easy as it can be. that's just a small part of what mike has to offer he is also amazing at marketing ideas and helping grow your business. I cant say enough good things about him if you haven't already just sit down and meet him.
Jan 25, 2019

Title Tip 2 - 2019 Update

Congratulations to Chicago Title for recruiting and hiring Mike! I've never been in the company of anyone in the title business with work ethics, and passion like Mike has. He is an inspiration and an invaluable resource! Together with Shelly... Wow!
Mike is an amazing person in every way. He has a huge heart and is always there to make my life easier. He gives me great ideas on how to improve, listens to me, and is ready to assist in any way possible to help me grow my business. he brings me new technology to attract new clients, and motivates me when I have one of those days =) I'm so grateful to have Mike as my Sales rep and friend.
Mike is someone that will go the extra mile for you and your business because he truly cares. That is not something you see a lot in todays market. I would recommend you give him an opportunity.
Mortgage Loan Officer
I have been in the mortgage business for decades and I have never met a title officer who actually brings value and assistance to a mortgage lender. Mike is very helpful and is a great person to brainstorm with as well. In addition, the escrow officers he aligns himself with are incredibly awesome! I have seen them stay late even on a holiday weekend to make sure that our clients are able to sign their loan documents over the weekend. He is responsive as well! You will be happy to have aligned yourself with him! Talk to him, he's very knowledgeable and will help you to succeed in your business!
Mike is the BEST!!! he knows his job and he does it well. Mike continuously presents great ideas for approaching and attracting new clients. He shares information and is constantly bringing new technology to you to help improve your business. Mike is dependable, he follows-up incredibly well and does what he says he's going to do! I always know I can count on Mike.
There is nothing Mike is not willing to assist me with. He's always offering superb service without question and is very knowledgeable in his line of work.
Loan Officer
Mike is awesome and very trustworthy. I love him like a brother and recommend him to however is asking. Hope all is well and Happy Friday!!!

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