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When you join Coldwell Banker Premier Realty you are joining the number one team in Southern Nevada. We give you the tools you need to succeed in your day to day business while leaving you more time to cultivate a fulfilling life.

Ask yourself โ€˜What does my broker do for me?โ€™ and compare it to what Coldwell Banker Premier Realty offers you. We are more than just a real estate brokerage. Our goal is to help our agents leave their mark on the real estate industry.

Come together. Be inspired. Leave your mark.


Recommendations (158)

Sarah Fusco recommends Marketing and Branding Services

Real Estate Agent

Tamara went above and beyond to help some of us "rookies" get our social media up and running! She's a wealth of knowledge and so easy to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future! Thanks Tamara!

Melissa Tomastik recommends Marketing and Branding Services

What a great job handling so many marketing, branding and social media questions. Tamara took time out of her busy day to give a workshop to some of us new agents and do a step by step guide of how to set up our accounts. It was very informative and I am very appreciative of the time she spent with us.

Michelle M Sewell recommends Marketing and Branding Services

Real Estate Agent

Tamara Foote met with me and my accountability partners today in our G.V. Campus. She took time to ensure every question we had was answered quickly. I loved how interactive our meeting was! Tamara is a lot of fun and supper nice to work with. I now feel confident after our meeting that I will be successful in social media marketing and branding myself. Thank you Tamara for setting me up for success!

Andrew Sanchez recommends Central Processing Services

Realtor | Team Assistant

The Central Processing Department at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty has been the biggest asset in ensuring I will become successful in this industry. This is important when being brand new to Real Estate, because CP not only ensures my documents are correct, but they have coached and guided me through the process of understanding the HOW and the WHY things are needed. Tiffany Jones is always so quick to respond and always makes sure she fully understands what I am asking before she answers - and rather than only giving me the answer, she fully explains to make sure I am learning. She is also very understanding that every transaction is different so she is patient if the same question happens to end up in her inbox more than once. Not only does she care about the paperwork and transactions, but she has checked up on me as a reminder that CP is always there for me for whatever I may need!

Mel and Debbie Hallerman recommend Green Valley Campus


Mel and I interviewed with only the top-rated Real Estate Companies in the Valley 16 years ago. Each one was different as far as the environment and what they had to offer us. We had heard about the Coldwell Banker Premier environment and training and was told actually by another Real Estate Company that it was far superior to any other company in town. That Company went on to say, go to Coldwell Premier, get educated, and then come back and we will hire you. We also were told that Bob and Molly Hamrick were serious about the success of their agents, created a team spirit and offered an upbeat and positive environment.

Although we both came from Corporate environments and thought we were rather intelligent, we knew Nothing about Real Estate. We figured it might be important to be with a Company that has excellent support, training, continual coaching and top-notch education that would make it possible for us to succeed. After meeting and talking with people at CBPR, We decided this was the place for us. After one week in Fast Start, we both agreed that we had made the right decision for ourselves. We both spent years working in large Corporate communities not related to Real Estate. When we were at Coldwell Banker less than 6 months, we had earned over $120,000 GCI, far exceeding our financial expectations and qualified for the prestigious Coldwell Banker Premier Quarterly Best Club. No matter how much anyone thinks they may know about Real Estate, one thing we have learned is that contracts and the process is always changing. CBPR is Always ahead of the curve! We learn something new everyday, its never a dull moment. We have no doubt that we are the ONLY Company in town, where the management and owners immediately made the necessary changes and adapted to Covid-19 with training and updates in place so we did not lose our way. We know this had to be a daunting task!

So, yes, we took some time, did a personal analysis of what we were offered, thought about the people we had met and believed that to Truly be successful and create a following, we needed to make the Right decision on a place we could call home. We both knew from our prior careers that the people who truly earned greatness, stayed with an excellent, reputable Company long term. The quality of education, staff support and technical support is phenomenal. The weekly meetings, incredible marketing, paperless platform and awesome staff makes it fun and creates the energy needed to succeed. The celebrations, parties and company events are just a small portion of the opportunities to get to know other agents and appreciate some well earned time off.

Many times people just look at what is in it for them from a monetary point of view, so they run to sign up with whoever offers them the highest split or perks in the office that do not add up to much because, as an active agent, you're just not in the office that much. Also, there are recruiters out there that make promises that they never deliver on. The Hamricks deliver! It does not matter if you are a top producer or a new agent, you will instantly know that you are part of a Magnificent, well-run organization.

If you are looking for a place that will give you all the tools you need to be a great success, will reward you as you work towards your personal goals, and provide an environment of respect, high integrity and has elite reputation in the Valley, then DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER...CHOOSE COLDWELL BANKER PREMIER REALTY! Here it is 16 years later, we have made a respectable living and we are grateful for making the right will be too!
-Sincerely, Mel and Debbie Hallerman

Necia Bunnell recommends Central Processing Services

Sales Associate

CBPR Central Processing Team absolutely ROCKS! They provide all of the supports necessary for me to be successful as an agent. They thoroughly review every file to make sure it’s on point and make me look like a rockstar! I truly appreciate their patience and diligence. Their work allows me to focus on getting and maintaining business while they focus on the transaction details! Thank you Ladies!!!

Lance Hamrick recommends Marketing and Branding Services


Above and beyond not only do they do what they do normally but i was thrown a curve ball. I had asked an agent to send me a walk through video of a restaurant and home on the same property which he sent, done on his phone. It was in small bits and needed to be spliced together. Well Tamara with the skill of a surgeon put all the parts together so now it viewable.Thank you Thank you!
Appreciate what you do daily!

Tamara Foote recommends Facilities Services

Digital Marketing Manager

Shawn is amazing! He keeps each campus running smoothly. He always has a smile on his face and is always happy to help both our agents and our leadership team.

Lori Smith recommends Green Valley Campus


I thoroughly enjoy working at CBPR. I interviewed and researched many brokerages before making my choice and I am absolutely certain I made the right decision! The training, marketing materials, management, staff and sense of community within the office are top notch!

Jodi Tyra recommends Career Development & Education Services


I take Devin’s classes whenever I can. He’s very knowledgeable and knows how to have fun while teaching!

Nancy Contreras recommends Career Development & Education Services

Real Estate Agent

Devin is a great instructor and I always learn so much from his courses. I highly recommend him as he is always very thorough, gives great examples, and is extremely helpful when it comes to any questions you may have.

Monique Kaldy recommends Career Development & Education Services

Commercial Associate and REALTOR

Devin is a top notch instructor! His classes are interactive and he shares golden nuggets of knowledge.

Von Gray-Ferren recommends Central Processing Services


There's has never been a time that I needed help from Central Processing to solve a problem, that Tiffany Jones and her office has always been there for me. No request goes unnoticed, and with patience my questions were answered. They're the best!

Carla Adal recommends Strategic Services

Community Sales Manager

I can't say enough good things about Brian! We have worked closely over the past few years selling new home communities, pre-construction for developers in record time. There is not a challenge too big or too small. Brian always has a way of coming up with new and innovative ways to sell and market communities no matter what the situation. Always ten steps ahead, he is creative, inspiring and is a problem-solver. Someone you definitely would want on your team. Motivating, passionate, extremely hard working and honest are just a few words to describe him. His many years of experience navigating through many different real estate markets, makes him a leader in excellence.

Jodi Tyra recommends Concierge Services


Annie Manderscheid, our CBPR Concierge Services VP, is ROCKING with providing us with great vendors!

I've used ListerPros 2 times now. They are efficient in that they respond quickly to both me and my sellers, via online, text and phone. Their photos are good and they even do the new 3D photos for us, too! AND they offer us a 10% discount! YAY!

I've also used M&K Heating and Cooling, not only for my personal residence, but I've referred them numerous times to my clients. They are prompt, efficient, clean, courteous and have good pricing. They won't gauge you! They are TERRIFIC!

Jodi Tyra

Cheryl O'Brien recommends Concierge Services


Annie Manderscheid with CBPR Concierge Services Program has provided me with so many wonderful vendors! I recently needed professional photography on a new listing and reached out to ListerPros. They immediately responded and not only made a quick appointment, they took photos early on Saturday morning and delivered them later in the day. That commitment to service is priceless! I’ve always been impressed with the results and look forward to needing their services soon!

Cheryl O’Brien

Brenda Fischer recommends Career Development & Education Services


I love Devin's classes! He is super knowledgeable, makes the learning fun, and is personable and answers all our questions. Thank you for taking time from your very busy schedule to teach and share your knowledge with us so we can all be better agents (and stay out of trouble).

menashe shershow recommends Green Valley Campus


Best brokerage in the valley!!!

Nick Laymon recommends Central Processing Services

Real Estate Advisor

Tiffany at CP is amazing. Always available and super friendly. I have issues and Tiffany hasn't cancelled my subscription :) . I am technically challenged. Tiffany is always willing to help me with my struggles with a positive attitude. A great asset and makes me feel comfortable to ask questions. Thank you Tiffany!

Diane Varney recommends Career Development & Education Services


I've had the pleasure of working with Devin for many years. He continues to reach new heights, and shares valuable knowledge and experience in his educational venues. Learning from him is always helpful to my career.

Nancy C. Wong recommends Career Development & Education Services


Devin is one of the best instructors around. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he has a gift for imparting that knowledge by recounting real world examples. He is a fantastic resource for all questions relating to real estate, and on top of that he has a terrific sense of humor! It is always a valuable experience to attend his class because no matter how long you've been in the business, you will leave a better prepared professional. It is truly a privilege to know and work with Devin.

Vanessa Hamrick recommends Career Development & Education Services

He is an experienced real estate educator who cut his teeth in the business doing the work it requires to be successful. I choose to learn from the best and Devin is the only teacher I need ๐Ÿ˜€. Make him yours too!

Todd Lemoine recommends Career Development & Education Services

Real Estate Sales Professional

Devin is an amazing instructor and keeps people engaged. His knowledge of the topics and ability to deliver them are second to none. He always takes the time to make sure everyone understands and answers any questions people may have. Very highly recommended.

Carlye Sandoval recommends Career Development & Education Services


Devin is a wonderful instructor! He always keeps courses engaging and is a wealth of knowledge of anything real estate. He always maintains professionalism and you can see he is passionate about what he is teaching. Highly recommend him for any education service to help further your career!

Nicole Hollimon recommends Career Development & Education Services


I have attended many classes, discussions and meetings where Devin has proven his ability to more than just educate agents. He can turn a 3 hour CE course into a very fun and engaging training. He has an abundance of street experience as well as book knowledge that encourages many recruits to become Coldwell Banker Premier Agents, competitors to move over to CBPR and also successfully retaining current CBPR Rockstars.
I have yet to see a class that is NOT sold out :) Who else do you want to learn from than a past GLVAR/LVR & NAR President, committee member and commissioner who is seeing first hand of what not to do at our industry? You can come see for yourself anytime at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty.