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Ace R. recommends Joanne Weil Heald


We felt like Joanne worked hard for us, promptly communicated and followed up, worked around our difficult schedules, gave us her honest opinions based on good local knowledge, and through the process she became our friend. We're very pleased in our new home, and that she helped make this difficult home buying process relatively easy.
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Tom N. recommends Joanne Weil Heald


As first time homebuyers we had a lot to learn and Joanne was incredibility helpful and patient. After working with Joanne we were able to buy the house we set out to find. We credit much of that to her commitment and dedication to finding our perfect home. Thank you Joanne for your tireless efforts and helping us find our first home. We appreciate all your time and attention to our needs.
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Denis K. recommends Joanne Weil Heald


Joanne is not the first realtor we've worked with, but she is clearly the best. We had rather special requirements for the home, and most realtors we spoke to were just pushing us towards becoming more standard. Joanne not only patiently listened and responded to our complex and peculiar demands, she was able to provide us with exactly that kind of the advice and expertise we needed. Former teacher, she is very knowledgeable of the details and caveats of schools and school district in Contra Costa County, and her tips were truly indispensable. Very well connected to local engineers and construction contractors, she linked us to all the experts we needed, and her references were the best out of all we found through our own search. We started with relatively broad (but special) set of requirements, and it has evolved quite a bit through our search. Joanne supported us firmly through all these adjustments, and finally helped us find a home we truly loved. Last but not least, she is a very, very decent person. The time we spent with her was spent very efficiently, but also it was filled with fun and enjoyment.
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Tammy P. recommends Joanne Weil Heald


A friend of mine recommended Joanne and from the minute I talked to her on the phone, I knew that I had found the right real estate agent for me. She was friendly, sincere and I trusted her. She has a go-getter kind of spirit and her work is professional. I was a difficult client to accommodate; my price range was in the bottom range of the market and I was qualifying for an FHA loan. But with every offer we made, we were always put at the top of the list, not because I was the top bidder, but because Joanne puts together a professional package. She also managed to find me a loan officer that was extremely accommodating and he found me a better rate than the loan officer I had, who only returned my phone calls at her convenience. From the time I met Joanne until I opened the door to my new home took only five months, this seemed like record time considering I had been looking for two years. I now am happily settled into my new home which I adore and am meeting my wonderful neighbors and enjoying the laid back life style of Concord and it's many conveniences. Kudos to Joanne she deserves it.
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Susan G. recommends Joanne Weil Heald


My experience with Joanne was excellent. I found her to be very professional, conscientious, and detailed. She recently helped me sell a rental home in Brentwood, a market differing in dynamics and a distance from my community of Orinda. Joanne fully studied comparable sales and listing data for Brentwood, reviewed recent market history, and provided great advice on expectations and timing for selling a home that had been below purchase value for several years. Joanne's guidance during the listing period was also particularly insightful in determining how long to show the home, setting an offer deadline, and deciding on accepting an offer. Through her skills, I was able to meet my net sales proceeds objective.
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Mike L. recommends Joanne Weil Heald


We met Joanne a few weeks into the search for our first home. With an infant in arms, 9-5 jobs, and a lease running out, we were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task at hand. We needed a compass to help us navigate the stormy waters of the Bay Area real estate market. Joanne became our compass. Right away, we were impressed with her knowledge of the market and her method of narrowing down the search parameters. We also appreciated her forthrightness dedication to her craft. She really listened to what we had to say and what kind of property we were looking for. We became her priority. She was easy to communicate with, quick to answer emails, and to return phone calls. She scheduled viewings around our busy schedule and did not hesitate to give us her honest opinion. Sometimes we would walk into a house that looked great on paper and right away Joanne would say "No, you don't want this property and here is why...". We knew she had our best interest at heart. She always reminded us that our purchase was an investment and kept us forward thinking, rather than narrowing our focus to what suits us in the here and now. It truly felt like we were a team with a common objective!
Sep 14, 2020

Lea Sanchez recommends Jessica Pavoni


Jessica is wonderful to work with - she is a hardworking go-getter and I knew we could trust her with our transaction. She makes herself available and keeps in constant communication. I would highly recommend her!
Sep 12, 2020

Kathleen Marcelino recommends Jessica Pavoni


Jess is nothing short of amazing!!! She’s quick, professional and so pleasant to work with. She made selling a condo during these apocalyptic times less stressful for me and I’m so grateful beyond words for all of her help in all aspects with the sale of my condo! I could not ask for a more thoughtful, knowledgeable, hard-working selling agent! I loved working with her and would highly recommend Jess!
Sep 11, 2020

Eddy M. recommends Joanne Weil Heald


My wife and I started to look for a new house in the East Bay after living in San Francisco for 8 years. We met Joanne Heald at an open house in Walnut Creek we randomly walked into to. After talking with her for a short amount of time we immediately wanted her as our agent based on her knowledge and tips she was providing us. We couldn't have been happier with her attention to details and her willingness to find the perfect house for us. On the weekends, she would drive us around to different houses and she really took the time out of her busy schedule to accommodate us.
Sep 8, 2020

Dustin Mabry recommends Jessica Pavoni


Jessica Pavoni! My partner and I had the most positive experience buying our first home. Jessica's deep knowledge of real estate and patient approach to education would benefit any home buyer. She was always ready to answer our questions and was strong throughout the process of negotiation. We felt a deep sense of support without any pressure. Couldn't recommend working with her enough!
Sep 8, 2020

Megan Brian recommends Jessica Pavoni

Museum professional

My spouse and I purchased our first home with Jessica's superb help. She patiently educated us on the process, which was entirely new to us, and made us feel confident at every step of the way. I can't imagine going through this with anyone else, honestly. Jessica is professional and personable, with a good sense of humor. I appreciated her 'no-pressure' approach and felt she really wanted us to find the home that would be best for us - and worked within our nonprofit/educator budget. She's a stellar communicator, coordinator, and very knowledgeable about Bay Area real estate. I whole-heartedly recommend working with Jessica!
Sep 8, 2020

Jacqueline Berman recommends Kaaren Brickman

Director of Research & Data (First-time seller)

After Kaaren did such a great job guiding us through our first home purchase, we knew she was the one we wanted to go with to sell our home as well. Her knowledge and network in the Lamorinda area is extensive to say the least. Kaaren guided us through the entire process, from helping us prioritize which renovations would maximize our home’s value to certain aspects of buyer’s bids that we may want to pay attention to. She answered our questions right away and in detail. (Because this was our first time selling, we had quite a few questions.) She presented all of the facts, which ultimately allowed us to make the best decision for us and maximizing our home’s sale price.
Sep 4, 2020

Erika Doherty recommends Carolyn Way

Carolyn has assisted my extended family with numerous home purchases and sales over the years, and has always been so professional and gone above and beyond! She helped us purchase our first home in Lafayette, as well as sell that house (including assisting with staging and getting the house in selling order) and move into our current home in Orinda. She knows all the neighborhoods and has local connections to get you access to listings. I couldn’t recommend her enough!
Aug 25, 2020

Anonymous recommends Carolyn Way

Carolyn is a pleasure to work with: she has the market understanding, awareness of nuances in the process and was always ready, willing and able to address questions or concerns as they arise. Starting from the initial conversation about the type of property we were looking for, she went above and beyond to provide us with insightful data with comps, actively refined the list of properties she recommended we look at based upon our walk-through experiences and effectively facilitated the bid process. We couldn't imagine working with anyone else!
Aug 24, 2020

Carol Proano recommends Adam Hamalian & Sherry Hutchens

What a team! Sherry and Adam provided outstanding service during the sale of my Walnut Creek condo. Due to special circumstances, the City of Walnut Creek had to approve my listing and sale. However Sherry and Adam zipped through the process in a highly professional manner and kept the sale on track, even through the special conditions imposed by the current pandemic. They fielded hundreds of calls from agents and prospective buyers and then organized the details of the multiple bids I received to simplify my decision making. Their attentive service continued all the way to the close. I would definitely recommend them to anyone buying or selling a home.
Aug 22, 2020

James B Staten recommends Adam Hamalian & Sherry Hutchens

VP & Principal Analyst

These are some of the very best real estate experts in the Bay Area. Have accommodated us so professionally and fantastic over the years. Helped us sell our Danville home this month so fast and so effectively. Love working with them and highly recommend others use them.
Aug 21, 2020

Aimee Dudum recommends Adam Hamalian & Sherry Hutchens

Senior Vice President

Simply the best! These two are the ultimate dream team. They are so professional, caring, informed and proactive. I have thoroughly enjoyed every transaction they have assisted our family with and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell!
Aug 18, 2020

Matt Sears recommends Adam Hamalian & Sherry Hutchens

This was the first transaction I have done with Adam & Sherry. It won't be the last! I value responsiveness, focus & attention to detail. They delivered on both scores. Communication and response to questions was excellent. Their advice was focused and clear. Answers to questions were complete and thoughtful.

In an era where service to clients seems to have bifurcated: Firms are either great at it (Zappos) or horrible (think your cell phone company), Adam & Sherry are in the former category...they're great. They anticipated our needs and provided resources to solve any problems.

Among my goals in finding the appropriate investment was also doing so on a very quick timetable. Sherry & Adam made that possible, moving this transaction from idea to closing in under a month! Their stable of affiliated resources were all equally professional, responsive, and pleasant.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about Adam & Sherry is that they earned my trust!
Aug 11, 2020

Jina Kazzaz recommends Kaaren Brickman

Karen has been our agent for over a year, we met her at an open house and we were impressed by her knowledge, understanding and personality.
Karen has helped us during the the past trying months during the pandemic, she understood our plight, trying to find a home to settle down, and took the time to understand our needs. She finally came through For us as we were reaching a point where we were ready to quit the search.
We recommend Kaaren for her knowledge, hard work an pleasant and understanding personality
Aug 2, 2020

Chuck Courey recommends Kaaren Brickman


Kaaren did a fantastic job! We were selling a condominium that needed extensive remodeling and upgrading throughout. She developed a time table to initially attempt to sell as is and then a job schedule to have the place ready at the optimal time to sell with all the repairs completed. She hired and coordinated all the work with the contractors and supervised the entire effort. She set up all the inspections and personally dealt with all issues, big and small, as they came up while taking a direct role in choosing all the paint colors, floors, carpets, fixtures, and upgrades. She arranged many showings in spite of the pandemic and kept the placed wiped down and clean after each one. She was always available and proactively kept us informed about all aspects of the sale. She gave us feedback about what prospective buyers were saying as well as constant updates on all competitive listings and overall market trends. She discussed different strategies with us and gave the advantages and disadvantages of each. She worked with the eventual buyer's agent to get all the buyer's concerns addressed promptly and made sure the buyer understood the rules of the complex. She did all of this under the challenges of the pandemic and we were able to sell the property at our desired price. All of this effort made her an utter pleasure to work with and we would absolutely recommend her and definitely would work with her again given the opportunity!
Jul 30, 2020

Chris Gardner recommends Julie Dudum Del Santo

Although many people are dedicated and quite good at their professions, very few people are exceptional. Julie Del Santo is exceptional. My wife and I have worked with a significant number of real estate professionals over the past 25 years, and our experience with Julie was without question, the best ever, by a long shot.

Julie has a unique ability to understand both micro and macro trends in the marketplace which are critical to the creation of pricing strategies. She was a tireless champion of our property and never wavered once in her conviction or enthusiasm. She produced and invested heavily in one of the highest quality marketing campaigns we have ever seen for a residential property, and it paid significant dividends for us.

There was never a time she wasn’t available, or already anticipating what was needing to be done before it even happened. She has an extensive knowledge of the real estate process from start to finish and handled all situations with the utmost professionalism. She embodies the ideal representation for your property.

Jul 28, 2020

Logan Franey recommends Tina Frechman

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Tina has been absolutely amazing for us in our first-time homebuyer journey. We knew very little going into the process, but she was with us every step of the way, educating us on the market, area, various things to look for in houses, expected costs for improvements, and red flags on specific houses.

She worked extremely hard for us, was always very responsive, and helped us read through documents and disclosures to make sure we were aware of everything to watch out for and properly assess certain risks. She helped us fight through getting our offer accepted in such a competitive market and made sure that we stayed on schedule for each (what seemed like a million) step through the process.

Would highly recommend you make Tina your realtor if you want to make the process as painless and efficient as possible to get the exact home of your dreams!
Jul 23, 2020

Jacquie Dorward recommends Tina Frechman

Due to a job relocation, our home sale needed to happen quickly. Tina listened to our needs, and executed. She went above and beyond to ensure the listing process was smooth, and that the transaction was flawless. Tina is a true professional, with the skills necessary for success. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!
Jul 23, 2020

Frederick & Kimberly Pfister Foote recommend Adam Hamalian & Sherry Hutchens

Home Owner

My wife and I were looking for home in the East Bay. We wanted a home that had the right layout, location and the surrounding landscape and neighborhood we desired.

Adam and Sherry delivered as promised. They never wasted our time visiting inventory that just showed up on the Radar. This was important as my wife and I were very busy with our careers and had no time to waste.

Adam and Sherry worked very hard to find the right property that met our requirements and then worked with their network to deliver the information we needed to make the right deal for both sides.

If you are interested in buying a home in East Bay from Orinda to Dublin, I would recommend highly that you reach out to Adam and Sherry. They delivered as promised and that is rare with Realtors that we have dealt with in the past. I would definitely use them again!!!
Jul 21, 2020

Jillian Cauley recommends Dudum Real Estate Group Lamorinda

Registered Nurse

As a first time home buyer, in the midst of a global pandemic, Kate and her partner John worked endlessly to help me navigate all the moving pieces. She was always a text or call away and greatly helped me stay calm and on track.

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