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We are a global company and lifestyle brand providing high quality services for those seeking to buy and sell real estate properties. We distinguish ourselves by providing our clients with exceptional service and support.

Since 1977, we have been the select provider of high-end premium real estate service throughout Europe, Asia and North America. We use the latest technologies, manage an extensive network of exclusive listings and potential buyers, partner with influential media outlets, and employ the highest-caliber agents who strive to represent our distinguished brand.

Our style of doing business originates from our early success as a luxury property agency. We maintain the same standards of quality and service in everything we do.


Recommendations (117)

Jan 31, 2020

Tim Stahl recommends Siv Merethe Cotton


Siv is one of the most impressive people I ever had the luck of working with.
She is an incredibly professional, caring and trusting Manager, a smart business woman and overall just a wonderful human being.
It was a pleasure working with you, Siv.
Jan 28, 2020

Manoah James Piper recommends Aaron Collins

Director of Operations

This was my first home purchase and I had no idea what a wild ride buying a home could be. Outside of just being a great person, Aaron is also a terrific communicator and kept me from freaking out multiple times throughout the process. He stays focused on the big picture, listens, and also gives very good advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!
Jan 28, 2020

Carlos Garcia Cong recommends Aaron Collins

Real Estate Advisor

Aaron is an awesome Global Real Estate Advisor! His knowledge and expertise ranges wide and far. He is always willing to help and serves his clients with genuine service. Please don’t hesitate to contact Aaron for any of your real estate needs!
Jan 15, 2020

Sherry f.root and sherwin root recommend Patty Lopez


Patty is an amazing person. She is highly intelligent, honest, personable, conscientious, hard working, and extremely knowledgeable about her field. She possesses invaluable people skills. She is confident to take on challenges and difficult situations. She will go that extra mile and beyond for her clients. We would not hesitate to highly recommend her. In fact, I have already done so. Patty will sincerely do her best to successfully represent her clients. Thank you Patty for all of your hard work!
Aug 24, 2019

oliviero caropreso recommends federico salvatori

General Manager

Top quality of service !! very professional
May 21, 2019

Jackie recommends Patty Lopez

Patty has been so great!! We had a nerve racking transaction of selling and buying for the first time. She worked with both, she would always tell me everything would be fine, and from beginning to end it sure was. Jessica Gutiérrez and Patty López made an excellent team. I recommend them to the fullest, my family and I are so greatfull for their help. We did it team !!! Thank you!
May 3, 2019

Franklin Lett recommends michael martin


I found Mr, Martun extremely knowledgable and helpful in getting my house sold and finding suitable living quarters for me. He seems tireless in his efforts, and resourceful. He has helped to sell two homes for me, and to find me a quality highrise, and also my last home. He's a keeper.
Mar 12, 2019

Aziz Khakwani recommends Patty Lopez

Real Estate Investor

Patty helped me buy a Duplex in Wilmington, CA. She was professional and kind throughout the entire process. She is very knowledgeable in the real estate and rent control field. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Patty.
Mar 11, 2019

Yolanda Sierra recommends Patty Lopez

Seller and buyer

Patty Lopez is a one of a kind Real Estate Agent. Not only she helped me save my home and sale it but helped me buy another home and closed out in less then one month. Unfortunately i was working with the wrong people prior to meeting Patty and was losing hope and like I said was about to lose my home. Agents say they will help you but really don’t. Patty took care of everything I mean everything !!! She got me an approval letter in on day! I highly recommend her. She’s not only brings good energy she works from her heart ..... she really cares about her clients. Thank you Patty for lovingvwhat you do. Now time to enjoy my new home!!!
Feb 12, 2019

Bob Lesnett recommends Alison Winston & Jason Sturman

Home Seller, Real Estate Broker

I am a licensed California Real Estate Broker with my own office in Northern California and I inherited a property in Century City from my father. I was very familiar with the property as I had visited there many times and I considered listing it myself as I had access to the comps and the MLS. I decided to interview several local agents and one of them was Alison Winston.
Alison impressed me with our very first visit with her through knowledge of the property and the complex that it was in. She also had extraordinary vision as to the advantages that my unit had in comparison to others. She suggested a listing price that was much higher than the other agents that I had interviewed and backed it up with solid reasons and logic.
To cut to the chase Alison sold the property in a most professional manner for several hundred thousand dollars more than I could have done myself or with any other agent. I continue to be impressed with Alison Winston and her post sale follow up with has been extensive.
I give Alison my full and highest recommendation and feel very fortunate that she was my agent. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have as it is the least that I can do for such a dedicated professional.
Feb 12, 2019

Isabelle recommends Alison Winston & Jason Sturman

Home Seller

Ms. Winston recently Sold my Century Hill Condominium. I felt motivated to share about what i experienced in case this is of interest to those considering whether or not to work with Ms. Winston, who provided me with superior representation.

I too (like Alison), am a native & lifelong Angeleno, my family has been ensconced in the real estate world for decades, which i mention only by way of giving context to my heightened awareness and deeper sensibility on a great many aspects involved with Real Estate transactions.

Ms. Winston is exceedingly well informed and takes her responsibility to “deliver the goods” to each client, very seriously. Her hands on day to day oversight is consistently diligent and invaluable.

In our current Society it has become a rarity to align with somebody who deserves and engenders great trust. I was lucky to have placed my trust in Ms. Winston, which has been borne out over time and affirmed with irrefutable justification. Her level of ethics and honesty is stellar.

Good fortune shined on me to work with Ms. Winston, also because it actually became something which was super fun! It was an uplifting delight to interact with this highly skilled, keenly intelligent, hard working person. Ms.Winston has a unique style and genuine sensitivity to helping people, refreshing!!

What could have been a chore or anxiety filled task for me to sell my property, transformed into a joyous activity. This was solely based on Ms. Winston’s adept handling. Generously shepherding me through with a buoyant spirit and deft business acumen. Happily i always felt her focus squarely on my needs and my succeeding.

Ms. Winston possesses a uniquely winning combination of characteristics well suited to her chosen profession.
Feb 2, 2019

Humberto Sierra recommends Patty Lopez

Patricia did an amazing job. She realiable and trust worthy. For my first time going through this process it was an amazing experience. She did an excellent job explaining any questions I had. It felt like family. I’m excited to work with her again 👍
Dec 28, 2018

Naomi Kalkanoff recommends Siv Merethe Cotton


Siv is one of the most incredible office managers I've had to pleasure of knowing and working with in this industry. She truly cares about each of her agents and has gone above and beyond for us all, as well as taking great care of the staff. Her level of drive, professionalism and unparalleled work ethic are just a few of the many thing that describe Siv Cotton. We are truly grateful and fortunate to have her on our team!
Dec 26, 2018

Sabrina Torkan recommends Siv Merethe Cotton

Real Estate Advisor

Siv has a dynamic personality and excellent management skills. She is very resourceful and a pleasure to work with.
Dec 26, 2018

Nila recommends Siv Merethe Cotton



Is the best Manager you can have. She cares about her employees , agents and clients!!
When I say that, it comes with working with her on transactions closely when she went above and beyond her duties!! And she makes herself available.
Her amazing personality is a natural gift!!!
- NW
Dec 26, 2018

David Silvas recommends Siv Merethe Cotton

International Real Estate Advisor

Siv has a stellar personality, kindness, and professionalism - more than any other manager I have had. Her door is always open and she encourages communication so that nobody is left behind or feels like they are struggling. She is a true advocate for her team members and I am grateful to have her at the helm.
Dec 25, 2018

Joan Yarfitz recommends Siv Merethe Cotton


Since Siv has taken over as Manager at E & V Beverly Hills, the office has become more cohesive, more enthusiastic and more professional.
She is proactive, a great listener, motivator and overall great person!
Dec 25, 2018

Patty Lopez recommends Siv Merethe Cotton


Beigning I’m the industry for 14 years, I have had various managers. Siv by far is what any realtor needs to take their business to the next level. Her sole intention is to watch you grow. Beyond nurturing and supporting, She is intune with peoples strengths and weaknesses and Knows just how to create a game plan to grow. Her sole intention is to watch her agents grow.
Dec 24, 2018

Christopher Santiago recommends Abi Maria Gomes

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator

Abi did a fantastic job of communicating effectively and went above and beyond for our mutual client. Her expertise and customer service will travel far in today’s industry where putting the client first should be your main priority. Her professionalism and experience played a vital role in our transaction where a few things could have gone wrong if not for her solution based and motivated mindset to resolve issues while making sure the client was comfortable and happy. I look forward to working with her on many more transactions in the future.
Dec 22, 2018

William Dawes recommends Engel & Völkers Beverly Hills


Renee is the only person I would recommend for buying or selling a home in the Los Angeles. She knows the market and has a true passion for the intricacies of a complicated terrain. I got an amazing place that fit my needs. She’s also a beautiful, charming woman who is easy to spend time with.
Dec 21, 2018

Sheela Shouhed recommends Siv Merethe Cotton

International Real Estate Advisor

From the moment Siv took on the role of Manager, our entire office saw a world of difference. In a short amount of time, she took every aspect to an incredible new level. She is strong, intuitive and dependable, possessing a genuine care for each member of our office. A leader, she is always there to help in any situation. Offering the best advice and guidance, she does everything in her power to make sure we succeed and see real results in both positive situations, as well as more difficult ones. She maintains a family atmosphere within our office, bringing us all together and making it a truly pleasant place to be. I am grateful to have Siv not only as my manager, but also as a friend and confidant.
Dec 21, 2018

Alison Winston recommends Siv Merethe Cotton

Real Estate Advisor

An important aspect contributing to a successful real estate career is the support agents receive from their office managers. For the first time in my career I look forward to coming to an office knowing I have a Manager that possesses a rare combination of qualities that inspires me to be my best. Siv brings a positive, upbeat attitude with her every day. She takes the time to get to know and understand each agent and provides the support, guidance and problem solving needed to assist the agents to reach their goals.

Dec 20, 2018

John Steiner recommends Siv Merethe Cotton

Broker Associate

Siv is the best you can hope for in a manager. Highly presentable and a wonderful ambassador for our office. She is knowledgeable and fiercely protective of her agents and quick of help with any situation that may arise. She is the best manager I have ever had to good fortune to work with.
Dec 20, 2018

Abi-Maria Gomes recommends Siv Merethe Cotton


Siv is a strong leader and carries her role as the office manager with a lot of grace and world class.
Her strong passion for Real Estate, Empowerment and dedication to each agent that works under her leadership at our office in beverly Hills is bound to succeed. It is my pleasure to work with her and such a well put together team she had a hand in putting together!
Dec 10, 2018

bret martin recommends Justin Fierro


great guy. real pro. we made a great connection

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