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As a business growth and expansion strategist, Shawn has assisted her business partners and stakeholders in growing their business since 1990. With over 9 years as Director of the Internationally recognized business coaching division of By Referral Only, Inc., and 16 years as a Title Executive, Shawn understands the common challenges real estate and lending professionals face when moving through all points of a real estate transaction. Shawn’s intellectual capital and business acumen has placed her as one of the top Title Executives in San Diego, CA and in the prestigious Top1% Nationally.

Alix is a certified escrow officer with over 25 years of executive level experience in both the title and escrow industry. With her vast specialized knowledge Alix has helped her clients successfully navigate 1,000’s of real estate transactions. Alix has earned the loyalty and commitment as a trusted adviser to her business partners and brings an uncompromising service standard to all her clients. Throughout her career Alix has been a top performer and has recently earned the prestigious standing of Top 1% Title Executives Nationally. After working all over the country from Alaska, to New Mexico Alix has made her home in San Diego.

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Jul 31, 2021
I worked with Alix and her team on a recent real estate transaction representing a buyer in Oceanside. Alix not only walked me through every aspect of the preliminary title report but explained different options of how buyers can take title of the property & the associated pros and cons of each. Very helpful!

Although I only needed to speak with Alix a couple times over the phone she was extremely responsive in taking my phone calls & getting in touch with my clients. Would highly recommend if you need a title rep when selling your property or representation on your listing! 5 Stars.
Aug 10, 2020
Realtor and Sales Manager
Alix and Shawn are stellar title professionals. Alix is my go-to problem solver. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of title problems AND knows exactly what to do to solve those problems. Moreover, she is ALWAYS happy to help. Usually, Alix picks up my calls immediately. When she cannot, I typically get a call back from her within an hour. She consistently goes above and beyond. For that reason, I write Fidelity National Title into the purchase contract every opportunity I get. Because of my background as a lawyer, I know and understand a lot about title issues, easements, deeds, restrictions and the like. Alix knows far more.
Sep 17, 2019
With Alix & Shawn's great customer service, knowledge, & prompt response to all questions, they always strive to & exceed expectations. Thank you Alix & Shawn for being so amazing!!!
Sep 16, 2019
Alix and Shawn are amazing! They never fail to answer our calls and they go above and beyond with their service. Just today I was looking for some advice about a neighborhood in Oceanside and Alix steered me to an agent at another company who was an expert. We talked and I got great information. They are constantly coming up with ideas and ways to help me and my business. Truly the best title company and the best title reps I’ve ever worked with! Jennifer Locke, Windermere Homes & Estates CAL BRE # 00642855
Apr 16, 2019
National Director of Social Sales
Alix and Shawn are on the leading edge of technology and business practices and have a growth mentality like few I've met. They are innovate sales executives who are dedicated to not only their personal growth but that of their clients as well. I’ve consistently experienced high quality performance with a “can do” attitude working with them and continue to be inspired by the work that they does.
Feb 28, 2018
Sales Executive
Shawn and Alix routinely reach out to me the moment after I think to myself, "I should call Shawn and Alix." They're always re-confirming that they are one step ahead of me. It leaves me comforted and aware that I am in good hands. If they make me feel that way, I know my clients will feel the same.
Oct 15, 2017
Broker Sales Associate
Fidelity National Title was the first title company that reached out to me when I started to work as a REALTOR(R) just when the real estate market hit bottom. Later on I met Alix Kammeyer and Shawn Harris. They are great to work with. What sets them apart from other title reps is their super-quick response. It does not matter what time of day or what day of the week, they respond to my questions when I needed them to be resolved quickly. I also appreciate very much that they are honest. Only once in so many years of working together did a mistake occur and they tell me like it is. No games, no blaming others, no excuses. I appreciate them more as a result. Thank you, Alix and Shawn, for being always there to assist me and my clients.
Aug 30, 2017
Shawn & Alix: I can't begin to express my appreciation for the effort you two have put forth on my behalf both "behind the scenes" and "when the lights are on". Requesting others to work on our behalf with no assured return is not an easy thing yet you two do so tirelessly and promptly. Whether it is building farm lists, reviewing prelim title reports or one-on-one mentoring it's nice to know you are always there. I look forward to continuing to build our mutual confidence, trust and businesses in the coming years. ~Sascha~
Aug 30, 2017
Shawn and Alix are a team I have counted on for title and coaching since the beginning and they just keep getting better. Thank you both for being an important part of our success in this crazy business.
Aug 28, 2017
Responsive. Prompt. Proactive. Professional. Helpful. Innovative. Qualities anyone would welcome on their team.
Aug 28, 2017
Realtor & Attorney
Shawn & Alix are as helpful and responsive as anyone could hope to be. Nothing falls through the cracks or gets forgotten. I can always trust that my clients and I are in good hands.
Aug 27, 2017
Premier Director
Shawn and Alix are the best there is in the title industry. Together they offer an extraordinary amount of knowledge and skill sets that help us do our jobs, serve our clients and grow our business. I consider Shawn and Alix partners, that I could not do without.
Aug 25, 2017
Real estate Broker
"A really great team" Is what I say about them...They are never in conflict and give timely service. I love their quick responses. That is why I have kept them on my team for over 10 years. Here are a few examples of the help when urgently needed:
+ Clearing and confirming a title issue when called while I was in conference with the sellers. This helped seal the listing for me.
+ Teaming with their associates in Riverside county to assure clearance of an encumbrance just recently achieved.
+ Providing important prospecting tools and knowledgeable advice at no a service.

Finally, they are always caringly pleasant and enthusiastic about our (theirs and my) business. For old pros they act young...and that is amazing.
I recommend them without reservation.

Aug 25, 2017
Shawn & Alix are a fantastic team. They have repeatedly gone above and beyond for my clients and me. Which is why we keep coming back to them!
Aug 25, 2017
Broker, Stonehaven Real Estate
Shawn Harris and Alix Kammeyer have consistently provided oustanding customer service to us over the years. They are definitely the best in the business!
Aug 25, 2017
Shawn and Alix have helped me many times with my title needs. They answer their phones, get back to me promptly and have been able to solve most of the problems my clients may have when it comes to title reports. They have given valuable training sessions at my office on a variety of topics, and they have helped me with my prospecting and social media. I definitely think they are the best title reps out there and I always recommend them to my colleagues and clients.
Aug 24, 2017
Real Estate Team
Shawn and Alix are the gold standard in title. They are true professionals and always on their game. They provide great insight on the market and helping build our business. When they say they're going to do something, they do it. They come from a place of help and guidance and always come to the table with value. We are grateful to have Shawn and Alix in our corner to help us win.
Aug 24, 2017
Broker-Associate, Sea Coast Exclusive Properties
I've worked with Shawn and Alix for years and have appreciated the high quality, and high attention-to-detail, service they provide. I always know my clients and transactions are in great hands.
Aug 24, 2017
I have worked with Shawn and Alix for several years and they are fantastic! Every time I get a new transaction they go through the prelim before I even see it and point out anything of concern. They are always there to help with my farm and offer advice on new marketing strategies that are working. They both truly care about my success and I consider both of them to be great friends!
Aug 23, 2017
I can't say enough about this wonderful team of women. They will bend over backwards to assist you in anyway they can. If you need marketing, they will set you up someone who can help. If you need maps and address labels, they are there for you. If you want to plan for the coming year, they will plan out a marketing strategy and keep you accountable. I am proud to have them on my team and to call them my friends. Oh and I forgot about their main job, Title. They will review title for you and point out items which may concern your clients. They are happy to call your clients too and answer any questions they may have. Their dedication to their group of Realtors is truly a gift.
Aug 23, 2017
Associate Managing Broker

It's very difficult to do adequate justice to explaining the added value that Alix and Shawn bring to our agents on a daily basis. They consistently check in with our agents and have become proactive, not only on the title orders and reviewing the title reports for us, but also in countless ways they work with each agent to help them grow their business. They each bring different areas of expertise and between them they are the total package. They strive to introduce new resources to our agents and to follow up to make sure they are working and valuable. Additionally, they help solve problems for our clients - even when they are not the title company on the transaction! We rely on them in countless ways and sometimes forget they are an independent entity because they are so available to us whenever we need them. In over 40 years in real estate, I've never worked with such an incredible team and can't remembre life before we started using them as a valuable resource in both Title and business growth - both for me personally and for all of the agents at Windermere Homes & Estates.
Aug 23, 2017
Real estate agent
Shawn & Alix have been part of my team for 5 plus years and have played a key role in my growth & success. I can always count on them to help me with my listings and provide me with updated files for my farm. They also provide great training and bring in interesting speakers that help grow my business. Great Job Shawn & Alix!
Aug 23, 2017
Alix and Shawn are the DREAM TEAM> they help me not only with my listings that they provide invaluable property profiles for, but they also help with buyer questions they are not even on the escrow for. They are always at the end of the phone line any time. They're incredible title reps, and I can say that as I have worked with several prior. They are keeping my business
Aug 23, 2017
Simply the Best! I have been working with Shawn & Alix for the past 4 years, and I cannot speak highly enough about them. As a Realtor, I am extremley passionate about my job, and a very detailed oriented agent, and try to deliver the highest level of service to my clients. It is so refreshing to work with a team that truly works so hard to deliver such professional service, knowledge & expertise. Shawn & Alix go out of their way to do whatever it takes to get the answers and job done.
They make me look good, and I attribute much of my success to Shawn & Alix!!
Aug 23, 2017
Shawn & Alix are great. Always prompt with information and eager to assist before, during and after any transaction.

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