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Recommendations (61)

Apr 16, 2019

Stacey Studebaker recommends Julia Fagin

Assistant Manager, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Julia amazes me in her ability to predict my needs and the needs of my clients. She's always one step ahead! A true pleasure to work with.
Apr 4, 2019

Pat Tobias recommends Julia Fagin


Julia is the best. Always great service and takes good care of agents and clients. Would highly recommend!
Apr 4, 2019

Natalie Hereford recommends Julia Fagin


Julia's customer service is like no one else, she is always on top of things when I ask for her assistance. With her skills and knowledge I encourage fellow agents to go to Julia for their Title Expert.
Jan 11, 2019

Josh Taylor recommends Ryan Petaishiski


Ryan is awesome! Always on the ball and willing to help. Answers my questions any time of the day. He’s my go to title rep.
Jan 7, 2019

Mark Raymond recommends Ryan Petaishiski


Great Job! Ryan, as always I appreciate all of your hard work and your personalized care that you provide for my clients; my associates and I value the competence and professionalism that you bring to the table. Certainly a factor for our success, acknowledged by me and my associates.
You continue to be my "go to" resource for Real Estate Title matters these many years because you have demonstrated that I can confidently count on you for fast, reliable, accurate Title Services and Support!
Thank You Ryan, for all that you do!

Sincerely yours,
Mark Raymond, REALTOR®
Harmony Realty, Inc.
Jan 3, 2019

Matt Tovey recommends Ryan Petaishiski


Ryan has been nothing short of amazing for every transaction that I have been involved with him on. He goes above and beyond expectations. He attends an amazing amount of real estate meetings, and ALWAYS answers his phone. I really appreciate his hard work and dedication.
Jan 3, 2019

Erin Figi recommends Ryan Petaishiski

Luxury Property Specialist

Ryan is awesome. Always available for anything. He is super knowledgeable and takes great initiative is getting tons of information for anything in question. He always has a smile on his face and is great to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who wants remarkable results. Thank you Ryan for all you do!!
Jan 3, 2019

Monica Nash recommends Ryan Petaishiski

2019 President Women's Council of REALTORS | Professional REALTOR

He has been an incredible "Professional" with handling business. His personal skills with listening and engaging with myself is valued! He is quick to return a call or answers his phone. I've known Ryan 5 years. He is consistent and a great example to others. Thank you Ryan.
Sep 21, 2018

Karen Hickman recommends Julia Fagin

Julia is a remarkable and conscientious title representative. Her customer service is top notch and she always gets the job done. Anytime I’ve ever needed help with a title issue or question she has been there for me.
Sep 17, 2018

Marty Stebben recommends Julia Fagin


Julia’s customer service skills are second to none. Her willingness to ask questions and listen to the answers, lead to exceptional customer service in areas meaningful and helpful for us. Combined with the exceptional skills of the escrow officer she reconnded at Fidelity, we’re life long customers.
Sep 12, 2018

Jim Sagona recommends Julia Fagin


It is a privilege and pleasure to work with Julia Fagan.

Julia is the competent, detail oriented, Friendly, professional Title and escrow sales executive Most real estate agents dream about.

She is respected and admired by her industry’s peers, real estate professionals, related real estate service providers and most importantly our collective clients.

I see Julia ask a real estate professional owning one of the biggest strengths For success.

This is simply her ability to do preventive maintenance.

Jim Sagona, Realtor 619-665-6938
Sep 11, 2018

John Collins recommends Julia Fagin


Julia has been a supporter and partner in business since I began my career. She has been an invaluable source of industry information and insight in addition to her exceptional title services. I always go to Julia and encourage fellow agents to do so as well.
Nov 16, 2017

Michele Morton recommends Julia Fagin

Realtor Real Estate Agent

Julia Fagin has been a terrific Title Expert! She has provided me with specific information which is very current and accurate. She has been easily available to help me further my knowledge of the Title Business. I look forward to working with her for many years.
Nov 14, 2017

Adrina A Morton-Kendall recommends Julia Fagin


I love working with Julia, she is always so helpful. She continues to follow up with me every time I contact her. She is very professional and kind. I will continue to recommend her service. Thank you
Adrina Morton-Kendall
Nov 7, 2017

Julia Duncan recommends Julia Fagin


Julia Fagan has gone above and beyond to help me with my real estate career. Not only is she fabulous at her job and Title, she is constantly helping me with ways to grow my business! She reaches out to me once a week even though her schedule is crazy and constantly inspires me to achieve my goals.

I'm so lucky to have her as a part of my business.
Nov 6, 2017

Tim Yates recommends Julia Fagin

Team Leader

Julia is a true professional who works hard to keep my agents happy. She goes out of her way to help everyone and really knows her stuff when it comes to Title and real estate in general.
Sep 28, 2017

Claudette Berwin recommends Julia Fagin


Julia Fagin is an outstanding title rep and sales executive! Her comprehension of the title business reaches beyond her competition. Julia's knowledge of technology has enhanced our own personal careers as real estate agents.
Sep 28, 2017

Trish De La Rosa recommends Ryan Petaishiski


Once again, Ryan delivers! I had a listing in another county and Ryan said "no problem!" And sure enough, there were no problems! Ryan is the best title rep because he isn't just selling the company he works for, he provides great service from opening to closing escrow! Good job Ryan and thank you!!!!
Nov 8, 2016

Wendy Carter recommends Julia Fagin


Julia is amazing! She is always available to answer any title questions or pertinent real estate issues. She is professional, energetic and is up to date with the latest technology. She checks up on you to make sure you are succeeding in your career and offers to help wherever she can. She's quick to get all the information you request. I can't say enough wonderful attributes about her!
Nov 4, 2016

Larry and Bonnie Emlaw recommend Julia Fagin

Pacific Real Estate Associates

No matter what you might need, no matter what day of the week or how late in the day, Julia is there to help. Service is her middle name.
Oct 31, 2016

Tracy Perusse recommends Julia Fagin


I've been working with Julia for the past 5 years. She's continually checking in with me to see if I need anything or if she can be of assistance in any way. Julia knows her business and is truly committed to partnering in the success of her clients. Thanks for all you do, Julia!
Oct 28, 2016

Brian Francis recommends Julia Fagin


Julia is very hardworking, has a great personality, and has exceptional attention to detail. She is always available to answer questions and address concerns. Julia is a key member of my professional team, and is a major contributor to the success of my Real Estate Business.
Oct 27, 2016

Stephanie Sue Feld recommends Julia Fagin


Julia has been an extremely big help in growing my business. She is such a wonderful person with a great personality. She really wants the people around her to succeed and is a pleasure to work with. Thanks for keeping me accountable and informed!
Aug 9, 2016

Frank Caruso recommends Ryan Petaishiski


Ryan CRUSHES. Always available when I need info on specific properties. He's also proactive on helping with my marketing/farming efforts. The deals we've worked have all gone seamlessly on the title side. Thanks Ryan!!
Aug 5, 2016

Tammie Knobloch recommends Ryan Petaishiski


I have been working with Ryan Petaishiski for a few years now and I highly recommend hiring him to help you out. Whenever I need anything done, Ryan not only meets my needs, but exceeds them. He also is very on top of what needs to be done and always gets back to be within an hour of me contacting him! Ryan is one of the most trust worthy, dependable, and outgoing people that I have ever worked with and I am so thankful to have him as a part of my team.
Thank You!

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