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Fidelity National Title Group is a member of the Fidelity National Financial (NYSE: FNF) family of companies and the nation’s largest group of title companies and title insurance underwriters that collectively issue more title insurance policies than any other title company in the United States.


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Apr 6, 2024

Bryan Gooch recommends Jenn Hansen

We were in process of selling our home and had to be out of town during the buyer's requested close date. Jenn Hansen helped us out by allowing us to sign all our paperwork and have it notarized ahead of the closing date. The process could not have gone better, and I highly recommend Jenn and Fidelity National Title.
Apr 4, 2024

Anonymous recommends Morgan Caron

Morgan consistently impresses me with her deep knowledge and proactive approach. She has a talent for making learning interactive, fun and engaging, which is always appreciated.
Mar 28, 2024

Troy Garcia recommends Morgan Caron


Morgan was phenomenal. Today's class was fulled with great information. Definitely walked away feeling empowered. Excited to chat with her more about implementing some of these items into my future listing appointments.
Mar 28, 2024

Brittney King recommends Morgan Caron


I attended a class hosted by Morgan and it was so beneficial. Not only did I take away some great Tom Ferry tips that are actionable, but Morgan’s teaching style was very engaging and I really enjoyed the class. Thanks so much for being such a great resource!
Mar 28, 2024

Elaine Bradley recommends Morgan Caron

Associate Broker Realty ONE Group

Love the sincerity Morgan brings to the table when it comes to helping Agents toward their goal of being an independent self employed Agent. Yeah Morgan!
Mar 28, 2024

Mary Bengford recommends Morgan Caron


Morgan, your presentation was excellent. Your delivery was confident, and you communicated the content clearly and effectively. Your use of visuals enhanced understanding, and your enthusiasm for the topic was evident throughout. You engaged the audience well and handled questions with poise and expertise. Overall, it was a standout performance that left a positive impression. Plus you are funny!! Great job!
Mar 28, 2024

Kevin Weimer recommends Morgan Caron


Morgan is such a good presenter and fun to listen to. Great information and awesome ideas!
Mar 28, 2024

Melissa Ballard recommends Morgan Caron

Real Estate Broker

Morgan did an amazing job presenting the listing class. We were supposed to pick 1 thing to take away I picked 4!!
Mar 28, 2024

Lauren Juhl recommends Morgan Caron

Loan Officer

Morgan is WONDERFUL! What a great way to make this information intriguing and useful!
Mar 27, 2024

Elizabeth Schmidt recommends Morgan Caron

Real Estate Agent

As a new agent, Morgan's Bootcamp was exactly what I needed to learn. This paved the way for my next set of goals to accomplish, working on the business and in the business. I would recommend this class to any agent new or otherwise to get a refresher on a clear path to focus. I look forward to working with Morgan on transactions and what else she has to offer.
Mar 21, 2024

Whitney Von Eschen recommends Morgan Caron

Co-Branch Manger, Sales Executive

Morgan has a keen understanding of consumer behavior and market trends, delivering actionable advice that can make a significant impact in your business. If you're looking to succeed in real estate, look no further!
Mar 20, 2024

Aaron D recommends Morgan Caron

Asset manager

Morgan's leadership and management skills are exceptional. I always seek Morgan's advice.
Mar 20, 2024

Diane Filer recommends Morgan Caron


Morgan has been a delight to work with. Always offering to improve your knowledge and business results. Your Title Rep should be your #1 partner. Morgan has proved she Is Your #1.
Mar 12, 2024

Tiffany Burns recommends Jenn Hansen


Jenn makes the closing process very smooth and professional. Her organization brings clarity to a complex process. Her responsiveness is always appreciated. Thanks Jenn!
Oct 20, 2023

Kathleen Ross recommends Crystal Brown

Very smooth transaction
Sep 29, 2023

Angela Kemper recommends Petra Hellvig


Petra is our go to resource for everything title. Our closer Jess Canas is amazing and together they are an incredible team. The Kemper Group takes full advantage of having these experts on hand, often getting estimates and preliminary information that makes us look like rock stars, and the deal run smoothly. Thanks for everything you do for us Petra! We are so happy to have you and Fidelity National title as part of our team!
Sep 29, 2023

Tara Graham recommends Jenn Hardey

Vice President

Jenn is stellar in all things marketing! She is so kind, friendly, helpful and most of all, VERY good at her job. She is always problem solving for me and my team, as well as anything else I need help with. Super star for sure.
Sep 29, 2023

Caitlin Bower recommends Jenn Hardey

Sales Representative

Jenn is amazing, simple as that! She is so creative, which is necessary in marketing. She comes up with new ways to be a great resource to our clients all the time. She is helpful and on top of things-she doesn't ever miss an opportunity to help someone out.
I love having Jenn on my team; everyone affiliated with Fidelity, employees and clients, benefit from having Jenn on their side! She rocks.
Aug 10, 2023

Michael J Podoyak recommends Caitlin Bower

VP of Colorado Springs & Woodland Park

I've had the pleasure of watching Caitlin blossom in this business since her first day in the title industry. She is equal parts inspired, intelligent, inquisitive and incredible. Caitlin is such a fun individual to be around but very serious about serving her customers and assisting her coworkers, excelling at both continuously. I'm very happy to know Caitlin, thrilled to watch her grow in this company and proud to recommend her as a caring and competent professional.
Aug 7, 2023

Phil Clark recommends Caitlin Bower

V.P. of Compliance/OPU Department

Caitlin checks off all of the boxes for what any company is looking for in an employee. Aside from her professionalism and kindness, she possesses the innate skill of connecting with everyone she meets. A perfect mix of positivity and a willingness to go above and beyond, she defines all of the wonderful traits that lead to success. Fidelity was very fortunate to add her to our team and we'll all be reaping the benefits of having her on our team for years to come!
Aug 7, 2023

Sharon Dixon recommends Caitlin Bower


When we first met Caitlin, it became very clear that she was someone special. Her level of professionalism matched with intelligence, care and understanding is special. She's been impactful in a few short months with her Escrow Officers, Sales Partners as well as being productive for her clients. She's already making connections that it takes others years to accomplish. So glad Caitlin's on our team!
Aug 2, 2023

Laura Douglas recommends Sarah Mazzotta


I am always impressed with how Sarah pays close attention to every detail during the closing process. She makes sure that everything is done timely. Sarah's communication skills are fantastic; she always gets back to me quickly and keeps me up to date on how things are going. I always feel like a valued partner.
Jul 31, 2023

Todd Gilchrist recommends Caitlin Bower


Caitlin has been a tremendous addition to our sales team. She possesses a true thirst for knowledge and a genuine desire to serve - not to mention her positive attitude and quick wit. She's a natural-born problem solver and dedicated to her clients and teammates - the sky is the limit for her growth!
Jul 31, 2023

Maddy Arguello recommends Caitlin Bower


I'm super excited to have Caitlin as a part of our team, not only is she super bubbly and fun, but she's a go-getter! I appreciate her always willing to help in any way she can and her attitude towards learning new things. She's been a great addition to Fidelity and I look forward to seeing all that she can and will do!
Jul 31, 2023

Jenn Hardey recommends Caitlin Bower

Marketing Director

Caitlin is a breath of fresh air! She is bright, communicative, friendly and a problem-solver. She works hard for her customers and truly cares about their business. Fidelity Title is so lucky to have her!

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