Rebecca Ringman

Escrow Manager Fidelity National Title Colorado
Rebecca specializes in handling all types of transactions from Residential to Commercial closings. She works closely with Realtors, Lenders, Buyers, Sellers, and Attorneys to make sure all of the requirements are met from the title commitment and to prepare and present closing papers. As Escrow Manager, Rebecca ensures the closing team is on top of their training and knowledgeable of any changes to industry, and offers moral support and guidance as needed.

An industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, Rebecca got her start in title through her husband’s grandmother- a successful realtor in Highlands Ranch. Upon moving to Longmont, she put Rebecca in touch with Susie Kurtz and, “The rest is history.”

Hard working and compassionate, Rebecca loves meeting new people as part of her job and helping them realize their dreams of owning a new home. She is honored to work with such a fun and talented group of people and to represent the Fidelity brand. Her tireless dedication to her clients and ability to facilitate smooth closings has resulted in many awards and accomplishments. Most recently, Rebecca was recognized for being #5 in the FNTC 2016 Million Dollar Club.

Originally from Southern California, Rebecca moved to Colorado for school. She attended Colorado State University, where she studied Environmental Science.
Aug 31, 2020
I appreciate and value all the work that Rebecca Ringman and Tara cone do to make sure all my closings are smooth and without any glitches. They are amazing and a pleasure to work with.
Aug 24, 2020
I have worked with Rebecca Ringman on multiple transactions. She and Tara always deliver.
Aug 24, 2020
Rebecca Ringman and her team just do not let up!! No matter what is on their schedule or to do list, they are always ready to help in any way they can. Changing schedules, dealing with new and differant lenders and pay off depatements and even putting together a closing in Arizona the week before, nothing slows them down or trips them up. Maost of all, when they are at the clsoing table, it is like your client is the only one they are working with and take whatever amount of time need to make sure they are comfortable with the docuemnts that they a signing.
I cannot think of another Title Company or closer that I would trust my clients business with.
Thank you!! Dennis Culver W K Real Estate
Aug 17, 2020
Rebecca and her team make me feel they are part of my team. It is seamless to my clients and they are always complementary about the high level of service and professionalism the Fidelity brings to the transaction. Always a trusted source of how to get things dine. Thank you!!
Aug 10, 2020
Rebecca and Tara are the best! They can navigate closings if any problems arise and are always professional and patients and thorough. I would highly recommend them!
Aug 3, 2020
i often use and recommend Fidelity National Title. They are knowledgeable, reliable and are a solid / reputable title company. Larissa Zach works hard and is very communicative :) They have all done an outstanding job putting safety first during the current COVID-19 health crisis.
Aug 3, 2020
Everything went smoothly, as usual! Rebecca and Tara always do a great job. Rachel helped on this one too!
Thank you!
Jul 14, 2020
I have done all my closing with Fidelity since 2003.
I have nothing but an amazing experience with every single closing.
I highly recommend them to all my colleagues. Thank you, Tara Cone and Rebecca Ringman for making my clients feel so comfortable at closings.
Firuzeh Saidi
Jul 14, 2020
Rebecca (and Tara) did an outstanding, seamless, so incredibly efficient job. I would highly recommend them.
Jul 12, 2020
Larissa Zach and team = rock stars!!!
Jul 9, 2020
Rebecca Ringman and her tem are truley the backbone and face of fideity Title! The backbone because they work tirelessly late into the evening or even over the weekends to make sure our clients need are meet and they do it all with a smile. That takes me to the Face of Fidelity part, always smiling, always happy to help, never showing a blink of frustration when yet another Home Buyer asks what their amortization schedual is!! I would not be as successful without Rebecca and her team of professionals!
Thank you, Dennis Culver, W K Real Estate
Jun 20, 2020
Rebecca always gets the job done efficiently, professionally and with a smile.
Jun 19, 2020
My client was very particular and Rebecca was patient and able to accommodate many special requests.
Jun 18, 2020
Rebecca Ringman and Tara Cone are the best!! Michael Rebich, Broker Associate, ReMax of Boulder, Inc.
Jun 10, 2020
This transaction was a little unusual - some extra steps were needed to get to closing, but Rebecca and Tara made everything work! (as usual!) Much appreciated!!
May 14, 2020
Great job as always!
Feb 6, 2020
Rebecca Ringman is a seasoned and highly professional Escrow Officer and closer for Fidelity National Title here in Boulder, Colorado. I use her exclusively for all of my transactions and she is knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Our closing experiences are exemplary time after time. Jeff Erickson LIV Sotheby's Int'l Realty
Nov 10, 2019
Rebecca and Tara are very organized, responsive, accurate, professional and pleasant. They helped placate a onry seller. I highly recommend them!
Nov 7, 2019
Rebecca and her team were outstanding with this file. The property had 2 different contracts on it and that can cause confussion, but this team kept everything going on time and professional. Even when I had a question come up from my client, Rebecca was on it right away and resolved the issue. My customer service depend on the service I get from Fidelity and we both won on the transaction! Thank you Rebecca and Tara!!
Nov 7, 2019
I have had the privilege of Rebecca's services for about 30 years. She is THE best. She is always upbeat and laughs easily. She puts everyone at ease. I will miss her, due to retirement.
Nov 4, 2019
Rebecca went out of her way to accommodate both buyers who could not sign at the same time. We had a last minute signing that needed to be changed and she made herself available that day. She is always extremely professional and patient and pleasant to work with!
Oct 24, 2019
Rebecca has wonderful presence and skill at the table. Thanks.
Sep 20, 2019
Rebecca Ringmann is pleasant, competent, accommodating and has always served me well over the years.
Sep 19, 2019
Rebecca Ringman and her team saved the day...AGAIN!! I had a listing to close with Rebecca and it was tied to 2 other transactions, like many. This one took a turn for the worse as the Lender for the Buyer on transaction 1, said they could not close on Wednesday as set up, but could close Friday. You can imangine the panic all the buyers and sellers went through. As the dust settled, everything could work if all three closings with 3 diffenent title companies, were moved to their Longmont offices and at very specific times. Rebecca not only rearranged her schedual, but said she would do the Longmont closing herself. Then she went out of her way communicating the best way for the funds to be delivered form each of the closings to the next. Rebecca played a HUGE role in calming everyone's panic and facilitating 3 successful closings. THANK YOU!!
Sep 11, 2019
OMG!! One of the worst possible transactions that a Broker can be involved with is a "For Sale By Owner"! That was the case with this transaction! However, I was able to get the Seller to use Fidelity for the title work and closing services, so my concern lighten a little. The real benifit of useing Rebecca and her team came as the file progressed through the process and the way that her team addresses the many questions and concerns of not just my Buyer, but the Seller as well, without an agent to help him understnd what, why and when things were happening. Yes I helped some, but I was limited based on my agreement to treat him as a "Customer", and I felt confident in just telling him to call Rececca ro Tara. The closing was a record breaker as Buyer, Seller and Banker were all blown away with the Compitance and Professionalism of the process and Rebecca's way of presenting the documents. THANK YOU!!

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