Brande Reader

Escrow Officer Fidelity National Title Colorado
Aug 17, 2020
Brande did a fantastic job. Her communication was wonderful. Quick and efficient closing.
Aug 3, 2020
Brande Reader was quick to respond easy to work with and very efficient.
Jul 21, 2020
Brande is very organized and detailed and has done a terrific job each time I have had a need for a closing on any of my real estate transactions. I would highly recommend her!!
Jul 6, 2020
Brande Reader was quick efficient and professional, our closing went very smoothly, I'm working with them again.
Jun 24, 2020
Brande Reader is the best...
May 27, 2020
Brande went above board to get proceeds check and commission check very quickly for me and my clients. She always exceeds the typical expectations. You have a real gem with her.
Feb 1, 2020
Closer did a wonderful job.
Jan 16, 2020
Brande Reader is a highly literate escrow officer in the title transaction business and with a pleasant personality, she can turn skeptics to believers at ease. She also has a natural ability to care and humanly relate to people from all walks of life.
Dec 3, 2019
Brande Reader is exceptional. I followed her from her last employer to Fidelity because she is second to none. She has gone above and beyond to make sure that my clients transactions close. I have very fondly nicknamed her ´┐ŻBulldog Brande´┐Ż. She doesn't quit until we are satisfied. She does what she commits to do and always has a smile on her face. She also puts up with my wacky sense of humor!
Nov 19, 2019
Thank you to Brande Reader for such an exceptional transaction! You made the whole process so enjoyable, Thank You!
Nov 14, 2019
Brande Reader is the most patient and helpful Escrow Officer ever! This closing took an extra week due to the lender and Brande was on top of everything, explaining items/issues to the other agent/lender. She was instrumental in getting this deal closed. Thank you Brande!!!
Nov 6, 2019
I absolutely Love working with Brande Reader! She is very knowledgeable, is always on top of her game, friendly, and even came in on a snow day when the rest of Denver was closed to make sure a closing happened!
Oct 16, 2019
Brande Reader is an excellent closing officer. Her knowledge, professionalism, and pleasant personality really help people involved in the transaction accomplish their goals and objectives at ease.
Oct 4, 2019
It was a great pleasure to work with Brande Reader, she went the extra mile to accomplish our closing on time, thanks so much for your help Brande
Oct 1, 2019
Best. Closing Team. Ever.
Sep 5, 2019
Brande is the best closing I have had in the 23 years of real estate. She is pleasant to deal with and is always spot on with her docs.
Jun 1, 2019
Brande is amazing and always on top of everything. With numbers coming in VERY late from the lender, she worked promptly to be sure our sellers could close as scheduled- even at the end of the month when things are very hectic. Highly recommend Brande!!
May 17, 2019
Always prompt, never a problem with any facet of a deal. Covers for me when I screw up.
May 1, 2019
Brande was always quick to respond to everyones questions and concerns. Conducted the closing in a very professional manner.
Apr 13, 2019
Brande has a pleasant personality, can relate to people at ease, knowledgeable officer, very capable of sensitizing people to the complexity of a transaction, turning skeptics to believers!
Apr 13, 2019
Love both Bonnie and Brande. They are professional a nd friendly to everyone.
Mar 25, 2019
Brandi is very responsive to all my needs. I don't have to wait for responses. Very pleasant and knowledgeable! Great Closer
Mar 1, 2019
I will write Brande a review every time she closes for me! SHE IS INCREDIBLE! She ALWAYS goes above and beyond and I seem to always task her with some challenging files. This one was no different and yet even when I called her 20 minutes before closing to make her aware of our latest drama with this file and she is always so pleasant and willing to do anything to help! I don't ever want to have to do this job without her on my side!!!
Jan 22, 2019
Once again I had an out of state seller. Also, needed a POA to be completed by out of state seller. Brande ALWAYS takes my problems in so kindly with my, sometimes difficult, sellers. Could not ask for any better service!!
Jan 5, 2019
Brande is always professional and thorough in her presentation of documents. She is also light hearted and personable making a closing enjoyable for all parties.

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