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Recommendations (608)

Apr 1, 2021

Marissa Smith recommends Jackie Frese

Jackie and team are the best! So lucky to work with people who are on the ball and I never need to worry. Always making my job easier. Grateful!
Mar 31, 2021

Marnia Lopatiouk recommends Cindy Felton

I worked with Cindy Felton and I am very happy with how fast and smooth the whole transaction was. Cindy is very professional and always on time.
Mar 31, 2021

Bahman Noori recommends Jackie Frese

Excellent Job.
Mar 16, 2021

Laarni Sanchez recommends Cindy Felton

This is my first time working with Cindy Felton and she's great. Always replying to my questions promptly and answering my phone calls. It was a smooth transaction and I appreciate her.
Feb 27, 2021

Jeanie Hess recommends Jackie Frese

Jackie and her team are fantastic. They get right back to you and answer buyers or sellers questions promptly.
Feb 24, 2021

Tom Hart recommends Cindy Felton

Cindy Felton & Kristen Miller make an excellent Escrow Officer & Title Rep team!
Feb 20, 2021

Lori Fernald recommends Cindy Felton

Cindy Felton is wonderful to work with! Very responsive and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure to work with her!
Feb 19, 2021

Robin Dickson recommends Donna Miller

What can I say? If calm, knowledgeable, friendly, and detail-oriented is what you want in an Escrow Officer, Donna Miller and Chanel Waters can't be beaten! As always, I was kept informed, my clients were comfortable and we closed on time!
Feb 17, 2021

Tess Pollitz recommends Jackie Frese

Jackie Frese and her team at Fidelity National Title always exceed my expectations and deliver great service! Thank you for all your hard work.
Feb 10, 2021

Bradley Morris recommends Jackie Frese

Jackie Frese and her team did a great job with our escrow. They stayed on top of everything and we closed in 17 days during the busiest time in recent memory. I appreciate their constant communication and quick responses to all of our questions and concerns.
Feb 2, 2021

Peter Gillis recommends Donna Miller

Donna and Chanel are very professional and knowledgeable, I highly recommend them and look forward to our next escrow together.
Peter Gillis
Jan 23, 2021

Jason Zaitz recommends Donna Miller

Donna and Chanel are the best!
Jan 12, 2021

Preston Howard recommends Donna Miller

Ms. Donna Miller and Ms. Chantel Waters took care of business. PERIOD!!
Jan 6, 2021

Robin Dickson recommends Donna Miller

Donna Miller and her team are trusted veterans. They are professional, responsive and thorough. Donna is my "go-to" Escrow Officer if given a choice. I appreciate how she "works the problem" if there is one and never becomes frustrated or stressed. This is tremendously beneficial in keeping any transaction on an "even keel".
Jan 6, 2021

Kelly McCormick recommends Donna Miller

Donna and Chanel did a great job--thanks!
Hope the family is doing great, Fred!
Cheers--Kelly McCormick
Jan 5, 2021

Janice Dalton recommends Jackie Frese

I always appreciate working with Jackie Frese in the Danville office. She is extremely efficient and pleasant. I can count of her to take care of issues that arise immediately and with the appropriate remedy. She performs on time and accurately. I confidently count of her to handle my transactions. Janice Dalton, Broker, Dudum Real Estate Group
Dec 24, 2020

Jim Walberg recommends Jackie Frese

Jackie Frese and her team led by Cicely Rodriguez are at the top of their game in the world of title and escrow. We could not be more satisfied with client services that Jackie and her team deliver.
Dec 17, 2020

Greg Jackson recommends Donna Miller

Donna Miller, Chanel Waters and Kristen Miller are the perfect team to shepherd my client transactions from pre-sale escrow through closing. I cannot remember a time where there were any hiccups not caused by agents or clients. I have complete faith and confidence in our Fidelity Team and that´┐Żs the reason why I only use The Donna Miller Team at Fidelity! They ROCK!
Dec 2, 2020

William Finnegan recommends Jackie Frese

Great job closing the transaction in a timely manner.
Nov 25, 2020

Jill Uda recommends Donna Miller

Diane Miller and team were very professional and knowledgeable. Diane was transparent about a possible delay at the Alameda County recorders office. Diane and Chanel quick to respond to emails and calls. Excellent team!
Nov 15, 2020

Blaise Lofland recommends Donna Miller

Donna Miller is the most professional thorough & positive escrow officer that I have worked with in my 35 years in the business! Her partner Chanel is excellent too!
Nov 9, 2020

Deb Barry recommends Rosie Sipes

Escrow Officer

Rosie is wonderful and is constantly providing current information to share with my clients. She is always available and open to suggestions on how to support my desk and she bring value to my customers. Her positive attitude and understanding of our industry is very much appreciated.
Nov 9, 2020

Deb Barry recommends Tom Lucini

Escrow Officer

I feel so very lucky to have Tom as my Assistant County Manger. He is dependable and trustworthy. To work for a company with such a great management team, allows me to focus on what I need to get done each day, knowing I am supported in my position. I love that Tom is always willing to get involved when needed and is very proactive.
Nov 9, 2020

Shelley Despotakis recommends Tom Lucini

AVP Sales Executive

Tom is one of the most dependable, loyal, experienced and happy people that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If you need an opinion, advice, suggestion or help... one call to Tom and the problem is solved. I challenge you to find anyone in the industry who has ever worked with Tom, to say anything different! He is a one-in-a-million person!
Nov 9, 2020

Shelley Despotakis recommends Rosie Sipes

AVP Sales Executive

Kind, smart, dedicated and flexible are the words that come to mind when I describe Rosie. Rosie is dedicated to her Sales Team and will do whatever she can to help us be successful. She has an open ear and makes herself available. Rosie's positive outlook on life allows her to navigate stressful situations and come out the other side as a winner. I feel very lucky to have Rosie as my Sales Manager - any Sales Executive would!

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