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Recommendations (1290)

Sep 7, 2019

Jeffrey Carter recommends Donna Miller

Donna Miller was fabulous to work with! Being the listing agent in the transaction I always like to be informed and in the loop- she did that and more! Donna is a superstar!
Sep 5, 2019

Mark Wyman recommends Varsen Assorian

Varsen is top notch, she stays current and keeps us all on track. My clients are always satisfied with her work. I have never been disappointed. Mark Wyman Broker/Owner Bayside Real Estate
Sep 5, 2019

Anne Ephraim recommends Elizabeth J. Stoops

Principal Technical Staff at Oracle

Elizabeth did a wonderful job as title and escrow officer. There were some complications with the title that needed to be sorted out and she made sure that they were taken care of quickly and efficiently. She communicated excellently with my Loan Officer, Realtor and myself and made sure everyone was informed and up to date. She was always available to answer questions expertly and precisely and was in all ways friendly, courteous and helpful. I certainly plan on using her as an escrow officer again for future transactions on my new home and would definitely recommend Fidelity to anyone based on them having employees of her caliber working there.
Sep 4, 2019

TJ Dhindsa recommends Tracy de Jong

Tracy DeJong has been my number one choice for a very long time. And she will remain so, always, for no one can come close to her. Her response is always instantaneous. In fact she always remains ahead of everything!
Sep 3, 2019

George Stephens recommends Laura McMahon

Laura did a great job and delivered on everything she promised. Thank you.
Sep 2, 2019

Gowda Family recommends Tracy de Jong


Tracy was very professional and on spot with any questions we had thru' out our escrow process
She worked with my lender to get my keys on time as planned
Kudos to her and her team!
Aug 30, 2019

Gary Rost recommends Tracy de Jong

Real Estate Broker

Tracy, and her team provide excellent, and professional Escrow Services. They are quick to respond, and handle even the most elaborate situations in a timely, and professional manner. I would highly recommend her for all of your title, and escrow needs!
Aug 27, 2019

Christina Uribe recommends Tracy de Jong


I would recommend Tracy and her group who were pleasant to work with. They were responsive and very knowledgeable of the process.
Aug 26, 2019

Stacey Huang recommends Tracy de Jong

Loan Agent

This is my first time working with Tracy and she is delightful to work with. She is very response and helpful. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Aug 26, 2019

Prashant Gnagidi recommends Tracy de Jong

Sr. program manager at Apple

Tracy was very co-operative and efficient in ensuring the timely closing of our first home. She was communicating with us on a timely manner regarding all the details involved in escrow closing, loan docs, insurance docs etc. Home closing could be very stressful especially on a tight deadline and Tracy did a great job in ensuring that we closed the home on time. I highly recommend her services.
Aug 23, 2019

Bita Salamat recommends Brian Dattilo

Brian and Chris are absolutely amazing and it's always a pleasure working with them!
Aug 23, 2019

Bahman Noori recommends Jackie Frese

Jackie is fantastic to work with!
Aug 22, 2019

Melody Royal recommends Sylvia Alvarez

Sylvia signed my clients not once but twice and she explained everything to them completely so they understood. She was a pleasure to work with
Aug 21, 2019

Roland D. Zoller & Madeline W Williams-Zoller recommend Tracy de Jong

General Contractor & Office Manager

Tracy executed for us a most unusual, unique, and A-Typical lot split sale/purchase you could ever imagine; 22 months from start to finish. In short, she demonstrated a high level of calm perseverance throughout this maddening and protracted escrow. She was, in my opinion, disrespected by Chase Bank yet never faltered.... not once. She was very professional in all her interactions with us (the buyers) and with our next door neighbor (the seller). I credit her for assisting me to retain my sanity. Our Keller Williams realtor, Jerry Reynolds, is correct..... Tracy excels at what she does best! (Please give her a raise. She earned it. ) Madeline
Aug 21, 2019

Kelly Wall recommends Elizabeth J. Stoops

best escrow officer EVER
Aug 21, 2019

Max recommends Tracy de Jong

de Vries

Even though it was the buyer's choice to use Tracy de Jong ( I represented the seller) Not once did she not respond quickly to enquiries by email or phone, She also really had our back when things got lets's just say complicated at the end of the transaction. we closed without any hiccup because of you. Thank you. Job well done.
Aug 20, 2019

Trina Sanders recommends Malou Gallardo

I was very pleased. I am looking forward to working with Fidelity again. The Escrow Officer was great, very professional. I loved my experience.
Aug 20, 2019

Maitrik Patel recommends Tracy de Jong


Tracy was the escrow officer for our home closing. Her responses were quick and she answered our questions patiently. She arranged for an after-hours mobile notary for us to sign our closing documents which meant we didn’t have to take time off work or make the long trip to Fremont from San Mateo in rush hour traffic. We really appreciated the convenience this provided us. And while signed our papers, Tracy was available on-call to resolve any last minute things that came up. Tracy is a very reliable person who makes sure you are not stressed with the details of closing your home.
Aug 19, 2019

Kelly Wall recommends Elizabeth J. Stoops

best escrow officer/team EVER
Aug 16, 2019

Sue Gamble recommends Tracy de Jong

I very much enjoy working with all of the persons at Fidelity Title I have been in the business for many years and have been using Fidelity for many years. I recommend all I can to use them. My escrow offiers is Tracy and is a #10 plus. sue gamble cooper & gamble Real Estate 8-16-19
Aug 14, 2019

Yvonne Elkins recommends Varsen Assorian

It is a pleasure to work with Varsen Assorian and her team, they are truly all professionals and know their stuff! Thanks again Varsen looking forward to working with you on the next one.
Aug 14, 2019

Lillian Silva recommends Varsen Assorian

Varsen Assorian is an excellent escrow officer. She is thorough, professional and efficient. She replies quickly to your emails and questions. I would highly recommend Varsen for your next escrow!
Aug 9, 2019

Alan Tsui recommends Tracy de Jong


Tracy is very responsive to the request. She is detailed and well organized. She guides the escrow closes on time.
Aug 7, 2019

Joshua Wilson recommends Debbie Heiden

Debbie Heiden is the center of Fidelity National title Universe Without her the world stops rotating
Aug 6, 2019

Chris Oliver recommends Jennifer Glick

Both Jenny and Susan were terrific with this sometimes frustrating and stressful transaction. Can't thank them enough for their assistance and communication.

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