Susan Steele

Escrow Officer Fidelity National Title Eugene
Susan Steele has been in the title and escrow industry, serving in Lane County for the past 22 years. She’s been with Fidelity National Title since 2002, and brings a high level of knowledge and expertise to residential resale, short sale, new construction and refinance transactions. Susan joined the industry shortly after closing on her first home, “intrigued and determined to learn more about the process” she had just experienced.

Susan values the loyalty of her clients and loves meeting people face to face at signings, knowing that the community is growing stronger because of the contributions of a healthy real estate market. She continually strives to provide a professional and exciting closing experience for you and your clients.
Oct 10, 2019
Susan Steele was outstanding during our entire transaction. She managed to keep me in the loop and answer any questions I had. Susan helped us close a week early and had all of the paperwork done in a very timely matter. It was a pleasure to work with her!
Sep 11, 2019
Susan was wonderful to work for. She was very accommodating through out the transaction
Aug 23, 2019
Susan Steele and her team went above and beyond on a transaction that was looking pretty grim at one point. She kept everyone cool and informed and gave us all exceptional service. She stayed on top of things until the end and worked hard getting two back to back transactions to record on the same day, which were both at different title co's. Exceptional service !! Great job !!
Aug 21, 2019
Fidelity along with Susan Steele and her assistant Lori Painter continues to provide out of the park good service. I would recommend anyone seeking professional service to use Fidelity along with Susan and Lori.
Jun 30, 2019
Always top notch
May 9, 2019
Susan was on the spot in keeping me informed during the transactions. Susan also made the clients very comfortable and allowed time for questions.
Feb 2, 2019
I really enjoy working with Susan Steele. She is always a pleasure! Not only is she extremely professional, she has a deep knowledge of our industry, communicates well, and is always personable and real with me and my clients. I never walk away from a closing wishing for something more. I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for a great escrow and closing experience!
Jan 31, 2019
Susan was very understanding and easy to talk to about difficult situation. Glad she was able to help with sensitive situation.
Dec 10, 2018
Susan is always incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. She makes my clients feel so comfortable during the process of signing their documents. It really is a fun and memorable experience for them.
Dec 3, 2018
Susan took the time to explain everything to our buyer, who was a first-time buyer. We appreciated the time and patience, Susan is a true professional. Susan and Lori took great care of our client, we felt informed and well taken care of. They were flexible in signing although it was the last day of the month and I know they were very busy, and they made sure our clients felt good about their new home purchase. 5 out of 5 stars!
Nov 13, 2018
The final few steps in a stressful time for buyers and sellers, numerous unknowns in a buying process it is a relief to have a calm, knowledgeable and cheerful escrow officer to take charge. Thank You Susan Steel and Wanda Carter.
Sep 28, 2018
I have worked with Susan Steele for years. There is never an issue she can't handle. She is like sunshine: warm, wonderful and bright. Always nice to see her!
Aug 20, 2018
I will always highly recommend Susan Steele! She always exudes a positive attitude & charm, and conducts business with very high professional and ethical standards of which I greatly appreciate and admire. My clients feel comfort and education when they have a transaction with Susan, which is so very important to me. She is always courteous, and always goes above and beyond to make sure we are all very satisfied in the end! Thank you!
Jul 5, 2018
Susan completes real estate escrow transactions with ease! Her high standards of communication and professionalism allow her to determine our transaction requirements, how to clear titles and assemble, prepare, and review closing documents and when/how to disburse funds. She executes all this in an extremely timely fashion utilizing excellent time management skills. She begins each transaction determining escrow requirements by studying and clarifying buyer, seller, and lender and realtor instructions, and always meets everyone's needs. Susan is a problem solver and always works with an extremely high degree of integrity, professionalism and speed. Above all, she is kind and cares for everyone she serves. It is easy for me to recommend Susan Steele to anyone looking for a fabulous escrow officer and smooth closing! Bess Blacquiere Equinox Real Estate
Jun 29, 2018
Susan Steele is a wonderful escrow officer! She knows her job well and goes above and beyond for me and my clients. Always making people feel that her day has been made better for our interaction. If it were always up to me, I wouldn't use anyone else. Thank you Susan for being wonderful! Merrill Moore Equinox Real Estate
Jun 12, 2018
The officers I work with at Fidelity are a very customer service oriented staff. There is no egotistical or professional arrogance in the culture of the workplace at Fidelity which can be off putting at other escrow offices in the area. I so appreciate that clients are met at the level of understanding they have and are not intimidated by what can be an overwhelming amount of paperwork because of the manner in which the escrow office handles the process. I�m a fan
Apr 12, 2018
Susan is very compassionate. This transaction was a delicate situation and she handled it with care and ease.
Oct 18, 2017
From my own experience and from everything I have heard from a Title insurance friend as well, Susan Steele is the best in the business. Thank you, Susan.
Oct 17, 2017
Susan Steele recently did the closing on our new home. She was very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and went out of her way to help. I highly recommend her services and will definitely have her do any future transactions.
Aug 9, 2017
Susan always does a great job with communicating, getting things done timely and doing things right.
Jul 19, 2017
Broker in Charge and Client
Honest, helpful, caring, professional, on the ball, easy to communicate with,... well there may be many more words to describe Susan Steele - but these are the ones right on the top of my mind. Susan helped close a personal transaction as my husband and I are relocating to Eugene - and having worked closely with escrow companies for over 20 years it's still nice to be surprised by the one person who takes a personal interest in us, the clients. Great job Susan Steele - thank you for getting the work done without a glitch.
Jun 30, 2016
Principal Broker
We just went through a particularly difficult transaction with a tenant purchasing the rental that they were living in. Susan did the problem solving and hand holding that was needed in order to get this closed ... and she did this all with a smile!

I highly recommend Susan, she does a great job!
Jan 19, 2016
Real Estate Broker/Hybrid Real Estate
Susan has been absolutely wonderful in each and every transaction I have worked with her on.

She is very gracious with the clients and the Realtors as well. Susan makes the closing process feel comfortable, at a time that might be a little stressful for new buyers. She is very patient and explains everything completely. She also seemed to have a solution for everything that could come up in a challenging transaction. She really makes it feel like she is part of the Realtor's Team!

I would highly recommend Susan for your next closing at Fidelity National Title in Eugene!

DeAnna Jones
Hybrid Real Estate
Jan 14, 2016
Broker, Executive Assistant to Stephanie Coats
I am a licensed real estate assistant at Keller Williams Realty in Eugene, and my husband and I chose to work with Susan Steele for our personal transaction - the purchase of our first home. She did an excellent job keeping on top of the file and updating us throughout the process. She is a fantastic escrow officer and I highly recommend her.
Jan 12, 2016
Real Estate Broker
Susan is the best to work with. She is on top of everything and is easy to communicate with. She lets you know what is happening every step of the way which then makes me look good when I relay information to clients. That is why I use Susan every chance I get and also why I buy my own homes through her.

She is Awesome!

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