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Recommendations (173)

Feb 24, 2020

Felicia Costa recommends Tiffany Land

Real Estate Agent

Tiffany is amazing at her job! She's fast and responsive and always on top of things. I feel like she is advocating for me and my clients. Thank you, Tiffany, for all your hard work!
Feb 18, 2020

Christy Mast recommends Tiffany Land


Tiffany is my go to escrow agent! She is always reliable and responsive, I recommend her to anyone looking for quality service!
Feb 7, 2020

Annalise von Borstel recommends Tiffany Land


I love working with Tiffany. She's responsive and professional. Five stars all the way!
Jan 21, 2020

Sara Prendergast recommends Tiffany Land


Tiffany Land is a fantastic escrow officer! I would recommend her to any client or fellow Realtor who need to open up an escrow. She is always quick to respond to a questions or concern and provides great customer service. She definitely goes the extra mile for her clients.
Oct 3, 2019

Steve Miner recommends Danielle Zimmerman

Danielle came to my office yesterday and spent a couple hours of her time to help me! I really appreciate her time and the process she used to get acquainted with me. I feel like I have another partner in my business that will definitely be an asset! Thank you so much Danielle. You rock! 5 star service!
Sep 27, 2019

Joseph Gregory Steelesmith recommends Danielle Zimmerman

Realtor Associate

Danielle has been very helpful getting my accounts in order as well as assisting with online tools like Title Toolbox and Breakthrough Broker. I highly recommend her for new agents looking to get organized fast.
Aug 8, 2019

Michelle Rowland recommends Danielle Zimmerman

MikkiMoves Real Estate Broker Manager

Danielle is an upbeat, helpful, kind, caring person. She truly cares about my team and my clients and really wants to do all she can to better the real estate community. She always has valuable tools and information and is a pleasure to be around. She is extremely involved in our association and community. Thank you for being so dedicated and genuine Danielle!
Aug 8, 2019

Michelle Rowland recommends Pat Grace

MikkiMoves Real Estate

Pat is super responsive and knowledgeable about all things title! Whenever I have a request, he literally gets it to me instantly. He answers any questions that myself or my clients have and make us feel at ease. Plus he is a wonderful human in general. Thank you for all you do Pat!
Aug 8, 2019

Michelle Rowland recommends Danielle Simon

Broker Manager MikkiMoves Real Estate

Danielle is always available and ready to step in and assist with any situation! She is extremely versatile and knowledgeable. I always know that Danielle will get everything needed accomplished quickly and correctly. I so appreciate all that she has done for my clients and my team at MikkiMoves!
Aug 8, 2019

Michelle Rowland recommends Patty Nicholas

MikkiMoves Real Estate Broker Manager

Patty is an amazing human and escrow officer! She is always on top of her game and the one I seem to call the most when I have random, strange escrow questions or situations ;) I truly feel that she handles even the most difficult situations with efficiency and compassion. We are currently navigating a multi closing escrow together and she is handling all of the many details beautifully. I cannot express enough my gratitude for all this woman and her team do for my clients. Thank you for being a rockstar Patty!
Aug 8, 2019

Michelle Rowland recommends Nikki Slater

Broker Manager MikkiMoves Real Estate

Nikki has helped me both personally and professionally so very much! She is intuitive, intelligent, creative and extremely skilled in her field. She has given me advice and ideas to help situations that I would not have thought of without her help. Nikki thank you, and your team (Alina rocks too!) for all you do for my clients and I, I cannot thank you enough!
Aug 8, 2019

Michelle Rowland recommends Tiffany Land

Broker Manager MikkiMoves Real Estate

Tiffany is amazing, she always has a positive attitude. She recently closed an escrow for us in 5 days! And has been helping me with a probate escrow currently, staying on top of every detail. She is proactive, kind and patient. I greatly appreciate her and her team!
Jul 25, 2019

Milton Anderson recommends Tiffany Land


Hey Tiffany,
I wanted to personally thank you for all the help you have given me, you have been a very useful resource and a pleasure to work with.
Jul 3, 2019

Nathaniel recommends Tiffany Land


she is one of my favorite escrow officers, not just because she treats everyone like family but because she explains everything very well and my customers end up walking out of there confident and happy.

Thank you for going above and beyond with all my customers.
Jun 25, 2019

Stuart Shayne recommends Tiffany Land


I was very pleased with the work that Tiffany did on this escrow. She started out very responsive and as it progressed answered all my questions. When it came to the final paperwork I was was very pleased with the way that was handled. I would recommend Tiffany to any person who is interested in opening an escrow.
Stuart Shayne, Broker
People's Real Estate of Humboldt
Jun 25, 2019

Andrew Fowlkes recommends Tiffany Land

New owner

Tiffany Land was an amazing help with my situation! She was prompt, patient, and made the process easy to understand.
Jun 21, 2019

Martin Swett recommends Tiffany Land

Loan Originator

Tiffany is a true professional. She is always friendly, quick to respond and always does what she says she will do. Any time she the escrow officer on one of my escrows, I know that end of it is covered. She's one of the best in the business!
Jun 17, 2019

Brittany Wahlund recommends Tiffany Land

Real Estate Agent

Tiffany is my go-to gal! She’s so responsive and professional and I thoroughly enjoy working with her!
Jun 17, 2019

Daniel Hafer recommends Tiffany Land

Tiffany provided excellent service during our recent purchase of a house in Eureka.
She returned phone calls in a timely manner and responded to emails promptly. It was challenging buying a house long-distance (from 670 miles away) but Tiffany helped the escrow process go smoothly.
Jun 17, 2019

Allen Simon recommends Tiffany Land


I highly recommend Tiffany Land from Fidelity National Title Eureka for a escrow officer. We used her for our last land sale and at every point of the way she was helpful and courteous. She would get back to us in a timely manner and always gave me what I requested. She is definitely a great choice when it comes to using an escrow officer. Allen Simon
Jun 17, 2019

Steve Preston recommends Tiffany Land

Residential Buyer

Tiffany Land was always very prompt and responsive to our requests during our 2 escrows on the same property (long story: permitting issues the seller had to clear up). When my husband and I had questions about escrow, she explained things clearly. She is the ultimate professional!
Jun 17, 2019

Barbie Turnbaugh recommends Tiffany Land

Mortgage Loan Officer

Tiffany did an excellent job on our last transaction. She had a sense of urgency to complete everything on time. Her communication was top notch which helped to keep us up to date so that the loan and escrow could close on time. I would definitely recommend her for your next escrow transaction.
Jun 17, 2019

Jennifer Fraser recommends Tiffany Land

Licensed Loan Processor Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp

Tiffany is resourceful, knowledgeable, accommodating and friendly. I am always excited when she is our escrow officer because I know our borrowers will have a great experience. Thank You Tiffany for being so great at what you do!
Jun 17, 2019

Bert Colbert recommends Tiffany Land

Home Mortgage Consultant

Tiffany provides excellent service! She returns phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Tiffany always has a great attitude and takes time to make each experience personal.
Jun 17, 2019

Amber Amaro recommends Tiffany Land

Chase Funder

Tiffany was an honor to work with. She helped me a lot and kept a wonderful attitude. She is an asset to have.

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