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Recommendations (71)

2 days ago

Shelley Gurney recommends Bobby Majors

Sales Executive

Thank you Bobby for sharing your ideas, strategies and best practices at our Mastermind Symposium.
Your level of professionalism is a true asset to the FNTG family!
3 days ago

Ashley Duran recommends Bobby Majors

Director of Strategic Initiatives

I had the honor of being in a Sales Manager Mastermind with some of the top Sales Manager’s in the country. I was so impressed with Bobby’s knowledge, innovative thinking and his willingness to share best practices with his peers. Thank you Bobby for your insight. I look forward to continuing to learn from brilliant leaders like you!
Sep 16, 2019

Sue Reagan recommends Bobby Majors

VP of Sales

After spending a few days with Bobby at a Mastermind symposium I had the honor of getting to know him professionally. His knowledge of the industry and cutting edge ideas for our future is very impressive. His team at Fidelity Title represent the best our industry has to offer. I'm proud to have him as part of our FNTG Family.
Sep 16, 2019

Anonymous recommends Bobby Majors

"I was lucky to spend a few days last week with over 800 million dollars of value in one with some of my amazing peers in our FNTG family. Bobby was one of those in attendance and I was very impressed with not only his professionalism, but his passion and knowledge! When you surround yourself with people that have the same mindset as you amazing things can happen. It’s all about engaging with people who understand what it is you want to learn and accomplish, and that push you to do better and be better. This is why I highly recommend reaching out and see how he can help you succeed"
Sep 16, 2019

Rocky Dixon recommends Bobby Majors

Sales Manager/AVP

Bobby always has a smile on his face and is a huge asset to his sales team with his extensive knowledge in the Real Estate space. He is reliable, knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, capable, and sensitive to the urgency of every situation. Congrat's Bobby on being such a great leader and always working to better yourself and others!
Sep 16, 2019

Brian Peitz recommends Bobby Majors

VP of Sales and Marketing

Bobby is a respected leader in his industry and is a true asset to anyone who works with him. Bobby is well versed in all aspects of the Real Estate industry and can be a great resource for his clients.
Sep 16, 2019

Kelly Fontes-Hyde recommends Bobby Majors

VP/Regional Sales Manager

Bobby is a dynamic Sales Manager. His ideas are forward thinking which makes him stand out. Great job Bobby!
Aug 5, 2019

Jessica Farley recommends Anna Farley


She’s a great mom! Love you! 😘
Apr 19, 2019

Melani Trelut recommends Darlene Van Hoose

Community Sales manager for D.R Horton

Darlene is truly the best! Her customer service and professionalism is top notch, she goes out of her way to help when we are in a time crunch. She not only helps put the buyers at ease in a stressful time but makes the closing process effortless. I highly recommend Darlene for all your escrow needs.
Apr 15, 2019

Michael Convey recommends Darlene Van Hoose

Loan Originator

Darlene is absolutely incredible. Hard working and motivated to get our loans closed. Her communication skills are above extraordinary and she is able to effectively get everyone on the same page in order to meet deadlines. We appreciate her services to our lending company, and could not be happier with the services that she has provided. Darlene continues to excel as an escrow officer and our buyers are always 100% satisfied and happy with their closings.
Apr 11, 2019

Edwin recommends Darlene Van Hoose


Darlene has always been awesome, very knowledgeable and always there to help. She always makes sure clients are taken care of. Very reliable and goes the extra mile, you will always get excellent customer service from her and her team. I would always highly recommend Darlene!
Apr 11, 2019

Edwin recommends Darlene Van Hoose


Darlene has always been awesome, very knowledgeable and always there to help. She always makes sure clients are taken care of. Very reliable and goes the extra mile, you will always get excellent customer service from her and her team. I would always highly recommend Darlene!
Apr 10, 2019

Jessica Luper recommends Darlene Van Hoose


Darlene is always my go to escrow officer. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, she is patient & kind. She always takes the time to answer my questions. She also has excellent communication. I can always rely on her to respond promptly. I love knowing my clients are in good hands with her. I highly recommend her!
Apr 10, 2019

Laura Magdaleno Parvanian recommends Darlene Van Hoose

Sales Manager, Realtor

I’ve worked with Darlene since early 2000, using her services in both new construction with builders and our resale division as well. She’s always professional, knowledgeable, helpful and great in consistently closing escrows on time. You won’t be disappointed with Darlene! I highly recommend her.
Apr 10, 2019

Jennifer recommends Darlene Van Hoose

Darlene is an AWESOME escrow officer! She is fantastic to work with and goes above and beyond to make her clients happy. Darlene is reliable, hard-working, and her attention to detail is unmatched! If you are looking for an escrow officer, I highly recommend Darlene Van Hoose.
Apr 5, 2019

Aram Melikian recommends Anna Farley

Real Estate Agent

Anna is my representative at Fidelity Title and does a phenomenal job! I am demanding, and Anna not only meets, but exceeds my expectations. Anything I need, she gets it done, very promptly and thoroughly. Anna takes care of me and I appreciate everything that she does to help keep my business running efficiently. Thank you Anna!!!
Apr 3, 2019

Amy Isellhomes Braun recommends Anna Farley


I would highly recommend Anna Farley and her escrow team. If you want 5 star customer service and someone that you know will go to bat for you, Anna is the one.
She has an exceptional escrow team that gets the job done properly and timely.
It has been a pleasure working with Anna and I intend to be a lifetime client.
Jan 22, 2019

Sabrina Hammon recommends Anna Farley


Anna Farley understands Real Estate and what we need as REALTORS®. She has the tools and expertise, and I truly appreciate her no-nonsense approach and her delightful personality. Thank you Anna. You're fabulous!
Jul 31, 2018

Jackie Hopelian recommends Jennifer Case

Real Estate Broker Associate

Jennifer has been our sales rep. for our office for a few years now. She always calls me right back, if she isn't available to answer the phone when I call. She is always ready to answer a question for find out information if I need it.
Jul 25, 2018

Sabrina Brown recommends Jennifer Case


Jennifer is a pleasure to work with, she is timely and efficient. When we have special requests she addresses them right away. She is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected. The service that is provided by Jennifer and Bruce Butler is the reason way I continue to use Fidelity National Title for all of my escrows.
Jul 18, 2018

Adriana Prado recommends Jennifer Case


Jennifer is very quick and responsive! She has a "get it done" mentality!
Jul 17, 2018

Linda East recommends Jennifer Case

President - Easet Financial Services

East Financial loves doing business with Fidelity National Title. They are responsive and easy to work with. Jennifer an always be counted on to assist in any area we may need and she always does it with a smile!
Jul 17, 2018

Kirk Psenner recommends Jennifer Case


Always there for you. A plus!
Jul 17, 2018

Mike Van Horst recommends Jennifer Case


Jennifer has always been there for me when I am in a bind with my farming. As a Realtor we often wait sometimes for days for a response from other agents, title reps etc. Jennifer always gets back to you within hours or always the same day! She is always willing to help solve any Title/Escrow issue that I might have. If she doesn't have the answer she gets back to very quickly with someone that can help. I highly recommend her whether your in a pinch or not.

Mike Van Horst / Fresno Modern RE
Jul 17, 2018

Eldon Daetweiler recommends Jennifer Case

Broker/Owner Fresno Modern Real Estate

We love Jennifer. If we need something in an annoyingly short amount of time she always goes out of her way to accommodate us. Especially when I know this is a busy market and we are not the only people relying on her, her attention and always upbeat response is most appreciated.

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