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Recommendations (3090)

3 days ago

Bonny Quackenbush recommends Kim Meidinger

Agent with Coldwell Banker Realty

Kim is very knowledgeable and always goes far beyond to service each and every escrow I've opened with her over the years (many, many years.) I highly recommend her. I truly believe you will have the same experience.
Apr 12, 2024

Pete Dawson recommends Kelly Parish

Sales Executive

So many great things to say about Kelly! She is a true professional that is always there to help our agents, clients and our escrow teams. Kelly is responsive, positive and encouraging. You can always find her involved in our Real Estate community which I love, at the end of the day we are all one team working together!
Apr 7, 2024

Hendrik Tan recommends Mary Medina

Been a Realtor for more than 33 years, it is a blessing to work with Mary and Dawn who is always on top of things and keeping me updated. Their services is excellent.
Apr 5, 2024

Terri Martinez recommends Debbie Shefke and Nicole Miller

Team Debbie and Nicole are the best escrow officers I have ever dealt with. I have used them most of my real estate career. There response time is excellent. They are always very courteous and knowledgeable about any transaction or questions I may have. I highly recommend them.
Apr 4, 2024

Desiree Hastey recommends Sheryl Gibson

Sheryl and Danielle went above and beyond to get this one closed. We had to switch lenders less than a week out from closing and they still closed our escrow on time! Truly the best escrow team!
Apr 3, 2024

Delia Joy Admans recommends Bridgette Rist

My Read Estate business is based on client service and exceeding client expectations. Bridgette helps me achieve those goals. She is kind, patient, professional, an communicative with my clients.
Apr 2, 2024

Robert Popp recommends Cindy DeGennaro

Cindy DeGennaro and Adreana Davis are EXCELLENT! They have a wealth of experience, great communication skill, and attention to detail! These traits assist me in being pro-active toward a smooth closing experience for everyone involved -- especially the client!
Apr 1, 2024

Matt Cox recommends Renee Cornelius

Renee Cornelius is the height of professionalism! She is courteous, punctual, polite and deeply knowledgeable. I am 100% happy with her and would recommend her to anyone.
Apr 1, 2024

James Arends recommends Teresa Gibson

Looking for a top-notch Escrow Officer? Look no further than Teresa Gibson! Teresa's expertise and proactive approach ensured our recent real estate transaction went smoothly from start to finish. Her attention to detail and clear communication kept everyone informed and on track. Teresa's dedication to client satisfaction shines through in every interaction. Highly recommend Teresa for all your escrow needs!
Apr 1, 2024

Van Le recommends Laura Peachey

the team is good and respond fast!
Mar 30, 2024

Anonymous recommends Teresa Gibson

Fidelity National Title Co's Teresa Gibson doe an excellent job of keeping lines of communication open so we know what is happening during the Escrow process. Good communication with the buyers, sellers, agents and transaction coordinators.
Mar 30, 2024

Anonymous recommends Lisa Furr

Lisa Furr is a wonderful Escrow Officer. I can always count on her to give my clients the utmost respect, understanding and grace. She is incredibly knowledgeable, easy to converse with and very thorough. I will continue to utilize Lisa’s expertise and professionalism in the future.
Mar 29, 2024

Danilo & Gloria Ibanez recommend Kim Meidinger

Ret Supv Prof ME and Ret RN

We'd be remiss if we didn't write about this special accolade for the One and Only KIm! Kudos to her! She's one of a kind! Indeed, a superb asset to Fidelity National Title Company (FNTC).

She was generous with her time on the phone and urgently providing us the needed info in her emails for our guidance to resolve our lingering/frustrating issue. In a nutshell, we'd plan to reconvey the commercial property to the mortgagor since he has the available funds to defray the balloon payment. The original escrow was done by FNTC six (6) years ago. Unfortunately, we either did not receive the Original Instalment Loan Note or lost/misplaced it inadvertently.

The spouse of my wife's cousin, Carm, who used to be an active Realtor, was resourceful enough to pave the way for us to touch base with Kim.

As far as we're concerned, Kim got a unique. wonderful, bright idea (that no one else we interacted with thought about) of advising to do the proper step in skipping the futile search for the ORIGINAL Instalment Note provided a 'Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance' is duly processed by completing the pertinent form to be notarized and recorded by the Sacramento County. Kim even went to the extent of providing three small entities dealing with docs and deeds if we are not comforable filling it out. Kim inspired us to proudly do it ourselves!

With that said, Kim is smart, knowledgeable, competent, patient, personable, professional and with an absolute sense of urgency to the nth degree. We won't hesitate to use her incredible service should we have another real estate venture!

We rest our case...

Mar 28, 2024

Anonymous recommends Mary Beals

This was a 5 day close of escrow and Mary was on top of everything timely including getting additional needed signatures on the trust documents. She handled it all so smoothly and the sellers were very happy. Thank you, Mary!
Mar 27, 2024

Anonymous recommends Stacey Gwiazdon

Stacey Gwiazdon is the BEST!!! She communicates efficiently and effectively every time throughout the transaction and gets everything done promptly!! She makes every transaction easy and seamless!! I love when I get to open an escrow with her!! Thank you for everything you do!!!
Mar 27, 2024

Anonymous recommends Erica Gibson

It is with great confidence and respect that I recommend Erica Gibson for any and all escrow services. In my extensive experience within the real estate sector, it is rare to encounter a professional who consistently performs their duties with such high levels of excellence and professionalism as Erica.

Erica stands out not only for her profound expertise and deep understanding of the complexities inherent in California's real estate transactions but also for her remarkable ability to navigate these challenges with ease and efficiency. Her experience is evident in every action she takes, ensuring that all parties involved are informed, comfortable, and confident throughout the process.

What truly sets Erica apart is her exceptional commitment to customer service. She goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs and concerns of all parties, demonstrating patience, empathy, and a genuine desire to ensure a positive and seamless experience for everyone involved. Her proactive communication and problem-solving skills have been pivotal in the successful resolution of unforeseen issues, turning potentially stressful situations into smooth, successful closings.

In summary, Erica Gibson's outstanding professionalism, coupled with her unparalleled customer service, make her an invaluable asset to any real estate transaction. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled and dedicated escrow officer in California.


Edgar Portillo
CA DRE Broker/Corporate Officer Lic# 01374909
Consumer 1st Services, Inc.
Mar 26, 2024

Linda Ruiz recommends Mary Beals

Team Beals, Mary and Fil are true professionals, easy to reach, always deliver on time every time! Thanks!
Mar 24, 2024

Amy Luk recommends Liz Rodriguez

Liz was awesome!! She was great at communication and always answered my questions.
Mar 23, 2024

Cheryl Rouse recommends Jennifer Mills-Taylor

Jennifer Mills-Taylor is the best! She is my "go-to" escrow officer. She responds quickly and is always there when I need clarification on any title or escrow concern or question (even if we are not currently working on a transaction). She knows her stuff and is a pleasure with whom to work!
Mar 21, 2024

Brandy Taliaferro-Burr recommends Debbie Shefke and Nicole Miller

I have been in the real estate industry for over 30 yrs and the team of Debbie Shefke and Nicole Miller, at Fidelity National Title are the best. Excellent communication throughout the transaction. Couldn't ask for a better partner to help throughout the transaction.
Mar 15, 2024

Gail Robard recommends Kathy Kendall

I rarely sell mobile homes so every time I get a Mobile Home transaction I need a refresher course. Kathy Kendall was the person who helped me with this transaction and led me through it to the finish line yesterday.
I appreciate her professionalism, her accessibility and her kindness. Fidelity has been my choice of title company for 25 years and I?m so thankful for them.
Mar 13, 2024

Lori Nalley recommends Jennifer Herrera

Jennifer Herrera and her team at Fidelity National Title El Dorado Hills are the Best of the Best! I have worked with them for many years and I know that I can trust that everything is done on time and done correctly. I highly recommend any Real Estate Agent to contact Jennifer Herrera and her team - You will not be disappointed!
Mar 12, 2024

Shelby Byrns recommends Nichole Klausner

Loan Proccesor

Nichole IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!! I have been working with her and Terri her assistant for many years and she is the best escrow officer I have ever worked with. I have practiced real estate in North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Northern California and Southern California and there is NO ONE like her! She is always on top of everything and her efficiency and accurateness with all of our files is unmatched. I sort of dread when we have to work with another escrow officer because we are so spoiled and lucky in having her on our listings/loans and refis. You will not regret using her and in fact you will never want to use another escrow officer again!
Mar 12, 2024

Shaunda Holt recommends Debbie Shefke and Nicole Miller

I've been working with these ladies for years!! They alwasy do a great job!
Mar 12, 2024

Debbie Bair recommends Angie Ulmer

Angie and Jennifer are VERY responsive to everything I need and they are flexible with the many changes that come through escrow.

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