Mitch Perez

Sales Executive Fidelity National Title Greater NorCal
Mitch Perez is a Sales Executive and Assistant Vice President with Fidelity National Title in the Sacramento Region. During his tenure, Mitch has been inducted into the Fidelity National Title ‘Hall of Fame’ and designated as a member of the President’s Club.

Mitch learned early in his career the value of being a source of information to his clients, dedicated in providing outstanding customer service during his 28 years in the industry.
May 12, 2022
Realtor w/eXp Realty of California Inc.
Mitch is amazing to work with. As a realtor and first listing transaction Fidelity Agent One set me apart and streamlined my process. The most common feedback about FidelityAgent ONE was easy to read, understand, simple and efficient. Very unique and effective. Thank you Mitch for your awesome support to my team at eXp Realty of California, Inc.. I encourage everyone to get connected! You wont be disappointed!
Jan 7, 2022
Realtor / Loan Officer
Mitch is Amazing, and extrodinary fun professional person. He empowers agents to do our job with excellence and confidence through the amazing training he offers through Fidelity National Title. I get so excited each time he shows me new cutting edge tools, services and products he offers. There is no other Sales Executive that comes close to your superior customer service,training and availability. Thank you, Mitch, for the time you have given to me to ensure that I have all the necessary tools needed to SHINE when I'm with my buyers or sellers. Michelle Delgado , Realtor/ Loan Officer, Universal Lending and Realty Inc.
Mar 8, 2021
This man has really good information. A meeting and/or phone call with this guy is definitely worth your time!
Feb 26, 2021
Ive been working with Mitch Perez for many years and I can honestly say I get the same quality of service every time. Mitch is the best in the business and is always on top of his game. In addition to being a professional go getter who never needs pushing or pulling along, I can count on Mitch and that goes a long way for me.
Nov 17, 2020
I have to recognize Mitch Perez for his outstanding customer service. I had a issue getting connected to Title Toolbox and had almost given up and then I remembered the name Mitch Perez from a presentation a year ago (2019 )from my Century 21 days. I called Mitch and he stopped and took his time to trouble shoot with me as to what might be the issue. I remember how bad he felt that he had only 10 minutes but he would do what he could in that time frame and if he couldn't figure it out he would call me right back after his meeting. He figured it out in that 10 minute call AND still called me back after his meeting to make sure I was still good. I had been struggling for days with another rep and passed off to different departments and Mitch saved the day, my sanity, and my productivity. If you want the best in service, knowledge, and care then call Mitch because he truly cares about you as a person and your business. When it gets tough he digs in deep and gets in the trenches with you until its all figured out. Mitch your the best and thank you my friend!!! :)
Oct 30, 2020
Sales Executive
Mitch is extremely well versed and educated on Fidelity tools that are super helpful and beneficial to both agents and lenders. Mitch will teach you the products so thoroughly and is so patient. Thank you Mitch for all you do!
Oct 28, 2020
Sales Executive
Mitch definitely goes above and beyond to be of service to the sales team. As a newer sales executive I appreciate his knowledge and willingness to help.

Jul 1, 2020
Broker Associate
My clients common feedback about FidelityAgent ONE have been that it is easy to read, understand, simple and efficient. The Fidelity Agent One is all I need in my toolbox to win. Very unique and effective. Thank you Mitch for your awesome support to my eXp Reaty Team. Everyone is using them and started to gain.
Nov 12, 2019
Real Estate Agent
I thoroughly enjoy working with Mitch Perez. His knowledge of some very good programs that are available to us agents is extremely helpful. He is super helpful in reaching out and getting us in contact with the right people! Love Fidelity:)
May 7, 2019
Mortgage Broker/Owner
I have been working with Mitch and Fidelity for many years; their service is top-notch! As a broker involved in many transactions directed by Realtors, I have the occasion to work with multiple title and escrow providers - Fidelity is the standard by which I judge the performance of the others! Mitch and his team always go above and beyond, not only on transactions in process but, with information to help me on any title and escrow needs; they have some great technology at your disposal. I highly recommend Mitch and his team at Fidelity! I thank them for their excellent customer service.
Nov 19, 2018
he is awesome, also available whenever i need him. great team
Sep 6, 2018
San Mateo County Sales Manager, Fidelity National Title
Mitch presented to us at the Northern California Sales Summit. I was very impressed. The value he brought to the table was two fold: His presentation was filled with education for the real estate agent and lender, along with strategies for our Fidelity teams. Priceless! It is very clear that Mitch helps his clients to find higher success!
Thank you Mitch!
With Gratitude,
Tami Cirigliano
Aug 14, 2018
Sales Agent-Coldwell banker
Thank you so much Mitch for the APP! OMG! That made it so easy for me at my open house. I looked really professional knowing the results people wanted right now real time. Thank you!
Jul 13, 2018
Sales Manager
We recently held a multi-operation best practices event with the FNT Family and Mitch stepped up in a big way. We needed a few presenters to share their 'best practices' in front of the whole group of fellow sales executives and when Mitch was asked to do it his answer was immediately Yes. Thank you Mitch for always being willing to help other in their growth, both inside the company and in the real estate community.
Jun 14, 2018
Mitch is an amazing instructor! Very informative, friendly and all around awesome!!! I learned sooo much from him today!! Thanks again Mitch! Can’t wait for our next training with you!:)
Apr 3, 2018
Residential Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Realty, Elk Grove, CA
I met with Mitch last week and he was great, very thorough in explaining all of the programs that Fidelity National Title offers, very helpful. I look forward to using these tools and send you some escrows! I highly recommend Mitch Perez and Fidelity, Thank you!
Feb 4, 2018
I have been in Real Estate for some years now and didn't realize how much I didn't know until I met Mr. Mitch Perez. Mitch has a wealth of knowledge and eagerness to share it! All I could say after meeting with him was WOW!!! Thanks so much Mitch:)
Jun 29, 2017
AVP/Sales Executive
Mitch Perez has been my counterpart at Fidelity Title for 13 years; although he's been in the title and escrow industry for much longer than that! I appreciate Mitch for many reasons...he is a great presenter, he's charismatic, and most importantly, he's extremely genuine. As my co-worker, Mitch has always been one of the first people to call me and congratulate me on my accomplishments, check in with me if I've had a rough day, or to bounce an idea off of me and vice versa. He's a reliable person and I appreciate that!! If you need an amazing and committed sales executive for your title and escrow needs in the Elk Grove area, you won't get better than this guy. He takes a personal approach to helping agents and lenders grow their business. He's a talented individual who truly cares. Plus he has really cool hair! :)
Jun 23, 2017
Sales Manager
Mitch is the consummate professional always finding ways to bring value to his business partners daily. His industry knowledge is invaluable coupled with his willingness to share it with others is irreplaceable. He is a strong communicator and connector, bringing our title and escrow tools along with their best practices to the business partners he meets with. You can't help but grow when you work with Mitch Perez and his team.
Jun 14, 2017
Mitch is a master of best practices with the title and escrow products, tools & services we offer to our business partners to enhance their business' and simplify their tasks. His work ethic and attention to detail is passed on to each of his business partners and his escrow teams. He truly cares about the growth of each of his partners, looking to bring value daily and always improving himself.
May 26, 2017
Hands down a top sales rep in his industry. Always willing to help and continually provides tools of value!
May 23, 2017
Everyone has that one person in the office or a veteran in the business you go to for everything, Mitch is that person! He has a wealth of wisdom and experience in the industry. Mitch has also been able to master the tools his company has to offer and his expertise in the business make him an incredible resource when proceeding with a transaction. His heightened level of professionalism ensures all parties to a transaction are informed in a professional and timely manner as they move through a transaction.
May 22, 2017
I am a new REALTOR®. Mitch and his team have given me all the title & escrow tools I need to succeed. If I ever have a question I know I can go to Mitch and his team. I trust them and will continue to use them for all of my business.
May 18, 2017
Mitch’s escrow / title team handled my first escrow listing as a Real Estate Broker. The entire process went seamless. The level of professionalism exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Mitch and his group in the future on my escrow transactions. I would highly recommend Mitch Perez and his team at Fidelity National Title to all real estate professionals in the Sacramento / Elk Grove Area.
May 16, 2017
Realtor / Investor
Mitche's office is my to go Title Company n treat them as my right hand team workers with my business. My life is all about trust n professionalism:) n they have that great attribute n great example for all who surround their existence. A job well done above all.

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