Kristin Bailey

Escrow Officer Fidelity National Title Greater NorCal
I have been in escrow for more than 20 years now. I work very hard for my clients to ensure that they and their clients are treated with respect and kindness, and that tasks are done in an efficient and timely manner. Working at Fidelity National Title provides me and my clients with an elite sales team with premier tools that our industry has to offer. I love my job, and can honestly say I am proud to work for the best company for your Title and Escrow needs.
Jun 15, 2022
This was my first transaction with Kristin Bailey and absolutely awesome experience. she communicated thru the whole transaction. Very Professional and took care of everything ASAP..
May 26, 2022
Kristin was great during our escrow. She always responded right away. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would recommend her to other clients.
Apr 22, 2022
Looking for someone who have years of experience, great communication skill and on top of her game?
Kristin Bailey is your gal!
Apr 1, 2022
Kristin Bailey offers superior customer service and communication skills. Myself and the clients are pleased with the whole transaction from start to finish. Thank you for always taking great care of us.
Mar 30, 2022
Kristin Bailey is my go-to Escrow Officer. I continue to work with her because she stays on top of all the issues in the transaction, notifies me of any changes or items that I need to focus on, and her communication skills are professional and comprehensive. I recommend her to anyone new coming into the community, explaining how well she communicates, especially during these crazy times when escrows are closing in less than 21 days. To be successful, you always need a team that works together for the sucess of the escrow and the clients, and I have found this in Kristin Bailey.
Sep 9, 2021
Kristin Bailey! She sets the bar very high for all other EO¬Ěs. Her communication skills are excellent and she works in a very timely manner. If there are any issues she is in top of them immediately!!! I would recommend her to everyone!
Mar 2, 2019
I would recommend Catherine St Amour and Kristin and Bailey they do an awesome job keeping you informed of everything that's going on with your transaction. They get things done in a timely manner ! They are the best and care for you and your clients . Thanks ! Diane Canulli
Feb 22, 2019
Kristin Bailey once again rolled with the waves on this last escrow. Not only did we not close on time( builder issue)b but we only found out the day before. Kristin as understanding and didn't waste anytime getting on the phone with the lender. We closed the following week, and again thanks to Kristin, if was effortless. Thank You , Kristin
Feb 12, 2019
Kristin Bailey was awesome!
Jan 9, 2019
Real Estate Sales Manager
Kristin has been my Escrow Officer close to 8 years now. She has a vast knowledge of the industry and a skill set like no other. Kristin takes the time to be thorough on every file. Pair this with her efficiency level and its no wonder that my escrows with her go as smooth as possible. Kristin, you are an absolute pleasure to work with and I am grateful to consider you as one of my business partners!
Nov 24, 2018
Kristin Bailey- She is an amazing Escrow Officer. Closing new homes can be a big challenge and Kristin knocks it out f the ball park with escrow. She's friendly, knowledgeable, and I always know she'll take care of any issues that can arise last minute.
Oct 28, 2018
Kristin Bailey is the best. We are a small builder and just opened our community- Kristin has been on it since the first escrow. Great experience every time:-)
Sep 8, 2018
Kristin Bailey is not only very professional, she is the only escrow officer that will acknowledge every email and phone the same day even if it to tell me that she received and will have to check on it the next day. Plus with her experience she has helped me tremendously will problems that come up in every escrow. I would recommend her to everyone!
May 29, 2017
I have worked with Kristin Bailey for over 10 years now. She is the ultimate professional, she has years of experience the brings solutions to tough escrows, and the best part is her communication with everyone involved in the escrow. I have worked with other escrow companies and am shocked when I ask a question via email or voice mail and I don't here from them for several days. Kristin will communicate with you the same day whether it is the answer or she will find out the answer. So you know you were not missed is the many emails and calls they get. I recommend her to everyone who is looking to complete their Real Estate team with the best people.
May 22, 2017
She is my go to Escrow Officer for any and all of my Real Estate Transactions.

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