Kelly Bell

Escrow Officer Fidelity National Title Greater NorCal
Aug 28, 2020
Simply stated, Kelly Bell is the best, period.
Aug 10, 2020
Kelly Bell and her staff always do a wonderful job with my escrows , communicating throughout the transaction, handling any issues that arise and closing on time. I highly recommend Kelly Bell!
May 2, 2020
Kelly is always on top of things. Even in this crazy COVID19 world we are living in right now, Kelly's communication during the escrow process was always excellent. I have worked with Kelly for a long time now and have always received great service.
Nov 21, 2019
Professionalism at it's finest, positive can do work ethic, patient with changes and challenges. I highly recommend using Fidelity for your next escrow.
Aug 23, 2019
Enthusiasm and attitude go a long way. If pushed to describe or come up with an underlying theme to the pertinent transaction, it would boil down to minimal effort.
Aug 20, 2019
Kelly was great. Very quick and responsive. Did an excellent job.
Aug 9, 2019
Kelly Bell is in a class all by herself. She is committed to serving our clients and my staff. She has become an integral part of our team.
Aug 9, 2019
Kelly Bell is the most professional Title Representative I've had the pleasure to work with. She goes the extra mile for the Agent she's working with. Very responsive and willing to help shorten timelines on appts and signings when requested, she'll always provide the best customer service. Kelly is my go to rep for all my Listings. I truely appreciate working with her. Highly recommend Kelly Bell!
Jun 29, 2019
Kelly Bell is a very knowledgeable escrow officer. However it's the kindness and how she deals with stressful situations that keeps me coming back to her company. She manages expectations and answers all questions promptly.
Apr 1, 2019
Director of Sales
Great job.
Jan 24, 2019
Kelly always goes above & beyond to serve her clients
Dec 31, 2018
Sales Manager
Kelly is one of the most caring, genuine & kind people I know. It is privilege to be a part of the Fidelity Family with her serving our clients. The care, dedication and extra-mile attitude that she has shines through with each transaction that she handles and with each client she works with. Her desire to make the escrow experience for everyone involved is second-to-none. When you choose to work with Kelly Bell you are choosing a first class experience not just for you, but for your buyers/sellers as well. Thank you Kelly for being a shining star!
Dec 5, 2018
Kelly Bell did a great job with the escrow process in our transaction. She communicated well and made sure everything was completed in a timely fashion.
Dec 4, 2018
Kelly Bell was responsive, communicative, and always available for the team in getting our transaction closed quickly, thank you all!
Sep 21, 2018
I used Fidelity National for the first time during my eight years in Real Estate. Our Escrow Officer Kelly Bell exercised professionalism and knowledge. I would recommend and use the company again.
Oct 6, 2017
Mortgage Broker
I Love Fidelity Title and Escrow and have been a loyal customer for years, working with Escrow Agent Kelly Bell, in Elk Grove. I am working on a loan file which, sadly, is not utilizing Fidelity as the Title & Escrow firm for the transaction. However, knowing Kelly is always willing to assist - I asked her for a favor to track down some ownership information for a property...I received a response right away from her colleague in Stockton, JR Ballesteros. Not only did JR provide me with helpful documentation, he further assisted me in who to call (City Planning) for the additional information I needed to complete my documentation. Great Team Work and Fabulous Customer I have come to know is synonymous with Kelly, Fidelity and her Team! Thank you all, very very appreciated and highly recommended. Kat
Jul 21, 2017
Real Estate Exec. Assistant
You can always count on Kelly! I can not emphasize enough how great of a job Kelly Bell does for us. We do a large volume of transactions and she handles them whenever we can dictate. Everything goes smoothly and our clients always speak highly of her. Thank you Kelly Bell, Hai & Team
Jun 29, 2017
Realtor, Carrington Real Estate Services
I have worked with Kelly since 2005. Kelly is always on the ball and has never let me down! I just worked with another escrow office on a listing and was highly disappointed. I went to that company because they offered a 15% discount on the owners title. In the future I would gladly credit my buyer or seller 15% rather than work with that company again.

Thanks Kelly for all you hard work!

Michael Saragoza
Jun 27, 2017
Kelly has other clients? :)
Still using Kelly after 6+ years. Dealing with Purchase Loans lately forces me to work on deals with other escrow agents and companies..some are good, some not so good but, it definitely gives me the opportunity to know I am dealing with the Best! Thank you Kelly, Hai and Team!
Dec 7, 2016
Mortgage Loan Officer
Kelly and her staff make you feel like you are their most important client.
I think all her clients feel the same way.
Mar 14, 2016
Oct 3, 2015
Realtor at Lyon Real Estate
Kelly personifies professionalism and I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity to close several deals with her. Kelly has impeccable work ethics, she's personable, very knowledgeable and always on top of her game. I can count on her to do her job and it's always, a job well done.
Oct 2, 2015
Realtor- M&M Real Estate
I highly recommend Kelly Bell!
Ive worked with Kelly on multiple transactions and she is amazing. I love working with her, she has a great attitude, friendly, always communicates, and I can always count on her. She is extremely helpful, when I open title with Kelly I know the transaction will be smooth.
Oct 2, 2015
Loan Officer
Kelly does a fabulous job on all my transactions! She goes above and beyond to make everything happen in a timely manner. There have been times where she has sacrificed personal and family commitments to meet the needs of the clients. I highly recommend Kelly Bell to anyone!!
Oct 2, 2015
home owner
Kelly Bell was fantastic great to work with very pleasant and efficient

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