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Recommendations (2953)

2 days ago

sailesh khadka recommends Nick Ellsworth


Nick was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very prompt on the updates and responses.
2 days ago

Danny Gol recommends Nick Ellsworth

Nick Ellsworth is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and he has been a great help in helping me. He is an asset for his firm.
Jan 15, 2022

Jennifer Atherton recommends Regina Burnley

Real Estate Agent

Regina Is awesome.

She is so helpful, polite, informative, and on it!

She is a true professional and I’m happy to have her on the team.

Jan 15, 2022

Jason Boltz recommends Mary Beals

Mary was absolutely incredible! As a newer agent who was working with clients that have never bought a home in the United States before, Mary was so responsive and patient along the way. She made the whole transaction go so smooth.
Jan 15, 2022

Kelly Weichler recommends Nick Ellsworth


I always appreciate Nicks encouraging & professional support in every transaction.
Thank you Nick!
Jan 14, 2022

Gidget L Foat recommends Pete Dawson

Real Eatate Agent

Pete Dawson is an incredible Sales Executive. Pete goes out of his way to help everyone. I recently sent him two new team members and he immediateley met with them and gave them valuable information to start there careers off. Pete is the nicest person and easy to talk to. I appreciate Pete so very much. Thank you Pete
Jan 14, 2022

Michelle Yu recommends Nick Ellsworth


Nick is very friendly and easy to talk to. He also takes time to follow up with me and provides excellent service! Thank you, Nick!
Jan 14, 2022

Dave Holzknecht recommends Nick Ellsworth

Real Estate Agent

Nick has done a fabulous job. He is always available to answer questions or help out in any way. He's provided a number of valuable tools and resources that are helpful contacting clients. He stops in the office at least once a week to talk to people and find out how thing are going. Thanks for the help.
Jan 13, 2022

Xavier Williams recommends Jamie Ryan

I represented the buyer on the transaction. Jamie is definitely in the top 1% of escrow officers I have worked with in the past. She was very communicative throughout the escrow process. Did not have to reach out for updates during the transaction which is always nice. Keep up the great work team!
Jan 13, 2022

Robert Ternes recommends Audrey Hartsgrove

I recommend Audrey Hartsgrove and Jason Scott to my colleagues. I appreciate the support of new tools and the execution of the transaction. I confidently choose Fidelity Title because I know that if there are any issues that may come up unexpectedly Audrey will address it and find the resolution.
Thank you Audrey and Jason
Jan 12, 2022

Michael Perez recommends Candice May

Candice is easy and very accommodating. She is the best in the industry!
Jan 12, 2022

Chilereobi Ukattah recommends Zena Ferrell

Zena goes above and beyond to give service to her clients. Checks off on all the columns, timely phone call and sending out reminders ahead of time. Follows up on details that need to be in place for a successful closing of the file. She is quite professional and courteous.
Jan 11, 2022

Zach Powell recommends Lynn White

The Green Valley office continues to give the best service! They will and always will be my go to Title company. Have worked with Lynn White for many years . She is amazing! Her team is amazing! Thank you for always making me feel so confident and comfortable that my escrows are in great hands and will close!!!!!
Jan 11, 2022

Kimberly Nicols recommends Shelle M. Williams

Shelly is AWESOME! She is knowledgeable, patient, efficient and responsive. Shelly is great at checking in with me throughout the sales transaction. She informs me if there is a problem or issue as soon as she is made aware of it and works diligently to get it resolved. Shelly is great with my clients; answering their questions and educating them about their options. I really appreciate that she calls me to tell me we have gone on record and not just sends an email... I appreciate her professionalism.
Jan 7, 2022

Bruce Van Patten recommends Pete Dawson

Mortgage Loan Professional

Thank you Pete- for being a strategic thinker and partner. Of course Pete and his team at Fidelity "block and tackle" well. That's expect in this day and age. It is the extra stuff that makes me think of Pete and Fidelity when I have a escrow and title need. Cheers to 2022!
Jan 7, 2022

Michelle Delgado recommends Mitch Perez

Realtor / Loan Officer

Mitch is Amazing, and extrodinary fun professional person. He empowers agents to do our job with excellence and confidence through the amazing training he offers through Fidelity National Title. I get so excited each time he shows me new cutting edge tools, services and products he offers. There is no other Sales Executive that comes close to your superior customer service,training and availability. Thank you, Mitch, for the time you have given to me to ensure that I have all the necessary tools needed to SHINE when I'm with my buyers or sellers. Michelle Delgado , Realtor/ Loan Officer, Universal Lending and Realty Inc.
Jan 6, 2022

Gayle Hoskison recommends Tiffany Land

Tiffany was great to work with. She was responsive to my questions and very patient with the extra time it took to obtain the funds from our buyer. I recommend her for title and escrow services.
Dec 29, 2021

James Smith recommends Sheryl Gibson

Sheryl Gibson is absolutely amazing at what she does. She?s one of the most hardworking Escrow Officers I?ve worked with. Her communication and knowledge was a key piece in closing a transaction during the busy holiday season. I highly recommend working with Sheryl!
Dec 28, 2021

Todd Slack recommends Shelle M. Williams

Shelle and Hilary are a great team and continue to do a great job at communicating throughout the transaction and handling any adversity with great skill and tact.
Dec 24, 2021

Patrick Morgan recommends Stacey Gwiazdon

Stacey Gwiazdon -- because she gets things done, communicates and is extremely reliable. One person I always know will do their job very well. 10/10.
Dec 22, 2021

Greg Lieberman recommends Shelle M. Williams

Shelle and Hilary are amazing to work with! No matter how needy us agents get, they always take care of us and do a great job. Thank you!
Dec 21, 2021

Donna Judah recommends Nichole Klausner

Nichole and Terri are the best. Totally responsive and very professional! They stay on top of things.
Dec 20, 2021

Sharon Currie recommends Rob Bor

Rob Bor and staff are by far the most experienced, professional, accountable and organized escrow team in the business. I've sold a lot of real estate in my 20+ years and can state from vast experience, that a Rob Bor led escrow can rarely be equaled anywhere, and certainly in Northern California. Fidelity National Title is lucky to have him and therefore, our big tram business as well.
Dec 20, 2021

Barb Wilkinson recommends Stephanie Murphy


I can't recommend Stephanie and her team highly enough. I try to use them exclusively because they care, they share, and they get it right. I'm always kept in the loop as to how the transaction is proceeding. And they are always available for a question or concern. They make every escrow as easy as possible for all involved.
Dec 20, 2021

Lynn Richardson recommends Team Wallace


I really enjoy working with Corrinne. She is extremely helpful, stays on top of her files and is in constant communication. I know my clients are in great hands when I work with Corrinne.

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