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Recommendations (32)

May 18, 2020

Rama Mejia recommends Pam Stanfill

I am so blessed to have Pam & Lynde on my team! Not only do the manage the transaction beautifully they have a way of righting the ship no matter how far off it is!
Feb 8, 2020

Robert Oandason recommends Pam Stanfill

Working with Pam Stanfill and Lynde Black was like having my own dream team of superstars of the best of the best working with me! Working together as a great communications team I can easily see myself being able to close another 2000 escrows again!! Thank you all at Fidelity National Title Company, have a fantastic great productive day today.
Dec 18, 2019

Kameel Tabsharani recommends Nancy Avansino

Fidelity Title Company and staff are professional, personable and gets the job done! It is a blessing to have them on my team.
Dec 5, 2019

Rama Mejia recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam and Lindy are rock stars! They go above and beyond to make sure both myself and my clients are well-cared-for. They have a track record of doing whatever it takes to get the escrow recorded on time with the least amount of stress for everyone. Grateful to have them on my team. Rama Mejia, Sterling CA properties
Dec 4, 2019

Sue Winton recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam and Lynde are great! They stayed on top of our transaction and really went the extra mile to help us close as quickly as possible - Lynde even went into work early to get us signed so we close the same day. We really appreciate their professionalism and caring! A great team!
Nov 26, 2019

Craig Rodgers recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam Stanfill and Lynde Black are the best! -I use them every transaction I can.
Nov 20, 2019

Drake Delzell recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam Stanfill and Lynde Black always go "The extra mile" This transaction had three legs. My clients are "seasoned citizens". Lynde came to the Santa Rosa main office to accommodate our signing for both the sale and the purchase. The three properties that were involved closeded within 24 hours of each other. Everyone at all three offices of Fidelity Title that were involved were outstanding
Oct 22, 2019

Ken Bizzell recommends Pam Stanfill

Cheerful and efficient service
Aug 16, 2019

Michele Delfino recommends Nancy Avansino

It was a pleasure working with Nancy Avansino. I will start sending more business. Thank you!
Jul 18, 2019

David Maughan recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam Stanfill has always been an exceptional communicator and service oriented leader in the business. Thank you Pam for a great transaction David Maughan
Jul 11, 2019

William McKinley recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam Stanfill and Lynde were great. Near the end of the transactipon we had title and loan problems unexpectedly. The problems got solved quickly and we were able to on time as agreed!
Jun 5, 2019

Nena Meola recommends Nancy Avansino

I try to use Nancy Avansino at Fidelity National Title for all of my escrows. She and her team are very efficient and I can always count on them to treat my clients with respect. Their communication skills are excellent and they always go above and beyond.
May 28, 2019

Nathan Duport recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam Stanfill is my go-to. She's on the ball!!!
May 22, 2019

Kaaren Atkin recommends Nancy Avansino

Nancy Avansino is the best. Professional and knowledgeable going the extra mile always!
May 10, 2019

Jenna Shepherd recommends Pam Stanfill

I worked with Pam S. and she was delightful, she made immediate contact with introductions, kept me informed throughout the process and was excited at closing. It was a very nice experience on my end and I will certainly utilize her services again!
May 7, 2019

Sheila Marby recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam Stanfill and Lynde Black are by far the best in the industry. I can always count on them to get the job done. They are on top of their business. I alway know that our clients are in good hands. Thanks Pam and Lynde for another job well done.
May 1, 2019

Jeffrey Leasure recommends Nancy Avansino

Great follow through and signing The clients felt well taken care of ! Thank you
Apr 30, 2019

Ann Amtower recommends Pam Stanfill

The team of Pam and Lynde were very pleasant to work with. They responded to my needs as they came up.
Apr 10, 2019

Lauren Camarda recommends Pam Stanfill

With my meticulous expectations, Pam Stanfill & Lynde Black have earned my repeat business due to their diligence, promptness and overall work ethic. They are an exceptional team and create a seamless flow through every escrow I've had with them. They are always available to answer questions in a kind, professional and educational manner and are very skilled at easing client concerns should they arise. They are always happy & helpful, even with projects that don't necessarily result in opening escrows. I've had clients call them after closings when working towards other real estate goals and they maintain all the same ethic in assisting even when not correlated to a current escrow. This team is of the most well-educated professionals I've encountered in this industry. I love that I know my clients and their escrows are in the very best hands when they choose to use this team.
Feb 26, 2019

Sheila Marby recommends Pam Stanfill

My Clients had been in Escrow for 2 1/2 months. We were using another Title Company. I called Pam to see if she could help. Pam immediately jumped in. She listened and went to work. With in a week and a half we successfully closed escrow. Pam Stanfill and Lynde Black were miracle workers. They are very professional. They work hard. They go the extra mile. Lynde even came in on the weekend and spent three hours with the buyers to have the clients sign the paperwork. Thank God for this team. They were my angels !!! I will definitely use them again and would definitely recommend them. Thank you so very much Pam and Lynde.
Jan 15, 2019

Sue Winton recommends Pam Stanfill

Great job on a SUPER fast escrow. Thank you for being so efficient and for making it happen! Sue
Jan 7, 2019

John Torres recommends Pam Stanfill

Great service !!!
Jan 7, 2019

Susan Jones recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam Stanfill is so enjoyable to work with. Her timely and friendly communication was perfect! She keeps the ball rolling and kept us all informed. We love working with her!!
Nov 21, 2018

Lauren Camarda recommends Pam Stanfill

Pam Stanfill is one of the most articulate, prompt, and diligent escrow officers I have had the pleasure of working with. Because of her strong work ethic, I have become a repeat client when possible; always knowing that she & her team will keep me informed and perform as promised. I consider Pam & her associates part of my team and what makes my business successful.
Nov 17, 2018

Nena Meola recommends Nancy Avansino

Nancy Avansino and her team always goes above and beyond for me and my clients which is why I prefer to use her for each and every transaction I have.

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