Stephanie Coffey

Senior Escrow Officer Fidelity National Title & Escrow Idaho
I have worked in Escrow for 27 years and I was in Lending for 2+ years prior to that.

I am a consummate professional that handles Residential Real Estate transactions for all of Idaho. Ada county, Canyon county and Boise county are my specialty. Resale, New Construction, and Refinances.

Being born into a Military family, I take great pleasure in serving our Military community and know the complicated details of VA transactions well.

I have specific training in handling Estates, Divorces and difficult people within a transaction with calming finesse. I am an Escrow Officer that will take the time to have an actual conversation to deal with tough issues, when needed.

I am an Idaho native and can trace my heritage back several generations in Idaho.

Outside of work, I enjoy my spending time with my family, my significant other, friends and my 2 dogs. I also enjoy Cooking, Foraging, Gardening and Fishing.

Please reach out if I can help you in any way. I look forward to wowing you.
Feb 1, 2023
CEO New view Real Estate of Silvercreek Realty group
I have known Stephanie and worked with her through a lot of transactions over the last 18 years. She is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, impeccable at her work, goes above and beyond to problem solve, flexible, communicates very well and is just overall a joy to deal with. If you need a dependable Title Officer then I wouldn't look any farther. They are not all created equal and she stands shoulders above.
Jan 16, 2023
Stephanie is the best escrow officer. She's great with communication and always on top of everything. She also helps explain the process and documents to my clients in a way they understand. She's my number one top, go-to officer!
Jan 14, 2023
Stephanie has always done a great job for me and my clients! She is knowledgeable and resourceful to make a closing as wrinkle free as possible. She’s a wonderful person and I love working with her!
Jan 13, 2023
Broker Owner
I have worked with Stephanie Coffey for several years now, and she is my go to escrow officer! Always a professional, has awesome knowledge, and never disappoints! I highly recommend Stephanie. She will go above and beyond for her clients.
Jan 13, 2023
RE Sales
Steph saved a client of mine 290k on an email hack coming out of Moab, Utah. Stunningly bright and organized. She CAN walk on water. Used her for a number of years and performance is exemplary.
Jan 13, 2023
We have been using Stephanie Coffey as our primary escrow officer for the past 15 years. She was always our number one pick due to her professionalism, incredible talent, and tenacity. We know that if we try to file to her that it will be done on time and as expected. She is perfectly predictable product all wrapped up and an amazing person.
Jan 13, 2023
Real Estate Broker
I have enjoyed many years of prompt and excellent service from Stephanie Coffey!
She provides a comfortable, professional, well presented transaction experience and always delights my clients with her thoroughness, enthusiasm and delightful humor.
When an unusual situation or question arises, Stephanie is quick to find the answer or solution needed to move along smoothly without skipping a beat.
My Client's leave her closing table with joy and confidence as she sets everyone at ease with her encouraging words.

My pickiest, most difficult clients adored her and were so impressed with her great service.

Have a wonderful time at the closing table and rest assured knowing that every detail has been carefully attended to!
Jan 13, 2023
Sales Agent
I LOVE working with Stephanie. I try and take all my closings to her. She is the best!
Jan 13, 2023
Real Estate Agent
I've worked with Stephanie for many years and she is my first go-to escrow officer. She's the best and I highly recommend her!
Jan 13, 2023
REALTOR, Partner
Stephanie became my go-to years ago! Totally professional, always timely, correct and anticipating clients needs. With Stephanie I never worry about title!
Jan 13, 2023
Stephanie is top notch! Having been in the business since 2004, she has handled the vast majority of my transactions when the opportunity to choose was available. My clients have always spoken highly of her after closing. Her work ethic to help make things go smooth can't be topped and her communication is always thorough. Thank you Stephanie!
Jan 13, 2023
Associate Broker, A.V. West Real Estate
I love Stephanie because she can handle any situation or client that I have, based on her vast knowledge and experience. She is always sunny and whether it is an estate, a condominuim or a property that could have a hidden challenge...she know exactly what to do, thinks critically ahead of time so that my closings are smooth.
Jan 13, 2023
Real Estate Professional
Stephanie is my go to TITLE PROFESSIONAL!! She is efficient, caring and just a pleasure to work with!! I highly recommend!!
Jan 13, 2023
Business Owner
Stephanie is my go to gal. Always through, prompt, and professional. She has handled multiple closings for me. I highly recommend her.
Jan 11, 2023
I have used Stephanie Coffee as my Escrow officer for at least 10 of my 23 years in my real estate business. Most of those years while she was with another company. It is a great more recent hire for Fidelity to score this excellent Escrow Officer.
I follow the person, not the company. Hopefully as my buyers and sellers do to get to me.

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