Rhonda Berlino

Sales Executive/Business Development Fidelity National Title Las Vegas
We all win when the community benefits from our expertise. Engagement, alignment, thought-leading innovation, performance and trust are at the heart of what makes Rhonda shine.

People first. With a passion for people and over 25 years of experience in Leadership, Sales and Professional Development, Rhonda has engaged the Real Estate Community in the Las Vegas Valley providing coaching, business development strategies, fostering unique mentorship relationships and delivering industry-leading certified continuing education curriculum and events to Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals.

Having grown up in Las Vegas, Rhonda’s experience in residential and commercial real estate began early in her career, immersed in various facets of building up the Valley. She’s continues to be a part of the growth & thrives, providing title insurance and growth strategies for her loyal clients in Southern Nevada. Fidelity National Title Group is the largest title insurer in the international real estate space.
Aug 11, 2016

Certified Real Estate Analyst

Designation training held in Fidelity National Title's SW Training Center by Still Training, LLC. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Aug 11, 2016

Real Estate Investment Workshop

Two days of certification training by National Trainer Joe Still-How to analyze any investment.
Aug 11, 2016

Community Property Issues CE

CE Series as a service to 3 corners of the city- the NW host SHOREWOOD Real Estate -great class impacting property transfers
Aug 11, 2016

Remember Alice B Toklas

Ok 70's reference to a new industry, Medical Marijuana. CE Class on what Realtors need to know...no samples served!
Aug 11, 2016

Summer Education Series

CE classes keep business best for Title, Escrow & Agents to best serve consumers
Aug 11, 2016

CE Class impact my biz & yours!

Agents impact the strength & condition LV Real Estate Market one contract at a time...make sure the Agent writes a good contract
May 26, 2016

Red Nose Day

FNTLV Loves "Rednosed" Realtors who are Communityminded & support greater good for children who live in poverty in US and across the globe.
Apr 12, 2016

Who knew CE could be so fun?

Tisha Black, Esq bringing CE to the new ERA HERMAN GROUP Training & Event Center in NW (What RE Agents need to know about Medical Marijuana)
Dec 13, 2015
Broker Assistant
I have worked with Rhonda Berlino for several years and have always appreciated Rhonda's professionalism, attention to detail, exemplary customer service and can do attitude! She always has a smile on her face and a genuine desire to "take care of business". I have, and always will, recommend Rhonda Berlino!
Dec 8, 2015
Branch Manager - Loan Officer
Rhonda and I have been doing business for a minimum of 5 yrs. She is an awesome Title Rep...performing at an exceptional level!

I recommend Rhonda to my realtors...though, I would prefer my recommendations handled by Rhonda because I know she will do an awesome job working with realtors.
Dec 8, 2015
Loan Officer Assistant
Rhonda is amazing to work with! She is professional, responsive and knowledgeable. She is willing to go a step above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.
Dec 8, 2015
Mortgage Loan Officer
Rhonda is a pleasure to work with, she is always willing and able to help. I appreciate her insight and willingness to do whats best for her business partners.
Nov 9, 2014
Broker Salesperson
I have done business with Rhonda Berlino for over 12 years, Rhonda has given me many resourceful business development tools. Rhonda maintains a high commitment level to education and offers updated information to benefit consumers. Rhonda has some of the best Educational Events that deliver necessary information to Real Estate Professionals. I recommend you reach out to Rhonda Berlino and see what she has to offer you to grow your business. Relationships are important in our business, I will continue to work with Rhonda, I trust her ethics and morals.

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