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Recommendations (489)

Apr 26, 2021

Cindy Hsu recommends Shannon He

Real Estate & Marketing Specialist

Shannon has been always dedicated her effort and expertise to help agents grow and glow. I admire and appreciate her spirit of sharing her knowledge to people first without asking for return, but with "Consistent" and "Frequent" endeavor. ?? Thank you, Shannon!
Feb 15, 2021

Mitch Litrov recommends Mark Gregorich

Sales Representive

Mark is absolutely amazing and it is a true pleasure to have him as a part of my team.
Jan 25, 2021

Faye Zhang recommends Shannon He

Real Estate Agent

Shannon He is a professional Title Representative of Fidelity National Title company. I've been knowing her and working with her for a while. She's always being very professional and very knowledgeable. Shannon spent a huge amount of time to train all the agents how to use modern technology to help their clients in the shortest time for the best result. whenever anyone has any questions, she's always find the answers as soon as she could to help agents solve the problems. Many times, when I called her in the late evenings, she's still driving on the road for her appoints to help agents out. she also is a good friend to trust. I was inspired and encouraged by Shannon when I first started my new career as a real estate agent. She's been talking to me genuinely and friendly to make me believe myself. After I attended all her training classes, I become so confident and able to use her tools to help my clients find their dream homes. I highly recommend anyone to work with Shannon He if you want to be successful in the real estate industry. She'll be your best teacher, best business partner and best friend.

Jan 22, 2021

Phillip Nunez recommends Ronna Luna

Success Ambassador

I believe you are only as good as the team you surround yourself with, and Ronna is HUGE part of the success of our team. She always brings it and does everything in her power to help us succeed. I would highly recommend her and her son Grant Luna!
Dec 23, 2020

John Rudy recommends Dina Parsons Alcantar

Real Estate Agent

Dina and the team at Fidelity National Title are the best in the business! I truly appreciate all their help, support and encouragement. As a Real Estate Agent, sometimes you feel like you are on an island looking for answers. When I have questions or needs, I can always count on Dina for answers. Thank you!
Dec 17, 2020

Gary Endo recommends Kathy Gardiner

Real Estate & Property Management Director

For professional. friendly, responsive, and personalized services... I highly recommend Kathy Gardiner - Fidelity National Title.
Dec 14, 2020

Bina Bengali recommends Dina Parsons Alcantar


I have been working with her for over 15+ years as my title rep at Fidelity title company. She has been there at crunch time to jump hoop and assist to solve
the issue on hand. She and her team has brought lot of latest marketing apps.
Nov 10, 2020

Irene Lewis recommends Kathy Gardiner

I've been using Kathy for years. Not only is she professional but she's also personable which is a rare combination. I'd highly recommend her services.
Oct 27, 2020

Gloria Valdez recommends Stan De Genaro


He is a true "amigo" to work with! A very nice professional title man and human being!
Oct 26, 2020

Nora Hall recommends Kristen Chartier

Sales executive

Kristen is amazing at what she does. I get so many compliments of my marketing and promotional items! She is an essential part of the Fidelity LA sales team!
Oct 26, 2020

Marcel Johnson recommends Kathy Gardiner

Association Resources & Training Manager

I have called on Kathy with questions a couple times and she has not only provided the answers, but she also helps you understand them. Her patients is priceless.
Oct 7, 2020

Sabrina Meyer recommends Kristen Chartier

Sales Executive

Kristen Chartier is a marketing mastermind. She is fast and efficient. Her help and expertise is so dedicated and professional. It is a privilege to work with Kristen and I really appreciate her beyond words.
Oct 6, 2020

Gary Forkel recommends Kristen Chartier

Assistant Vice President

I appreciate the opportunity to recommend Kristen because of her hard work.
Our customers are the foundation of our business and Kristen treats each customer with great customer service.
Please contact me whenever I may recommend Kristen.
Gary Forkel
Oct 5, 2020

Mike Perry recommends Kristen Chartier

Vice President

Kristen always come through. She is super responsive and can handle the toughest of challenges. She handles all of our marketing tools, flyers, cool stuff like pink covid masks this month for breast cancer awareness, and so many other catchy handouts. She has great accuracy with her execution and distribution of what we request. That and her sense of humor make me so grateful to have worked with her for 20+ years.
Oct 5, 2020

Stan De Genaro recommends Kristen Chartier

Sales Execuitive

Truly thankful to have Kristen on our team, we are NEVER without marketing, ideas and resources with her constantly sending us support daily. Her response is always quick and precise. Thanks for all the excellent work you do for us daily and over the many years.
Oct 5, 2020

Shannon He recommends Kristen Chartier

Title Rep

Kristen Chartier is one of the great resources of our Fidelity Title sales team. Thank you for your dedication and support helping me with my marketing support!
All your hard work are highly appreciated!!
Oct 5, 2020

christine rifkin recommends Kristen Chartier


kristen is amazing and always delivers on what she promises and looks out for ways to help her coworkers be more successful .
Oct 5, 2020

Shauna Skarin recommends Kristen Chartier

Account Executive

Kristen is always professional and knowledgeable. I rely on her heavily. I never need to worry about any requests once I put them into her. She is fantastic to work with!
Oct 5, 2020

Kathy Gardiner recommends Kristen Chartier

Sales rep

Kristen Chartier is so helpful to me. Her title is AVP, Marketing. I really consider her not only marketing but a sales assistant also. I contact Kristen when someone has a Fidelity Passport issue or whenever I gave a question. Kristen is always there for me. She also lets me know when our items we’ve ordered are being shipped and so many more things. Agents also LOVE the monthly calendars and FUN facts. I want her to know how much I appreciate her
Oct 5, 2020

Matt Goeglein recommends Kristen Chartier


I have worked with Kristen Chartier for over 20 years. She has been nothing but exceptional, professional, and very efficient. I can always depend on her to get the job done and get it done quickly. I highly recommend her expertise and services.
Oct 5, 2020

Jim Kirk recommends Kristen Chartier

Marketing Rep

To who it may concern, I would like to be on record that I am totally happy with the services Kristen supplies me, and my sales team. We could not be as successful without her, and truly are blessed to have such a talent fighting in our corner. Keep up the great work and thank you for keeping our ship afloat!!
Oct 1, 2020

Luz Vazquez recommends Stan De Genaro


I’ve known Stan for over 6 years. What drew me and my office to him was his smile, his positive energy and his ability to market himself. He’s always there when I need help with any title issues or marketing ideas. I highly recommend that you give him a chance to help you with your title needs.
Sep 24, 2020

Wendy recommends Mark Gregorich

Sales Executive

Mark has been a huge asset to my marketing efforts with Fidelity National Title here in Bullhead City, AZ. He has kept me informed which in turn he has helped me keep my customers informed as well. Thank you for all you do Mark!!! You are appreciated!
Wendy Voight
Sep 1, 2020

Carol Sackal recommends Dina Parsons Alcantar


Dina has been handling my title business for many years. She is always willing to do whatever’s necessary to assist! She’s the BEST!
Aug 10, 2020

IDA MAVAR recommends Ronna Luna

Real Estate Sales

Ronna Luna has been the top icing of the cake for many years. Her service has been top notch, always answering any questions regarding Title issues, always on top of any request I had a need to complete my clients closing in a timely manner.
Do I recommend her, without a doubt, she is the BEST!

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