Matt Goeglein

Sales Executive Fidelity National Title Long Beach
May 20, 2020
Matt is the best in the business! I have been working with him for many, many years. He's never disappointed me.
May 15, 2020
Real Estate agent and property manager
Matt is awesome. I've been working with him for over 20 years.
May 2, 2020
Heather Lemmon
Matt is the best! On top of his game at all times! Romy is wonderful, too!
Apr 27, 2020
Matt and Romy are the best!. Always helpful, prompt and accurate.
Apr 20, 2020
Matt and Romy have always been very helpful in getting things done. They are not only reliable, timely, dependable but they think out of the box and always offer creative solutions in getting things accomplished.
Apr 20, 2020
Real Estate/Mortgage Broker
Matt Goeglein is always so helpful. And he's full of resources. If you call him and he doesn't pick up, he will always call you back. Matt is beyond excellent at what he does. He consistently goes above and beyond for everyone he knows. Matt's a true asset! I feel blessed to have his support.
Apr 17, 2020
Broker Realtor
I have the pleasure of knowing Matt for over 7 year. Matt has provided great service, education along with excellent farming tools that have increased our business.
Apr 16, 2020
President of Realty Minded
My partner and I have been working with Matt for 20+ years and he's always been prompt, efficient and professional while maintaining a friendly relationship with us and our clients. Thank you Matt and Romy of course! We appreciate you both very much...Andrea
Jan 24, 2020
Natl Dir of Social Sales
Matt is an innovative leader dedicated to the success of his clients. He is on the leading edge of technology and business practices and has a growth mentality like few I've met. He constantly seeks to add to his extensive industry knowledge, and I continue to be inspired by the work that he does.
Nov 19, 2019
Matt consistently exceeds my expectations. His response time is amazing and so is his work. He is for sure my one stop shop for title.
Nov 18, 2019
Past client
Matt is an amazing title rep. He goes out of his way to help people. He is so informative and his knowledge is incredible. Thank you for always being so helpful.

Thank you,

Oct 5, 2019
Real Estate Associate - Vista Sotheby's International Realty
Matt has always been a great help on my real estate transactions. He is professional and easy to work with. His advice on title questions has always been helpful and my title report requests have always been handled with the great urgency. I look forward to working with Matt in the future.
Oct 3, 2019
Senior AInvestment Associate
Matt is the consummate professional. He is hard working, responsive and very attentive. In addition he has advised and assisted us with additional marketing resources and becomes a partner in our business. We highly recommend his excellent service
Oct 3, 2019
VP/ Sales Manager Fidelity National Title Inland Empire
I am very fortunate in knowing, and working with Matt. Although we work in different counties, we both work for the same amazing company Fidelity National Title. Matt is always open to sharing ideas, and is extremely knowledgeable about all things Title/Real Estate. Matt is detail oriented and a very good communicator. After listening intently to issues that need to be resolved, he then follows thru with all parties for a successful solution. Besides excellent service, he is a great guy with a very high level of integrity.
Aug 5, 2019
Realtor Douglas Elliman
I really appreciate that I can always count on Matt and Romy. Their motto -- i'll just take care of it -- is not just a slogan. Whether getting a heads up on potential title issues, getting sales data for a last minute appointment or access to the latest farming app, Matt and his team are always responsive, attentive and thorough. Write them into your contract for all your title needs.
Jun 4, 2019
Broker Associate
I have had the privilege of working with Matt Goeglein for over 30 years. He is responsive, a problem solver and very knowledgeable when it comes to closing transactions and has a can-do attitude. I highly recommend Matt and his team at Fidelity National Title Co.

His assistant, Romy Alexander, is exceptional and very responsive as well.

May 16, 2019
Matt is my go-to resource for our clients’ Title needs. His associate Romy is beyond amazing, too. Matt and his team provide a wealth of knowledge and helpfulness to my real estate business. I got particularly invested in Matt when we had an unusually difficult escrow with some complicated title problems to resolve before one of our listings could successfully be sold. They are professional, dependable and extremely responsive. I would highly recommend Matt for all your Title needs. I've been a real estate agent for over 14 years and in my experience, they have given nothing short of exceptional and outstanding services. Thank you Matt and Romy!
Apr 18, 2019
Keller Williams Realtor , Successful Agent for 20 years
Hi I have been working with Romy Alexander and Matt G. for many many years. They have both handled many of my transactions. Romy is extra special in her care and handling of all my Title needs. She goes over and beyond my expectations of her and always goes the extra mile. I am really impressed with her customer service skills and ability to take the extra time I need sometimes for my transactions. It is always a pleasure to work with the 2 of them and individually as well. They both are extremely knowledgeable in their field compared to other reps, have great attitudes and go the extra mile with a smile !!
Apr 16, 2019
Real estate Broker
Matt and Romy are the best! Always there to help me with my tittle report and real estate needs.
Apr 16, 2019
Broker Associate
Matt is fantastic to work with. He is always on top of every issue and quick to respond. I highly recommend him.
Apr 16, 2019
Matt goes above and beyond. Always available to help. I have been working with Matt for 15 years and look forward to 15 more!
Apr 16, 2019
I have been working with Matt for over 25 years. He is honest, dependable and excellent at what he does. I would not hesitate to refer him to any real estate agent.
Apr 15, 2019
Office Manager
Matt is a joy to work with! He and his team are super helpful, positive and very quick to respond when we have questions! He is truly the best!
Apr 15, 2019
CEO of Fineman Suarez
Matt has been our go to title rep for years. Our business is built on excellent customer service, integrity, loyalty, going the extra mile and being passionate about our work. Matt's values and work eithic mirrors ours and that's why he is and will always be our title rep!
Apr 15, 2019
Matt and his right hand Romy are an excellent team. We have worked as an office with Matt for over seven years since our inception as a national franchisee and now as a large independent brokerage. Matt is consistent and reliable, he doesn't assume that he has your trust or your business, he works for it every day. There is no secret as to why he is a top rep for Fidelity Title - he works hard every day, has a smile on his face whether things are great or not, stands by his word, is honest and kind and really cares about the agents he does business for and with. There are no perfect title experiences, all you can ask for is the best effort, timely response, someone who will educate and advise you and works the same crazy schedule as successful Realtors. Romy is the best assistant I have ever run into, she is always accessible, seems to have a magic response time, always has a great attitude and an "we can get it done" work ethic; at the end of the day, if Matt and Romy gave it a try and it didn't work you know if wasn't because of lack of effort. Can you tell I recommend him without reservation :) and no I am not easy to please - I just smile a lot. 5-stars to Matt and Romy!

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