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Recommendations (535)

May 19, 2023

Doreen Chan recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard

Escrow Officer

Nicole is very helpful in helping us on a closing. She is on top of everything. She is the best rep that I highly recommend. She responded to my email and phone call very fast.
May 19, 2023

Stanley Lu recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


All title reps are friendly, professional, and nice, and Nicole and Yvonne are no different in this respect. However, Nicole and Yvonne's knowledge of the real estate market and their ability to advocate for their clients are what really set them apart from other title reps and make them invaluable to my team. In a standard transaction, most title reps will do their jobs fine, but when things are difficult and there needs to be someone on your side, you better be working with Nicole and Yvonne. This is the inherent value they add to all my transactions and why I will follow them to any title company. Pick up the phone and ask them a question and if they don’t know the answer from their decades of experience, they will reach out to their extensive network to help you. It is very difficult to find a team with Nicole and Yvonne's depth of knowledge, experience and network and it is why they are the best at their jobs. Their loyalty to their clients and work ethic are unmatched. It’s been an honor working with both of you!
May 16, 2023

Oscar Castrellon recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


I would like to recommend Nicole And Yvonne because they are very professional, very knowledgeable in the title bussines and very helpful on everything you need as a real estate agent like my self, they have a lots of patience and they take their time in helping you and explaining any questions or doubts you might have on any subject especially with title matters , Nicole and Yvonne will go the extra mile for you to make sure you get the help you need and that you are taken care of as part of their team and they will make sure your escrow will close without any problems, I really like Nicole and Yvonne and I'm really happy that they are part of my team and I have known both of them for around 30 years , they are beautiful persons
May 9, 2023

Lois Brand Billings recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


I have worked with Team Maynard for over 20 years. They have always been very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Nicole and Yvonne have been able to answer my questions, find resources and resolve title issues. Their turn around time on phone calls is amazing!
Personally, they are truly genuinely happy and nice individuals, and it is a pleasure to work with them.
Apr 26, 2023

Daniel Gregory recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


Nicole and Yvonne seem to always have all the required information needed in understanding an home transaction including, updated laws and stanards,tax changes and overal title documents. They turly are a wonderful team in handling any home sale and title needs.

Daniel Gregory
Apr 12, 2023

William Bingley recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard

West Life Realty Owner/Broker

My team and I have been working with Nicole and Yvonne for many years now. They are reliable, prompt, helpful, and kind. Overall, they are wonderful title representatives! They make title transfers easy and smooth, and they are always here for our needs. We greatly appreciate their team and all their hard work!
Apr 3, 2023

Patrick Desimone recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


Thank you Nicole for helping me with my title needs as a realtor so I can better assist my clients.
Mar 16, 2023

Krishna Jain recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


I truly recommend Nicole she is amazing and very prompt, diligent and gets the job done. She is communicative and helpful at what is asked and gets on it and makes it happen.
Mar 9, 2023

Gustavo Enriquez recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


"I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to the couple of ladies who taught the class I recently took. They were incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and approachable. They created a welcoming and supportive learning environment that allowed me to thrive and make the most of the class. I was impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail, which made the material accessible and engaging. Their enthusiasm for the subject matter was contagious, and it inspired me to continue learning even after the class ended. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and passion with us - you truly made a difference!"
Mar 8, 2023

Morena R. recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


Thank you Ivonne and Nicole for all the help you provide to us agents!!!
You and your team are very professionals and have always a great attitude and a contagious energy!????
Mar 6, 2023

Dick Wong recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard

Broker Associate

I have been working with Yvonne and Nicole for many years, particularly Yvonne since I started my real estate career in 1982. I truly appreciate partnership with this team, including the customers service staff. I strongly recommend them. Exceptional customer service!
Feb 24, 2023

Angela TSai recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


Thank you Nicole for all your help and taking care of my clients, as a realtor we need a great team by our side. Unique perspective on title issues. Nicole is extremely responsive, answers the phone & takes time to explain the process.She definitely has the experience and knowledge to assist anyone going through a transaction. Highly efficient! Highly recommend! Nicole is the best!
Feb 23, 2023

Nicole Menard recommends Ronna Luna


Ronna is a colleague of mine and I've had the pleasure of working with her for over 20 years. She is an exceptional professional with a strong work ethic and passion for her work. Ronna has a Huge Heart! ?
Feb 23, 2023

Ronna Luna recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


Its so rewarding being able to learn from and watch the amazing job Nicole and her team does for her clients! They are true professionals with amazing energy and tools to help you succeed :)
Feb 22, 2023

Kristyn Lawson recommends Kathy Gardiner

Kathy is the best in the industry! She is a valuable asset and delightful to work through any transaction or title needs. Her passion for excellence, quick response and dedication has supported me for years and I am so grateful for her. For any title needs, call Kathy!
Feb 22, 2023

Christal Williams recommends Kathy Gardiner

Senior Account Executive

Kathy comes with my highest recommendations. She is always looking for new ideas to assist her clients.

I admire her for her creative work and her willingness to "give first.”

As I have, you would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Kathy.

Feb 9, 2023

Lily Yun recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


Nicole is such wonderful and with patient person to help me go through this problem that is the first time I involved.
This service has not give her and compensation or credit at all, but, she still trying so hard to help me finished. Appreciated.!!!!
Feb 8, 2023

Connie Sim recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


Nicole and Yvonne are absolutely amazing!

Very responsive
Very professional
Very enthusiastic about helping agents succeed.
Feb 6, 2023

Geoffrey Arabit recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard

Realtor CBGRealty Alhambra

Nicole is a very professional and great resource person in your company She have gave me valuable insight on how to use navigate all tools offered by your Title company thru the Fidelity Farm website she is a gem in your office and I can’t thank her enough guiding me navigate this tools in my RE business
Feb 3, 2023

Raul A Saenz recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard

Real Estate

They are excellent!
Always on the top of solutions!
Jan 23, 2023

Mimi recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard

Nicole is a wonderful and professional title representative. Always helpful.
Jan 17, 2023

Patricia recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard


Great Team!
Great Attitude!
Great and fast service!
Thank you Nicole and Yvonne for your great assistance and everything you do!
Dec 30, 2022

Peter Ursano recommends Kathy Gardiner

Owner/Broker at Capri Realty

Kathy always answers my concerns & questions in a timely manner & very professionally. I would highly recommend her.
Dec 21, 2022

Christine Herrera recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard

Sales Assistant

Nicole and Yvonne are my reliable contacts with Fidelity. Whether they help with our deal directly, share general knowledge or refer us to another internal party, they are pleasant and approachable. However, the biggest deal for me is their responsiveness to emails. I have worked with less-than-ideal reps from many companies, and these two are so quick to respond, that they have set the bar HIGH for customer service.
Dec 15, 2022

Iris Lagrimas recommends Nicole and Yvonne Menard

Commercial Broker

Nicole was referred by colleague; Her reputation precedes her. Nicole is generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge. If you have any questions on Title/Escrow/Real Estate Marketing, I can attest that Nicole is one of the best resources.

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