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Fidelity National Title group is the largest business to business firm in the real estate space in the United States. We closed, with our clients, over 160,000 transactions last month, with over 640,000 stakeholders, 63% of those stakeholders have done business with us multiple times this year.

FNTG Sales people are truly “Sales Executives”- we are business to business sales executives focused on saving our customers time and money, while at the same time creating additional introductions and streams of revenue opportunities for them throughout the real estate process.


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Apr 22, 2021

Bryon Bashore recommends Lisa Crown

Account Executive

Coach Lisa is awesome. I am finishing my first round of coaching, I would recommend any person wanting to gain more confidence and gain a better quality client, reward yourself with one of her programs. Thanks Coach!
Apr 22, 2021

Kimberly Keegan recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I am completing my first round of Coaching with Lisa and I am amazed by her knowledge, creativity, energy, and sales expertise and acumen. It is no surprise she was a top producer in title sales! She generously shares her time, her wisdom and experience, and pushes me to do better--BE better. I am thankful to have the opportunity to train under her and am so excited to see where my business will go this year and beyond with her timeless sales practices and techniques.
Apr 21, 2021

Karl Kooser recommends Lisa Crown

Account Executive

I am in the VIP CLUB Coaching program & actually this is my third program with Coach Lisa. Each time is real game changer for my business. She challenges you but doesn't overwhelm is a balance to push you to your limits without making you break down completely and Coach Lisa does this with great impact. If you want to level up in your business then do yourself a favor and sign up for one of her programs. You will get back to the things you have gotten away from as well as learn many innovative, creative, and effective ways to generate new leads, foster existing relationships, and enhance your overall business. A must do for any sales professional looking for growth.
Apr 20, 2021

Nikki Maurer recommends Lisa Crown

VP Sales

I've lost count of how many Lisa Crown Elite Coaching programs I've graduated from. Lisa's coaching programs are like water.....can't live without 'em!! I'm just finishing the VIP Club Coaching Program and it's really taken me to the next level. Lisa has really helped my think out of the box to get appointments with targets and mega targets. Very call, every assignment, makes me better. Lisa helps me with my confidence and guides me in the direction of pure growth. What's next Coach?? 100% count me in!!
Apr 17, 2021

Jami Boledovich recommends Lisa Crown

National Account Manager / Sales Executive

I have been part of the "Elite Degree Commercial" coaching program for the last 6 months. Lisa Crown KNOWS the formula to success in this industry. Not only was she in title sales for 20 years, she was also the top performer year after year. Right from the start she encouraged our team to put in the time and do the work. Made us step out of our comfort zone and "Combat the NO!".
She's real with you, but in a nice way. Her goal is to really motivate you, giving you many valuable tips and ways to grow your book of business and keep it.
I highly recommend being part of her coaching program. You will not regret it and will only learn from the BEST. Many "golden nuggets" to take from this course, I promise!:)
Apr 16, 2021

Brad Goodman recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I took the Elite Degree Commercial Sales Training program and I learned so much from Coach Lisa! You have to put in the work and it isn't easy but she will deliver the most amazing tools and tips on how to grow your business and gain clients. I have overcome my fear of picking up the phone and calling a stranger and have seen a lot of success from following the steps outlined by Lisa. Thanks, Coach!
Apr 15, 2021

DeAnna Neises recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive, AVP

Lisa has been my coach for about 5 years, and without her I would be struggling everyday - she not only coaches me in my business, but truly cares about me as an individual and making sure I give myself the time necessary to grow personally as well as professionally-

Lisa has the best ideas of getting in front of the client with timely relevant material, so that I can help my clients business grow as well.

Lisa, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the most amazing coach there is.
Apr 14, 2021

Jeaneth Cabrera recommends Lisa Crown

National Account Manager

I am about to complete my Elite Degree Commercial Coaching Program with Coach Lisa. I have to say that she has helped me tremendously with the new way of virtual business. she is amazing and will definitely help you get to your goals.

Apr 14, 2021

Annie recommends Lisa Crown


Lisa always helped me to move my business to the next level. She not only cares about us but also she consistently giving us golden nuggets to improve ourselves. I tripled my business since I started working with her and highly recommend Lisa.

Thank you Coach
Apr 14, 2021

Tisha Wollen recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa Crown shines from in the inside out! She was made to be a coach! Encouraging, supportive, inspiring and authentic. I have been coached in her VIP CLUB- Taking Down the Target program. She offers valuable tips and tools to not only become a top performer in sales but to become the best version of yourself! I have particularly enjoyed her podcasts as well! Grateful for the opportunity to learn from her.
Apr 14, 2021

Gretchen Lee recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa is a tremendous coach and offers so much value and ideas to help you grow as a sales executive and push yourself to achieve what you want to achieve. I would highly recommend taking any of her coaching classes, I was in the Win Em Over group and will continue to implement her tools into my business.
Thank you Lisa!
Apr 13, 2021

Katie Coleman recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Where do I start with this lady? I have continued to enroll in her coaching because I always walk away having gained great knowledge and strength within myself. Coach Lisa is a great motivator, and an inspiration every time we meet and interact. If you are looking to come out of coaching in a better place personally and professionally then sign up! You will not regret this decision to better your business. The countless tips, tricks, and special sauces are just the tip of your take aways when you have Lisa as your Coach. I am so thankful for her and the knowledge, self confidence, and growth I have in my business because of her and the coaching I received. I love Lisa Crown!
Apr 13, 2021

Michele Denys recommends Lisa Crown

AVP Sales & Markting

This is my 3rd coaching program & I must say the content and inspiration just keeps getting better! Coach is an amazing leader and mentor! I have been a Sales Executive for over 20 years and she has shown me so many tips, tools, systems and programs to help my agents maximize production.
Lisa will challenge you and your business to grow. I am just finishing up the Target/ Prospecting course and it was awesome! I learned so many new tactics, scripts and insights during challenging times. And I also developed a great support team with my team members along the way. My business is continuing to grow as I expand on what I have learned. Thank you Coach Lisa!
Apr 12, 2021

Gregory Douthit recommends Lisa Crown

AVP Sales and Marketing

This is my 4th round of coaching and it just keeps getting better and better. Coach Lisa is one of the most Energetic, Motivating, Brilliant, Caring, Understanding and Loving Business Coach I've ever had. But she will also call you out when you aren't doing what you need to do and making excuses. If you are in Sales, you need Coach Lisa in your life. Her podcast is so Bomb as well!!!
Apr 12, 2021

Anonymous recommends Lisa Crown

AVP National Account Manager

I have done many sales programs and Lisa is by far the best. I would highly recommend doing this program as well as listening to her podcasts. Lisa's program is a gamechanger and you will elevate your sales.
Apr 12, 2021

Ben Maggard recommends Lisa Crown

Over the past 6 months, Lisa has not only been a phenomenal teacher, but a great mentor in my sales career. I have been a part of the Elite Degree Commercial Coaching Program and I have already seen the benefit that it can add to my career. I believe after graduating the class, it is only the beginning of a long-lasting career in title sales. Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me, Lisa!

Ben Maggard
Apr 2, 2021

Mandy Marumoto recommends Samia Reichel

Escrow Officer

Samia is one of the best there is, and I would recommend her any day! I participated in the Elite Escrow Coaching program, which came at the right time when my revenue was the most it's ever been but I had a brand new assistant who hadn't even heard of title and escrow before. I didn't think I would be able to run my desk and train at the same time, but Samia helped me with step by step tips and tools to help me through it. Just a few months later, not only is my assistant well-trained and my business still thriving, I am much more organized, productive, and balanced. I appreciate all of Samia's guidance and encouragement through this process!
Apr 1, 2021

Lori Ciaravella recommends Lisa Crown

Business Development Executive

I have been through many sale coaching programs and Lisa's is by far the best. Her ability to connect and be real with her clients is like no other. She is honest and cuts to the core. I loved her program and would recommend it to anyone new or seasoned in sales.
Mar 31, 2021

Sabrina Jandro recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I would highly recommend Lisa Crown's Elite Coaching Program. I am a new sales representative and she helped me create a path. She explains how to be a successful rep in this industry. Lisa works through the struggles and how to overcome them. I would not be where I am today without her coaching.
Mar 31, 2021

Eric "Auggie" Aguinaga recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Excutive

Lisa's leadership and motivation is an example of true professionalism! Lisa took me a wet behind the ears beginner and mentored me through starting a difficult career during COVID-19. Not only was Lisa able to support me with industry skills, she was a coach to help navigate situations not in the handbook. 10/10 Would recommend Lisa's coaching program to all FNF employees.

Mar 31, 2021

Angela Pilla Soares recommends Lisa Crown

Business Development Executive, Fidelity National Title, Florida East

I have had the privilege of being in Lisa's Elite Degree Coaching program over the past 6 months and I can truly say that it was life and business changing! She has brilliant systems and practices, that when put all together, increase sales and confidence! I have seen my numbers grow -- but most importantly she has helped me create unstoppable momentum and positive mindset. I am forever grateful for Lisa, her program and tough love. If you're thinking about coaching with her -- do not hesitate - DO IT!
Mar 31, 2021

Analise Yeager recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I have been a part of Coach Lisa's program since October of last year, and I have noticed an incredible improvement in my business as a result of her coaching. I have gotten more confident in my calls, bolder in asking for business, and overall more prepared every day I come into work. She is on the ball when it comes to any questions you may have and is a positive force for forward movement! Thanks Coach!
Mar 30, 2021

Lisa Hoad recommends Lisa Crown

Business Development Executive

Wow...what an amazing experience being a part of Lisa's Elite Degree Coaching program! I am beyond excited and grateful for all that I have learned and am looking forward to watching my business grow this year. Lisa's passion, energy and true care for her students is inspiring. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, Lisa and her program is a must!
Mar 29, 2021

Cheryl Esquer recommends Lisa Crown

Account Executive

I am thankful for Lisa Crown and her Elite Degree coaching program. She has so much passion, knowledge, tips, tricks, skills and insight to help you grow your business to new levels. She encourages you to aim your sights on success and provides you with all the tools to achieve it! Thank you Coach Lisa!
Mar 29, 2021

Christina Brockhagen recommends Samia Reichel

Escrow Officer

Coaching with Samia couldn't have come at a better time for me. Being a newer closer with a growing desk, 2020 had me unorganized, stressed, and, frankly, unhealthy - mentally and emotionally.

Working with Samia over these past 6 months, my desk has transformed to a well-oiled machine with systems put in place and I am now working smarter than ever! Samia listened to what I needed and helped me accomplish my professional and personal goals. This coaching program has helped me learn the importance of setting expectations with your clients, being consistent with your processes, and above all else, taking some time to be kind to yourself and to focus on your life outside of work,

Thank you for everything, Samia!! You are remarkable!

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