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Fidelity National Title group is the largest business to business firm in the real estate space in the United States. We closed, with our clients, over 160,000 transactions last month, with over 640,000 stakeholders, 63% of those stakeholders have done business with us multiple times this year.

FNTG Sales people are truly “Sales Executives”- we are business to business sales executives focused on saving our customers time and money, while at the same time creating additional introductions and streams of revenue opportunities for them throughout the real estate process.


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Aug 14, 2019

Lance Taylor recommends Ruth Darling

Team Owner

Ruth took the time to come meet with our team. Not only is Ruth extremely knowledgeable, she also is charming, entertaining, and fun to learn from. My team kept telling me afterwards how much they learned and how excited Ruth got them with her dynamic approach. It's hands on the whole time, practical and immediately applicable. If you ever get the opportunity to learn from this wonderful person, do yourself a favor and commit to meeting with her!
Aug 13, 2019

Valerie Grijalva recommends Steve de Laveaga

VP, Sales Manager Chicago Title Las Vegas

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do for our company. You may not hear it enough but you are making a difference. Taking on the role as sales manager, I thought I could do it all and make my footprint on everyone in my circle. I quickly learned that I needed to surround myself with the resources that would help me best achieve my goal. Steve, same goes for you. Thank you for being part of that circle.

Shine on my friends!
Aug 12, 2019

Lisa Kahihikolo recommends Steve de Laveaga

VP Director of Sales FNT of Hawaii

To Chelsea P. and Steve D.

BIG MAHALO! For all that you do for us here at Fidelity and Hawaii!

We received many follow up requests and will be taking advantage of your resources to build our teams brand and growth!

Amazing events! We are appreciative of your time!!!! Now you get to enjoy and have some much deserved R&R!!!!

Aug 9, 2019

Olivia Morikawa recommends Chelsea Peitz

AVP, Sales Executive, Honolulu, HI

Aloha Chelsea! Your presentations on social media were stellar and your knowledge in this fast and changing world is beneficial to us all! You are amazing and thank you very much for sharing that knowledge with us. I would recommend anyone that has not taken a coaching class to get on board. Mahalo, Olivia
Aug 9, 2019

Olivia Morikawa recommends Steve de Laveaga

Steve, I love it when you come to Hawaii! My top clients are very impressed and excited to see you at each presentation you give. They are refreshed and ready for action and when I see excitement in their eyes, I feel proud to be part of Fidelity's team. Thank you very much and I look forward to your next presentation. Rock on and Aloha! Olivia
Aug 7, 2019

Jim Hammarstrom recommends Steve de Laveaga

VP Sales - Corefact

I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know that I am really getting a lot out of your podcasts. They are phenomenal!

Keep up the great sharing, my friend. You are a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and motivation.
Aug 5, 2019

Stephen Vincelli recommends Ruth Darling


Ruth did a fantastic job for our team. She was very helpful all the way through the process. She was always available to answer questions and made sure our transition team was on point. Thank you Ruth for all you do.
Aug 2, 2019

Cynthia Dunn recommends Ruth Darling

Buyer Agent

Ruth's CINC TRAINING was filled with great energy and enthusiasm! I was able to have a greater understanding of the platform and how it works, I truly enjoyed the time she took with our team and look forward to her coming back!

Aug 2, 2019

Josh Friedman recommends Ruth Darling


Ruth is the best! Can give her enough praise for the help and assistance provided. Thank you!
Jul 22, 2019

Terri D. Adams recommends Lisa Crown

Assistant Vice President

I'd like to give you a golden crown , Ms. Lisa Crown! Your revenue Disrupting coaching session is SENSATIONAL!! I've been in the title industry over 20 years. I learned new tactical title tips, Combating the "NO" and did things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. You understand our business industry and offer rebuttals to our questions with ease. Your positive coaching tips, podcasts, and posts are second to none. I highly recommend Lisa if you're looking for revenue enhancement, confidence building, and personal growth.
Jul 22, 2019

Adrienne Salomon recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I am so unbelievably grateful that Lisa Crown found me when she did. I have been through 4 rounds of her coaching program in less than 3 years and it has taken my career to new heights, I never though possible. She has taught me some very valuable professional and personal life lessons. I will continue to participate in all of her programs until she kicks me out. Thank you, Coach, for all you do!
Jul 22, 2019

Rachael Rawls recommends Lisa Crown

AVP- Sales Executive

I just finished my second time coaching with Lisa, and completed the Revenue Disruptor course. This course strengthened my communication skills when it came to pitching realtors and taking down more prospects. I would have said I was above average when it came to cold calling/pitching, but her course made me realize I could be so much better!! Lisa coached me to improve my probing questions, the format of my pitch, combating the no, and really getting that appointment set with a realtor. I would 100% recommend working with Lisa in this course because it supercharged my confidence and my results. Thank you Lisa, you are a BEAST!
Jul 22, 2019

Romy Alexander recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Assistant

Lisa Crown is an amazing coach. I am almost finished with the Revenue Disruptor Program and I have learned so much! I am so much more confident. Lisa makes sure that she pushes you out of your comfort zone. She is passionate about what she teaches and she is passionate about your growth. There are so many things that I have applied from this course. Thank you Lisa!!!
Jul 22, 2019

Annie Fan recommends Lisa Crown

Title sales executive

Lisa is an amazing sales coach. She helped me so much on prospecting and turned me into a prospecting ninja. I love her rebuttal practice. I highly recommend anyone who wants to grow his or her business to the next level to take her session. You will learn and grow tremendously.

Jul 22, 2019

Linda Pelaez recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

If you are ready to grow and push yourself to be the best you can be and reach your goals then participate in The Revenue Disruptor Program. Lisa guides you and teaches you to push beyond the "NO", to welcome stepping out of your comfort zone, and GROW!!! She shows so much passion and energy as she guides and encourages you to keep growing! Thanks Lisa!
Jul 21, 2019

Gina McGaha recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa Crown is a wonderful Title/Escrow Sales coach. Having been a top performing sales exec for many years, she understands our jobs. She helps us identify and overcome our fears, while she also continues to get outside of her comfort zone, specifically with her awesome Podcast, Get Real with Lisa Crown. She's not telling us what to do, she's practicing what she preaches, and it's inspiring. I've almost completed the Revenue Disruptor program, and I am so impressed at how the process really works. It truly has been a transformative program. You're in a "safe zone" with a small group of reps from sister companies, and, not only do you learn from Lisa's extensive skills and experience, you learn from your group. I can't wait to move on to the next program! 100% Recommend!
Jul 21, 2019

Erin Olmstead recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Just completed Revenue Disruptor and let me tell you this is what you need to get out of your comfort zone!!! All I have to say is AMAZING!!!
Lisa Crown is as always the best coach. Pushing you, encouraging you and no excuses!!! She has literally changed my life. I am so thankful that I have met her and that I have had the honor of being coached by her❤️
Jul 21, 2019

Lisa Lombardi recommends Lisa Crown

Title Rep

I am so happy that I continue in my investment with Lisa Crown Coaching. My achievements with coaching has been unbelievable for me. We all want to be successful in business but until you decide that you want to grow and really master your craft you definitely need Lisa Crown to help to accomplish those dreams and goals. In this program disrupter it has move me up to whole different level. This journey help me to be confident and knowing my product. Lisa coach style is help me in lots of new strategies and resources. If you are looking to advancing your game and getting results, Lisa crown will help you with that. Powerful coaching program. Appreciate you Lisa and so grateful for you. Thank you for helping me to live my full potential in Sales and facing my fears. Go Ninja!!!
Jul 21, 2019

Maria Merrick recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive Fidelity National Title

I have been in sales for over 20 years 7 with Fidelity National Title. Lisa Crown has been my coach for the last 3 years. I LOVE LISA CROWN!!! Lisa's passion, GET REAL, no nonsense dedication to my success is immeasurable to me. The confidence, courage, knowledge through her tools, and out of the box ideas that Lisa has instilled in me, give me the power to grow my business is off the charts. I could go on forever!!!! Lisa Crown changed my life!!!
Jul 19, 2019

Audra Tallman recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa pushed me to believe in myself and not to be afraid of the answer "NO" Lisa will push you, but in a good way. Lisa has so much energy and she is so passionate about helping others grow! Thank you so much!
Jul 19, 2019

Lorri McGregor recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I have been in the Title Industry for almost 29 years and am just finishing the Revenue Disruptor course offered by Fidelity National Financial with Lisa Crown. I am so honored to have had Lisa as a coach, she has such passion for what she does and she really cares about all of her students. She is an encourager, but she can get hard on you when you are not pushing yourself. She has helped me to overcome my fear of pushing past the No and getting an appointment and an order. She is helping me to reach the next level. Thank you Lisa!!! I am ready to move to your next level of coaching!!!
Jul 18, 2019

Carol Zimmerman recommends Lisa Crown

Sale's Executive

I been in the title industry for 30 plus years and I’ve never been so challenged and or stepped out of my comfort zone until I been coaching with Lisa!! I’ve had to reinvent myself the last 5 years and I’ve been hitting all my goals because of the things I’ve learned from Coach Lisa!! She coaches in a very motivating & supportive way!!
Thank you for all you have done to help me change and become the sales ninja that I am growing into!!
Jul 14, 2019

Jenny Machat recommends Lisa Crown

Account Executive Chicago Title Las Vegas

I see why Fidelity National Insurance Company seeks Lisa's expertise! She pours her heart & soul into her own developed coaching programs to ensure success & growth for us. Lisa provides us a competitive advantage in our field with her strategies and resources. I can't thank her enough for my transformation and look forward to more coaching from Coach Lisa!
Jun 28, 2019

Allison Capra recommends Samia Reichel

Escrow Officer

Samia is a true professional and GREAT at what she does. I had no idea what to expect from coaching and she by far exceeded any expectations. Her Accountability and no excuses attitude keeps you on track to reach your goals and get outside of your comfort zone. What an amazing asset she is to our FNF family!
Jun 28, 2019

Heidi M Lloyd recommends Shelly Boyce

Escrow Closer/LPO #10324

Shelly is an amazing coach. She has helped me double my purchase business on my desk through ideas, marketing tips, time management and never ending support of myself and my business. Shelly's coaching took the form of mentoring, cheerleading, supportive ear and collaborating to make me the best ME and best Escrow Closer I can be. Thank you Shelly for all your support!

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