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Fidelity National Title group is the largest business to business firm in the real estate space in the United States. We closed, with our clients, over 160,000 transactions last month, with over 640,000 stakeholders, 63% of those stakeholders have done business with us multiple times this year.

FNTG Sales people are truly “Sales Executives”- we are business to business sales executives focused on saving our customers time and money, while at the same time creating additional introductions and streams of revenue opportunities for them throughout the real estate process.


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Mar 31, 2024

Duncan Cory recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa is by far one of the most impactful coaches I have ever had. Lisa will tell you what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. Lisa's style is unique, I like to call her the "velvet hammer". Lisa has a way of lighting a fire under your ass while being empathetic and real. Everyone needs a Lisa in their life!

Mar 25, 2024

Sergey Basantsev recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

What a powerful and impactful program with Lisa that comes with results. I came in so fresh the paint was still wet. The experience and knowledge that Lisa shared revolutionized my way of business that translated into a stronger confidence in myself to win. There is no reinventing, Lisas coaching comes with every tool and guide that is proven to work. Paired with her personal attention to each person - tailored to any area of weakness as needed. I was incredible to see every participants orders go up in the course of coaching! Changed my life!! Thank you Lisa!
Mar 24, 2024

Jennifer Smith recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

As a member of the Market Share Moves Coaching Program, I've come to the conclusion that I entered into the program at the right time. As we are up in the air with uncertainty of the market with interest rates increasing, decreasing, stabilizing and agents being fearful of how they are going to business in the future, Lisa gives us clear strategies on how to navigate our way through these uncertainties. I'm forever grateful for her knowledge, her strategies and her push to get me to the next level and to move our market share! Thanks Coach!
Mar 21, 2024

Stacie Polozola recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Roadmap to Success - Home Warranty! Lisa is a great Coach! If you want to grow your business she is your girl! Lisa helped me realize the need for time blocking and making that call. The victory swipe is a great feeling!
Mar 21, 2024

Stefani Burris recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I am completing the Roadmap to Success course with Lisa Crown and it has been a true gamechanger!! Lisa pushes you past your comfort zone, is blunt, caring, always there for you, and is one of the best humans I've ever met. I am left begging for a part 2 and know my business will be forever changed for the better because of Lisa. If you're on the fence, do not hesitate and sign up now! Lisa, thank you for everything and I cannot wait to work with you again.
Mar 20, 2024

Lisa Justason recommends Lisa Crown

AVP Sales North West Team

I was struggling to get focused and requested to take Lisa’s coaching class for a reset. I am so glad I did! I am time blocking, being purposeful with opportunities I take. I’m now always aware of my ROI and make my decisions based on that. I love using the day planner - it keeps me accountable. I am booking more appointments and am much more focused.

Thank you coach Lisa!
Mar 20, 2024

Lindsay Nurnberg recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa coached me in Roadmap to Success - Home Warranty Program. I have also done a majority of the Title program prior to the HW class becoming available. The program and Coach have helped me tremendously in managing my time, prospecting and follow up. I am grateful for coach Lisa's support.
Mar 20, 2024

Lisa Savage recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I am in the Roadmap to Success-Home Warranty Program and Lisa has provided me with LIFELONG tips for managing my time and time blocking, so I am able to really help my clients and find new ones! Lisa has also gotten me past my cold calling fear! Thank you so much Lisa!
Mar 20, 2024

Katie Morales recommends Lisa Crown

Assistant Vice President

I am delighted to provide a short recommendation for Lisa Crown based on her "Roadmap to Success - Home Warranty" coaching class, which has been a true game-changer. Lisa is a master at her craft, embodying a no-nonsense approach that focuses on teaching us how to achieve success. Her wealth of knowledge spans across various areas, offering valuable insights to help you innovate and elevate yourself to the next level.

Taking Lisa's class is a transformative experience that can significantly enhance your skills and capabilities. If you don't succeed after attending her class, it's simply a matter of not putting the pieces together correctly. Lisa, you are truly amazing, and I feel fortunate to be a part of your class. Thank you for your guidance and expertise in helping us reach our full potential.
Mar 19, 2024

Jan Taylor recommends Lisa Crown

Assistant Vice President

Lisa coached me in the Road Map to Success-Home Warranty Program.
Lisa is always pushing me to a different level of my ability to prospect, be clear on my goals, and creating good time management. She is always there to answer my questions, giving me great ideas, and motivating me. She is understanding, helpful, caring and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her as a great coach!!!
Mar 18, 2024

Gabriel McLane recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa, is an awesome coach she's very knowledgeable, understanding and my two favorites approachable and relatable! I'm so excited that I had the opportunity to be apart of her Roadmap to Success-Home Warranty Program thank you for making this journey challenging, fun and financially beneficial!
Mar 18, 2024

Betty Hobbs recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I have recently completed the Lisa Crown Market Share Movers Program. Lisa has been extremely supportive and encouraging. She not only helped me grow Professionally but also as a Person. She has always taken the time and given me the support to work through my challenges. I would not have known all the amazing tools and ways to prospect and build without her.
I Highly recommend anyone to watch her videos and take her classes.
She is truly a Master of Minds.
Lisa, thank you for making me the new person that I am.
Mar 15, 2024

Lori Scardina recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Representative Fidelity National Home Warranty

I participated in the Home Warranty Roadmap to Success. This has been a game changer for me personally and professionally. Coach Lisa has mastered her craft and shares her knowledge to take your business to the next level. Her coaching has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I am so pleased with the results of this. If you get the opportunity to participate in her coaching, don't pass it up. You will NOT be sorry. It is a lot of hard work but so worth the effort! Thank you Coach for EVERYTHING!
Mar 13, 2024

Paige Snider recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive


I have just finished Lisa's 6 month Coaching Program and I am so thankful for her and her program! She is always willing to listen and motivate no matter the situation. She has made me a "well rounded" sales representative! I have only been a rep for almost 2 years now and I feel that Lisa has given me the knowledge of being in the industry 20+ years! Her dedication to this Coaching Program is unmatched! Anyone who is thinking about taking her course should JUST DO IT! You and the people you surround yourself with professionally and daily will see the difference quickly!

Mar 11, 2024

Lisa Vizza recommends Lisa Crown

AVP Fidelity Home Warranty

Taking Lisa's Roadmap to Success - home warranty coaching class is a game changer. She is a master at her skill, no nonsense, no excuses, just teaching SUCCESS!!!. She is so knowledgeable in so many different areas that help you create and innovate your way to the next level. If you take her class and don't succeed, you just didn't put your all in it. Thank you Lisa!!!
Mar 4, 2024

Jennifer Horsburgh recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive Fidelity Home Warranty

Lisa is truly amazing at her coaching. I have learned so much over the past few months from prospecting, calling, talking to agents and closing the deal. This has helped me so much I was feeling so off track with my business and I have turned it around!! My calendar is full in March!! I am truly blessed by Lisa Crown!!
Feb 7, 2024

SAMANTHA GIACOMINO recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

This program brought all the tips, tricks and golden nuggets to make anyone succeed in this business! It teaches you that if you do the work, you will get where you want to go. All of the questions, fears, thoughts a sales executive has are answered in this coaching program. Connections with other reps throughout the nation, that do what you do, are made so you can bounce ideas off each other and work through obstacles together. You learn you aren't alone in this...others are going through the same things and being able to work through them together and talk things out really gives you the confidence to get out there and do the work! Coach Lisa Crown cancels out all the excuses, she pushes you out of your comfort zone and she makes you do the work and guess what folks.....appts happen, your revenue grows, success happens! Highly recommend this program to anyone who is new to the business or wants to level up. You won't be disappointed but come ready to work!
Feb 7, 2024

Rory Escoto recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I started in the Market Share Movers class in August of 2023. I've been in the title and escrow business for over 30 years but the sales executive role was a little bit foreign to me. Coach Lisa's class taught me all the tactics to grow my business as well as motivate myself day in and day out. Be prepared to learn things about yourself and your people skills that you didn't know. I highly recommend taking Lisa's class if your serious about your success. She is an amazing resource!
Feb 6, 2024

Kelly Breland recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

This was my second time to work with Coach Lisa and again I learned so much. I appreciate how she challenged me and didn't hold anything back. In the end it's only to make me a better sale executive. All the tools and "Golden Nuggets" will be a game changer to how I help my agents grow their business. I'm excited to see the where the growth of my business is 1 year from now and I hope to continue to have Lisa as my coach. Thank you, Coach Lisa!!!!
Feb 6, 2024

Courtney DeFrees recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I was lucky enough to start my sales career off coaching with Lisa! I am a part of the Market Share Movers Coaching Program and I cannot wait to continue coaching with her in the Elite Coaching club. Each class has been jammed packed with tangible takeaways that I can apply to my daily life. She's consistently sharing new ideas and innovative ways to approach my business. I've been able to increase my appointment count and new orders thanks to her coaching. I am grateful to have the opportunity to coach with such a powerful motivator!! I highly recommend coaching with Lisa - you do not want to miss out!
Feb 6, 2024

Lori Schnier recommends Lisa Crown

Title Sales Rep

This was my first time working with Lisa and my first time in the Market Share Movers group. I could not recommend this more! The techniques and skills I have learned in the last 6 months are making a difference in my business and will continue to as I fine tune them through my career. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge that we are lucky to be able to tap in to! She keeps it real, giving you praise and constructive criticism. She has tried and true strategies. She also knows what will not work in this market. Her support is priceless! I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity!
Nov 14, 2023

Cari Landes recommends Lisa Crown

Account Manager

I have just returned from an outstanding 3-day sales mastermind led by my sales coach the one and only Ms Lisa Crown. I can honestly say it was one of the most valuable experiences of my career. During this mastermind we dove into overcoming objections, keeping a clear mindset and different ways to utilize the tools we have here at the FNF brand. I, for one, walked away from this mastermind with a renewed excitement for this position and a confidence in my Elite Club community. But honestly, what stuck with me the most was how Coach was able to accomplish in 3 days what companies have been attempting to do for the past 2 years. She brought teams together, she ignited spirts, reminded us of the value of company culture. She truly is a top-notch asset for the Fidelity Brand.

Coach Lisa is an incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful sales leader. She has a gift for getting people out of their comfort zone and into the success stream. Coach Lisa cares for and pours into her "tribe" in such an authentic way, you can't help but be encouraged and inspired to do more! I am so grateful for her clear vision, proactive coaching style and authenticity. If you are looking for a coach to bring you and your business to levels you didn’t think we possible, then please reach out to her!
Nov 3, 2023

Morgan Caron recommends Lisa Crown

Sales & Marketing Executive

I have coached with Lisa for 5 years now and just finished up my 4th Elite Club Mastermind event! All I have to say is wow!!! I walked away after the 3 day event totally overwhelmed with not only how much I learned, but what I could implement to improve my business and up my client base! Lisa goes above and beyond to pack these events full of useful content as well as giving us the chance to mastermind with reps throughout the nation to leave with takeaways! I learned from executives in the top 5% of best practices that have helped them get to the levels they are at! The in-person event just cannot be done any other way. I look forward to these every year and love, love, love everything about the event!
Nov 2, 2023

Laura Roberts recommends Lisa Crown

AVP/Sales Executive

I have been coaching with Lisa for 8 years... she is amazing! I recently attended her Mastermind event and learned so much! She brought in relevant speakers, gave us ways to learn and grow both professionally and personally and set up events to have some fun to bond with my fellow Sales Executives! It was her best mastermind yet and I plan to attend for years to come! NOW it's more important than ever to have a coach. Invest in yourself and make sure you are part of her tribe... you won't regret it! She is the best thing that ever happened to my business and she helps me be the best version of myself!
Oct 30, 2023

Maria Merrick recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive Fidelity National Title

I have been coaching with Lisa for over 7 years. I just returned from my 3rd in person Elite Coaching Mastermind.
Captain Lisa brought together the Elite of the Elite Title Sales Executives, to learn and grow and help each other take our business to the next level.
Lisa brought in 3 amazing top speakers, new tools, mindset exercises, and a ton of resources.
Thank you, Lisa, for pouring your passion, sweat and tears into us. I love you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me become a better human and an awesome title sales executive!
Thank you for kicking ma a.s when it needs kicking!
I love you lady!!

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