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Fidelity National Title group is the largest business to business firm in the real estate space in the United States. We closed, with our clients, over 160,000 transactions last month, with over 640,000 stakeholders, 63% of those stakeholders have done business with us multiple times this year.

FNTG Sales people are truly “Sales Executives”- we are business to business sales executives focused on saving our customers time and money, while at the same time creating additional introductions and streams of revenue opportunities for them throughout the real estate process.


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Jan 17, 2020

Mark Green recommends Megan Jelinek

Regional Escrow Manager

Megan has been an integral part of the Elite Escrow Coaching Team and has helped to coach several of our Central Oregon Escrow folks along to further success. We are reaping the rewards of Megan's experienced training and efforts.
Thank you Megan!
Jan 17, 2020

Kathleen Hoskins recommends Megan Jelinek

VP - Escrow Operations Manager

I've had the pleasure of working with Megan both as a student of the coaching program and as the Escrow Manager when she's helped guide my escrow employees through the various coaching programs. She's so well organized and quick to respond, positive and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We are all lucky to have her on our team!
Jan 14, 2020

Julia Huttmann recommends Megan Jelinek

Sr. Escrow Officer

Megan consistently provided a quick response, detailed information and was always pleasant. She was happy to help and always followed up to make sure I was taken care of. Thank you Megan!
Jan 14, 2020

Tatiana recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer

Megan is absolutely amazing! Se was such an important piece to my coaching experience and I cannot thank her enough. She was always making sure everyone was on track, remaining positive and pushing us to do our best! Thank you so much Megan!
Jan 11, 2020

Misty Tiffany recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive - Chicago Title - Las Vegas

Lisa is amazing and is such a blessing for my business. 2019 was my first full year in the title business and after my year end review with my management team, I surpassed the goal they set for me, I believe it was because I had the knowledge from Lisa's nuggets and secret sauces. I signed up for coaching as a new rep and didn't realize exactly how powerful the tools and resources would be. I am signed for another round of coaching for the 2020 year to crush my new set of goals for this year. Thank you, Lisa, for helping me jump start such an amazing career.
Jan 10, 2020

Terri Ann Peterson recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer

Megan is phenomenal. She is so good at what she does and the way she trains is just fantastic. It is fun and educational and she can really boost you as a coach to feel like you can accomplish anything. Sure Glad she is on our Team.
Jan 10, 2020

Trudy J. Crain recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow manager Mount Vernon Br.

During my coaching, Megan was very helpful. She was punctual in responding to any questions I had or help that I needed. She was always kind and Friendly. I feel that any department she works in she will do a fantastic job. Good Luck and Thank you Megan!
Trudy Crain
Jan 10, 2020

Anonymous recommends Megan Jelinek

Megan has been an essential part of the coaching program for us. She is always there to keep us on track and ready and available with answers to any of our questions, or able to point me in the right direction for answers. Thanks so much for all that you do and best of luck in your future endeavors!!
Jan 10, 2020

Stephanie R Carter recommends Megan Jelinek

AVP, Branch Manager

Megan has been played a great part in the coaching program ensuring we all succeed in our own roles!
Jan 9, 2020

Richard Goyen recommends Ruth Darling

Business Development Officer

Ruth is quite simply one of the most amazing people you could possibly know. A true professional and inspirational person. Her wealth of knowledge and drive is unmatched. I am honored to know her and learn from her. Her ability to sum up a situation and deliver the best solution in just moments is incredible. Thank you for all that you do, Ruth!
Jan 8, 2020

SYBIL FONTAINE recommends Megan Jelinek

Sales Executive

It’s my great pleasure to recommend Megan Jelinek. She is an asset to each and every project she shares in. She partners with the "students" in coaching, creativity and all the while keeping it fun and positive. I have no doubt she will bring the same enthusiasm, rigor, and dedication to her new role.

Along with her enthusiasm, positive energy, and attentiveness to the team. Megan brings a special talent to attention to detail and focus on the end goal. She is always looking at adding new ideas for the mission of growing business and focus of increased market share through coaching.

Finally, Megan is unique with her ability to connect with individuals and be sensitive to their needs. At the end of each coaching session she follows up directly and brings her own positive impact to each and every person.

Rest assured she will be amazing in any task she is given. Here is to 2020!
Jan 8, 2020

Candy Gallegos recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Operations Manager

Megan has been a huge part of our employees success and them obtaining their goals through the FNF coaching program. I am excited for her as she journey's on, wishing her much success in her new role and venture! Megan you will be missed!
Jan 6, 2020

Chelsea Lopez recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer

Megan is such an asset to the coaching team, we have been so lucky to have her! :)
Jan 6, 2020

Yvonne Caffrey recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer

Megan was such a pleasure to work with during my Elite Escrow Coaching program, quick to respond when I had any questions and always positive and friendly! Thank you Megan!
Jan 6, 2020

Joanne Zeigler recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer

Megan is wonderful. She helps to keep you positive and focused and excited to continue to build your book of business. Megan always answers all emails in a timely manner. It's been a real pleasure working with her and I would continue working with her again and again.
Jan 6, 2020

Katelin Harteloo recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer / LPO

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Elite Escrow Coaching, and to be coached by FNF's finest. Megan, Shelly, and Samia were A M A Z I N G. They did a great job providing the tools needed to establish and maintain a productive/focused workflow, all the while maintaining a positive and grateful attitude. I truly adore these ladies and everything they stand for; they pour their heart and soul into this program and it shows.
Jan 6, 2020

Elizabeth Farhat recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer

I wanted to thank Megan for her time in our coaching program. She was always there and available to lend a helping hand and assist us in our program.

I appreciate everything she did and I wish her all the success in the next chapter of her career.

thank you
Jan 6, 2020

Erin Goodall recommends Megan Jelinek

LPO/Closing Officer

Megan is fabulous and love working with her through the Elite Coaching. I would recommend her for her excellence in communication and all around experience.
Jan 6, 2020

Priscilla Perkins recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer

Megan was very instrumental in keeping me on task with my assignments. When I wanted to quit Megan encouraged me and let me know that I could do it. When I had questions on how to access file Megan always had time to show me what was needed
Jan 6, 2020

Lori Fredericks recommends Megan Jelinek

Manager/Sr. Escrow Officer

With Megan's help I successfully completed the Elite Escrow Coaching Program last December. She helped me navigate through E desk and the coaching accountable website. Her consistency with emails and social media assignments were awesome. I absolutely recommend her and wish her well on her new endeavor as Digital Marketing Manager.
Jan 6, 2020

Melissa Zander recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Assistan

Megan was awesome! She always had great examples of how to handle situations. She put it in everyday circumstances easy to understand. She was always so positive and upbeat. :)
Jan 6, 2020

Desiree Reich recommends Megan Jelinek

Escrow Officer, Lawyers Title

Megan is the definition of kindness and positivity. Megan will keep you motivated throughout the entire coaching program. She's amazing and this program is lucky to have her ! Thank you for everything Megan !
Dec 31, 2019

Brian McCauley recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa Crown is a notch ahead of anyone else in terms of coaching, pushing you to the next level and achieving growth that is difficult to match! She is diligent in her process, she keeps you accountable and does it all with grace and compassion. She is undoubtedly one of the strongest influences in my career as a Sales Executive and I would recommend that anyone looking to grow would do well to get in touch with her. Whether you have been in the business for 25 years or just starting out, Lisa will create growth in your life both professionally and personally. Thank you for all you have done for me Coach Lisa!
Dec 31, 2019

Brett Shaffer recommends Lisa Crown

Fidelity Sales Executive / AVP

Lisa Crown is a true professional and extremely passionate about what she does. You can feel her energy in every class she teaches and ever conversation she has with you. I recommend taking one of Lisa’s classes and you can reap the benefits as you watch your business grow.
Dec 31, 2019

Michele Vannostran recommends Lisa Crown


I loved the revenue disruptor program! It exceeded my expectations and Lisa Crown’s energy, positivity and passion motivated me like no other training program I have done. Thank you for an amazing coaching journey and I highly recommend this for all sales executives!

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