Chelsea Peitz

National Director of Social Sales Fidelity National Title Group Management Team
As a member of the Elite Coaching Team for Fidelity National Title Group, I design strategies that showcase our company's thought leadership and position our brand as a resource for the real estate community.

The Social Sales Coaching Program links social activities to business outcomes that result in increased marketshare and puts our sales executives ahead of the transaction.
Sep 10, 2019
AVP/Sales & Marketing-Fidelity National Title Las Vegas
Chelsea's Social Sales coaching is steller! I thought I really knew all about social selling and quickly learned I had so much more to learn. Chelsea is an excellent coach helping her students grow their business through social sells in all platforms. If you have a fear of doing live videos, I guarantee you will get over that quickly with Chelsea's push and guidance . I continue to learn so much by listening to her podcasts and interviews of other leaders in the business. Chelsea's energy, passion for life and Social Sales is contagious! She is a genius and has a wealth of knowledge she is anxious to share with her students.
Aug 9, 2019
AVP, Sales Executive, Honolulu, HI
Aloha Chelsea! Your presentations on social media were stellar and your knowledge in this fast and changing world is beneficial to us all! You are amazing and thank you very much for sharing that knowledge with us. I would recommend anyone that has not taken a coaching class to get on board. Mahalo, Olivia
May 1, 2019
Sales Manager
I recently completed Chelsea's social coaching program through FNTG. WOW! I learned so much, in an easy to follow format that was LOADED with information. The social media space is vast and, for me, complicated. Chelsea made understanding it easy in her very approachable manner. The depth of her knowledge is truly impressive. I will ABSOLUTELY recommend this class to others in my operation. Thank you, Chelsea!
Apr 22, 2019
Sale Executive/ Las Vegas
Having the privilege to be included in the social media coaching program was such a honor. Chelsea Peitz you are a book of growing knowledge and attending class was mind blowing! Your passion and value for our success on social media is heart warming and I can hardly find the words to thank you for such an amazing course. I know that after completing the course I have a better understanding on the subject/ platforms and I am not scared to just go out there and be me on social media. My take-a-way's are an abundance of outstanding nuggets and I am so excited to share them with my clients. Anyone that is considering "growing" with social media should sign up for the course! Chelsea Peitz is AMAZING!!
Apr 21, 2019
Sales Executive
Chelsea is a truly social media guru. Her sessions are priceless and helped me to move my social
presence to the next level. Whenever I had any questions, she always found a way to help me. I would recommend anyone to take her class. She rocks!
Apr 17, 2019
Sales Executive/AVP Sacramento
It was an honor to work with Chelsea Peitz. Her Social Selling Coaching Program is amazing. The knowledge, experience, and her personality have an incredible way of teaching you about Social Media. I feel so much more confident when speaking with clients, going live, and just communicating best practices of Social Selling. Just implementing some of these practices I have gotten appointments, new clients and new orders just while being in this program.

Thank you Chelsea Peitz
Apr 17, 2019
Account Executive
I would HIGHLY recommend Chelsea to anyone looking to grow their business and stay relevant in all aspects of every ever-changing social media platform. I had the unique opportunity to coach with Chelsea and I was so impressed with how organized, well-spoken, knowledgeable and strategic she was throughout our coaching session. I truly appreciated how responsive and engaged she was (and still is). If I could give her 10 stars I would!
Apr 17, 2019
Sales Executive | Lawyers Title San Diego
Chelsea was amazing! Her knowledge of social media is beyond what I had ever expected. She comes equipped with tons of "pro-tips", resources, and tools that can make your personal brand stand out from all the others. She is always available to help at any time and super attentive to detail. She comes highly recommended. Except for my competitors... They can Stay Away!
Apr 17, 2019
Executive Sales
Chelsea is an amazing teacher. Clear, concise, funny, charming, accessible. In all my years as a business executive and trainer I have never experienced such a comprehensive and well presented marketing program. Her custom designed materials and well-organized curriculum cover every social media topic imaginable and reached to every corner of the social media landscape. Wow!
Apr 16, 2019
Assistant Vice President Sales and Marketing
I just took Chelsea's course on social media. Wow! She is an excellent instructor. I believe her course and insight to social media is imperative to future success in this business. She really opened my eyes to a lot of potential that I can't wait to take advantage of. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take her class and be exposed to so much content.
Apr 16, 2019
Marketing Executive
I can’t put into words how impactful coaching with Chelsea truly is ! Social Sales are the foundation of the future and she has helped me market through social media tremendously ! I would highly recommend you hire this coach ASAP! She knocks it out of the ball bark one coaching call at a time! Thank you Chelsea! ♥️
Apr 15, 2019
Sales Executive/AVP at Security Title Agency-Phoenix
Chelsea is a gift! I have already benefited from her knowledge and ability to explain the nuances of social media marketing. I am able to expand my reach and help agents and lenders with the basics of social media platforms and some best practices. Chelsea never laughed at me when I said: "I don't get it!" She was generous with her time and very patient with those of us learning TSL: Technology as a Second Language. I love her!
Apr 15, 2019
Sales Executive for Ticor- Portland
I feel honored to have been personally coached by Chelsea. Her knowledge and delivery of all things social media is extensive and detailed beyond detailed. She is the master of her craft and being able to get a slice of that has helped my business immensely. I've learned so much and will continue to put in action the things I've learned. Thank you!
Apr 15, 2019
VP of Operations / Santa Clara County
Chelsea's social media knowledge is amazing! I was fortunate to have taken her 8 week social media coaching sessions and I learned so much! Her network of resources are truly amazing as well! Chelsea keeps up with the constant changes happening within the social media world and she consistently continues to share her knowledge to her sphere of followers! Thank you for everything Chelsea!
Apr 15, 2019
Sales Executive Fidleity National Title
Chelsea is an amazing coach and an incredible entrepreneur, talk about someone who knows their craft when it comes to social selling!! I am team Chelsea all the way!!
Apr 15, 2019
Sales Executive
Chelsea is an amazing coach! Her love for social selling is evident and contagious. She delivers information in a clear and concise manner so it is easy to understand and implement. I learned so much through her coaching program and have already seen my business grow as a result.
Apr 12, 2019
Sales Executive, Lawyers Title
Chelsea is hands down one of the biggest assets we have to the FNF brands! She was an amazing coach and I look forward to continue to learn from and be mentored by the best of the best! I cannot speak highly enough of her social sales coaching program; it should be taken by all reps to grow their social media and social sales knowledge and to stay one step ahead of our competition.
Chelsea I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement to step outside of my comfort zone to do video, grow my social media following and talk the talk that I preach to my agent and lender clients! So thank you Chelsea, I am forever grateful to have had you as a coach and a part of my life!
Apr 12, 2019
Chelsea has been nothing short of amazing to be coached by. Her insight and knowledge on how to become a social media guru has proved invaluable. In her 12 week coaching program, I was educated in every relevant social media platform and each and every week was able to take action on the new information I was learning. Chelsea is absolutely a joy to learn from and would recommend her coaching to anyone wanting to learn how to leverage social media to benefit their business.
Apr 12, 2019
Business Development
Chelsea changes the game of social sales! Through Chelsea's coaching I have become more purposeful on all social media platforms which has directly increased my title orders! I highly recommend Social Sales Coaching if you are looking to stay ahead of the curve!
Apr 11, 2019
Escrow Officer Branch Manager
This coaching program is amazing! If you ever have a chance to go through a social media coaching, do it especially with Chelsea! I am so happy that our company is forward thinking and believes in investing in the growth of their employees!! #osoescrow #ltrocks
Apr 11, 2019
AVP Lawyers Title Sales Operations Manager
Chelsea is an amazing coach! She has changed the way my operation and I personally view our Social Media presence in these changing times. Now more than ever we need to recognize that social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linked In are here to stay and are the new frontiers for connecting with our clients and prospects. Thank you Chelsea!
Apr 10, 2019
Assistant Sales Manager | Director of Strategic Initiatives | Sales Executive
Chelsea has not only changed my perception on how to utilize social media in a mindful way in business, but she has contributed to the growth of my business! Her expertise and strategic systems are a game changer. I wish I would have had access to taking this program earlier on in my career. I can only imagine the difference it would have had, seeing the difference 12 weeks has made.

Thank you, Chelsea, for sharing your knowledge, providing the tools and systems, and making yourself available to help at all hours. Your dedication to my personal growth will not be forgotten. This program has been a gift! I truly appreciate you - THANK YOU!!!
Apr 10, 2019
Sales Executive
Mind Blown! Chelsea was an excellent Social Selling coach. In 12 quick weeks she has taken my knowledge in the social world up a level, or 10! I am now able to coach and be a huge value to the Real Estate Agents I serve. Her communication and perspective on the topic really simplified what was once a very intimidating marketing piece. With her ideas, step by step guidance, and push to get out of my own way has generated more conversations, meetings, and revenue! Thank you Chelsea for sharing your skill with the world.
Apr 9, 2019
Sales Executive at Ticor Title in Corvallis, OR
Chelsea has truly amped up my social media presence and has taught me skills that have helped my business grow. Her infectious personality and eagerness to help has made ALL the difference in the strategies that I now use regularly. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to be coached by such a positive force in the social media field.
Oct 25, 2018
Sales Executive, Chicago Title Co.
Chelsea is a true leader in her field of Social Selling. I learned so many tips, tools and strategies from taking her course! Social sites are ever changing and Chelsea is right there at each turn adapting her course if needed. She also made learning fun, I would highly recommend taking her course and continued education.

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