Lisa Crown

National VP Sales Development /COACH Fidelity National Title Group Management Team
Looking for fresh, out-of-the-box ideas for the Title/Escrow Industry? Lisa Crown, National VP of Sales Development Coach for FNTG , Influencer, Podcaster, wife and mom who specializes in unlocking her clients FULL potential in sales in 43 states and 15 different title companies. With 23 years of experience in title and coaching, you can be assured that Lisa has mastered her craft! Results driven, Lisa’s unique coaching style is designed to move her clients out of their comfort zones and reach their goals fast! You might also catch her speaking and sharing her "secret sauce" proven success road map at Sales Rally's/Events around the country. She also has a PODCAST called "Get Real With Lisa Crown" which you can find on Spotify, Itunes or Podbean where she gets real on a variety of topics pertaining to increasing your business, challenging your mindset and interviewing some of the top legends in real estate. Her most recent interview was with Grant Cardone author of 21 books, and owns over 2 billion real estate and hosts the GROWTH CON! You have to check it out!

Feel free to visit her website at for more information.
3 days ago
Account Executive
Lisa has truly transformed the way I do business, how I handle thing mentally, and helped me gain my confidence I had before COVID. During coaching, it wasn’t that she was just a coach telling you what to do or how to do it, she truly felt like an encouraging friend. She not only encouraged me when i felt down, she was understanding but also kept me accountable always. Whether your new in this business or a seasoned executive, everyone will benefit from Lisa as a coach. She will be your biggest cheerleader. Thank you Lisa ??
3 days ago
Sales Executive
I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount of take-aways I came out with after taking Lisa's coaching program. I have been in sales for 20 years so to gain the amount of things I did was truly awesome. If you want to be challenged, encouraged and given the tools to take your business to the top level, I recommend Lisa Crown Coaching!
3 days ago
Sales Representative, Chicago Title
I am new in the business and had no idea of title and escrow. Lisa helps me grow as a salesperson and pushes me to get into the next level up. She is always there to help, support and share nuggets, ideas and thoughts. She is a great coach and it is a valuable experience.
Jul 19, 2021
Sales Executive
I was enrolled in the Elite Coaching Program as a new Sales Exec after having started my journey in sales during Corvid. When I started this course I was mentally defeated, I'd thought I'd never get any deals, or new clients and was worried about the security of my position. After the first few classes, my business and confidence grew. The tactics and materials were so easy to apply. Lisa has such an infectious driven mindset that I felt compelled to not let her down. She even helped me create a great personal branding tagline that I'll use for the rest of my career!
Jul 19, 2021
Vice President
It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Lisa Crown's coaching Class. I was selected to join her Elite VIP Commercial Coaching Program. Coach Lisa displayed a level of creativity, wit, and analytical thought that is quite rare among title industry coach classes today. Her creative approach and insight to relate our work into something unique and fun while taking you on a journey to discover your best personal self is truly phenomenal! Lisa's strengths are complemented by her demonstrated leadership skills and she inspires throughout the course. As a veteran of the CRE Title Industry, I highly recommend!!
Jul 15, 2021
Vice President, Sales Executive
Lisa is full of life, energy and positive vibes. Title sales can feel lonely at times and Lisa provides an amazing team atmosphere across brands to enable you to be vulnerable and valuable to one another. This program has helped me to slow down and go back to basics while re-evaluating my tools, systems and habits to come up with new ways to be more efficient and productive. Coach is always a phone call away and she truly cares about her clients; the reachability of this amazing woman's advice and insight is an invaluable resource.
Jul 8, 2021
Commercial Sales Executive
I was a participant in Lisa Crown's Elite VIP Commercial Coaching program. Being someone who has been in the title industry for many years, I was skeptical of what could be offered. However, Lisa has successfully taken her steps for sales success in the Residential world and transitioned them to the Commercial space. She does a great job in creating a competitive environment, but also a safe place where you feel comfortable to share struggles and successes with your teammates. She also gives students an outline to use her tools but promotes tailoring each to your specific market and needs. I recommend Lisa's techniques to all walks in the title and escrow space.
Jul 7, 2021
Title Sales Executive
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience, content and energy with me and all of us on the Elite Degree Coaching program. I have learned some much and appreciate all of the creative, engaging skills and ideas for increasing my business. My self management and time management skills have completely leveled up because of your class. Highly recommend!
Jun 16, 2021
Sales Executive
I was part of Lisa Crown's coaching class from February of 2021 through June 2021! I'm a brand new sales rep and although I've had sales experience previously, I'm brand new to the Title Insurance world and would highly recommend her coaching for others who are wanting a "Title Sales 101" and "Commercial Title 101" class! Lisa is high energy, has great tips and tricks and you can tell why she was so successful when she was a top producing title rep. My biggest takeaway is the "COMBAT THE NO" which I use on practically every call. Thanks Lisa!!!
Jun 15, 2021
AVP Sales Executive
Thank you for your open, honest and unfiltered guidance on how to hit my full potential. Your coaching style exudes excitement which is contagious . Thank you for sharing your success tips and all your support!
Jun 14, 2021
Account Representative
Coach Lisa's training class has been incredibly helpful. She really knows how to motivate you, help create a lot of value in your prospecting and be a honest and helpful point of contact for your business. The collaboration with her and our sales team was by far the best thing I could have done. My prospecting has gotten stronger, my organizational skills are better than ever and most importantly I have a better understanding on how to grow my business. Thank you coach Lisa!
May 26, 2021
Sales Manager - Fidelity National Title
To say I had success from my One On One Sales Manager Coaching with Lisa Crown is an understatement! Not only did Coach Lisa give me tools, strategies, programs, ideas, systems and accountability - she gave me my voice, my power and my strength to be the Leader that my Team, my Company and my Clients deserve. Coach Lisa is an open book, ready to share tips and ideas for any situation. To have a sounding board where I could share specific challenges and work thru them together was priceless. I am thankful to my Company and my Managers for allowing me this opportunity to grow. Knowing that Coach Lisa is only a phone call away made is easier to have our last session today. Thank you for everything! I'm ready to Shine On!!
Apr 22, 2021
Account Executive
Coach Lisa is awesome. I am finishing my first round of coaching, I would recommend any person wanting to gain more confidence and gain a better quality client, reward yourself with one of her programs. Thanks Coach!
Apr 22, 2021
Sales Executive
I am completing my first round of Coaching with Lisa and I am amazed by her knowledge, creativity, energy, and sales expertise and acumen. It is no surprise she was a top producer in title sales! She generously shares her time, her wisdom and experience, and pushes me to do better--BE better. I am thankful to have the opportunity to train under her and am so excited to see where my business will go this year and beyond with her timeless sales practices and techniques.
Apr 21, 2021
Account Executive
I am in the VIP CLUB Coaching program & actually this is my third program with Coach Lisa. Each time is real game changer for my business. She challenges you but doesn't overwhelm is a balance to push you to your limits without making you break down completely and Coach Lisa does this with great impact. If you want to level up in your business then do yourself a favor and sign up for one of her programs. You will get back to the things you have gotten away from as well as learn many innovative, creative, and effective ways to generate new leads, foster existing relationships, and enhance your overall business. A must do for any sales professional looking for growth.
Apr 20, 2021
VP Sales
I've lost count of how many Lisa Crown Elite Coaching programs I've graduated from. Lisa's coaching programs are like water.....can't live without 'em!! I'm just finishing the VIP Club Coaching Program and it's really taken me to the next level. Lisa has really helped my think out of the box to get appointments with targets and mega targets. Very call, every assignment, makes me better. Lisa helps me with my confidence and guides me in the direction of pure growth. What's next Coach?? 100% count me in!!
Apr 17, 2021
National Account Manager / Sales Executive
I have been part of the "Elite Degree Commercial" coaching program for the last 6 months. Lisa Crown KNOWS the formula to success in this industry. Not only was she in title sales for 20 years, she was also the top performer year after year. Right from the start she encouraged our team to put in the time and do the work. Made us step out of our comfort zone and "Combat the NO!".
She's real with you, but in a nice way. Her goal is to really motivate you, giving you many valuable tips and ways to grow your book of business and keep it.
I highly recommend being part of her coaching program. You will not regret it and will only learn from the BEST. Many "golden nuggets" to take from this course, I promise!:)
Apr 16, 2021
Sales Executive
I took the Elite Degree Commercial Sales Training program and I learned so much from Coach Lisa! You have to put in the work and it isn't easy but she will deliver the most amazing tools and tips on how to grow your business and gain clients. I have overcome my fear of picking up the phone and calling a stranger and have seen a lot of success from following the steps outlined by Lisa. Thanks, Coach!
Apr 15, 2021
Sales Executive, AVP
Lisa has been my coach for about 5 years, and without her I would be struggling everyday - she not only coaches me in my business, but truly cares about me as an individual and making sure I give myself the time necessary to grow personally as well as professionally-

Lisa has the best ideas of getting in front of the client with timely relevant material, so that I can help my clients business grow as well.

Lisa, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the most amazing coach there is.
Apr 14, 2021
National Account Manager
I am about to complete my Elite Degree Commercial Coaching Program with Coach Lisa. I have to say that she has helped me tremendously with the new way of virtual business. she is amazing and will definitely help you get to your goals.

Apr 14, 2021
Lisa always helped me to move my business to the next level. She not only cares about us but also she consistently giving us golden nuggets to improve ourselves. I tripled my business since I started working with her and highly recommend Lisa.

Thank you Coach
Apr 14, 2021
Sales Executive
Lisa Crown shines from in the inside out! She was made to be a coach! Encouraging, supportive, inspiring and authentic. I have been coached in her VIP CLUB- Taking Down the Target program. She offers valuable tips and tools to not only become a top performer in sales but to become the best version of yourself! I have particularly enjoyed her podcasts as well! Grateful for the opportunity to learn from her.
Apr 14, 2021
Sales Executive
Lisa is a tremendous coach and offers so much value and ideas to help you grow as a sales executive and push yourself to achieve what you want to achieve. I would highly recommend taking any of her coaching classes, I was in the Win Em Over group and will continue to implement her tools into my business.
Thank you Lisa!
Apr 13, 2021
Sales Executive
Where do I start with this lady? I have continued to enroll in her coaching because I always walk away having gained great knowledge and strength within myself. Coach Lisa is a great motivator, and an inspiration every time we meet and interact. If you are looking to come out of coaching in a better place personally and professionally then sign up! You will not regret this decision to better your business. The countless tips, tricks, and special sauces are just the tip of your take aways when you have Lisa as your Coach. I am so thankful for her and the knowledge, self confidence, and growth I have in my business because of her and the coaching I received. I love Lisa Crown!
Apr 13, 2021
AVP Sales & Markting
This is my 3rd coaching program & I must say the content and inspiration just keeps getting better! Coach is an amazing leader and mentor! I have been a Sales Executive for over 20 years and she has shown me so many tips, tools, systems and programs to help my agents maximize production.
Lisa will challenge you and your business to grow. I am just finishing up the Target/ Prospecting course and it was awesome! I learned so many new tactics, scripts and insights during challenging times. And I also developed a great support team with my team members along the way. My business is continuing to grow as I expand on what I have learned. Thank you Coach Lisa!

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