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Fidelity National Title group is the largest business to business firm in the real estate space in the United States. We closed, with our clients, over 160,000 transactions last month, with over 640,000 stakeholders, 63% of those stakeholders have done business with us multiple times this year.

FNTG Sales people are truly “Sales Executives”- we are business to business sales executives focused on saving our customers time and money, while at the same time creating additional introductions and streams of revenue opportunities for them throughout the real estate process.


Recommendations (1589)

Sep 20, 2022

Lynnette Zumwalt recommends Shelly Farra

Love Love Love Shelly! She is always positive and upbeat and bringing smiles to all those around her!
Sep 20, 2022

Chris Esias recommends Shelly Farra

Escrow Officer

Shelley is such a wonderful person inside and out and I believe that's what makes her such a great escrow coach. She is so easy to talk to, super kind, motivating and has very realistic yet positive outlook. Going through the escrow coaching program with her guiding me along the way was such a privilege and I will be forever grateful. Thank you for an educational and memorable experience Shelley!
Sep 20, 2022

Duskie Gramm recommends Shelly Farra

AVP/Branch Manager

Words cannot adequately describe Shelly's style, technique and vision. It's her action, compassion and caring that will help you see a better path, keep a positive attitude and kick you in the behind when needed! It's easy to get lost in day to day minutiae and she's helped me see past that and stay focused on a bigger picture. I highly recommend these classes for those wanting to stay informed and relevant in their career path, whether you've been in the industry for a long time or are new. You'll come away with a new perspective and desire to succeed!
Sep 15, 2022

Franki Pileggi recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Do you want to be the best you can? Then partner with Coach Lisa Crown to learn how to unlock your superstar abilities. Through the Elite Coaching program, I was able to build confidence in myself, transform my goals through time-blocking and unleash a passion I never knew I had; delivering value to my clients through confidence, industry knowledge, experience and resources. I cannot recommend Coach Lisa enough. Best investment I've ever made in myself!!!
Sep 14, 2022

Roberto Soto recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Lisa did an amazing job getting us motivated and helping us with out of the box ideas in order to grow and excel in our craft as sales executives. Thank you Coach Lisa!
Sep 14, 2022

Lori Stewart recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

I heard about Lisa Crown and her Elite Coaching Classes for several months before I was enrolled. In that time, I formed an expectaton of what to expect. Lemme tell you, Coach exceeded all my expectation and then some! Her success speaks for itself, she 'gets it.' Turst and follow! Expect to be challenged daily. Be honest and open and ask alot of questions! Coach really has the secret sauce for success in this business.
I recommend you sign up today!! It's so worth it!!
Thank you for investing in me. xo Lori
Sep 14, 2022

Brad Van de Bogert recommends Lisa Crown

Business Development Executive

Coach Lisa did an amazing job during our Elite Degree coaching program! As a brand new rep in title industry, Coach Lisa was able to help share so much valuable information and got me up to speed fast! I absolutely loved how she held each person accountable, but was also there to help pick you up and challenged you to be better! She made this coaching program fun, and I would highly recommend this to anyone!
Sep 13, 2022

Heather Mootz recommends Lisa Crown

Sales executive

Coach Lisa was fabulous! Not only motivational but truly educational in her approach to sales in this industry. She was patient and supportive of me individually as well as compassionate at delivering at constructive criticism. Thank you Coach!!!
Sep 13, 2022

Felicia Pantoja recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive

Coming from the Elite Degree Coaching program I have experienced Coach Lisa knowledge in the industry. Lisa taught me the fundamentals to building my business. I am excited to see my business grow.
Sep 12, 2022

Kristen Jakobsen recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Assistant

I found Erin's course to be very informative, well organized and covered a lot of content in a short period of time. Erin's enthusiasm for her subject and her obvious joy in sharing her knowledge made what could be an otherwise dry subject into an enjoyable course. I especially liked that from beginning to end, she made the training about how tasking will benefit me and my team through increased file communication via documentation, and for me personally how it will help me ensure I not missing something in preparing and working my files. Thank you Erin!
Sep 12, 2022

Vivian Brito recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Assistant

It is very hard to always find time to take online courses, but...Erin made it so much more manageable. Courses were taught at a good pace, straight to the information needed and when I had a question I received a speedy response.
Sep 12, 2022

Cirina Ippolito recommends Erin Goodman

Sr. Escrow Officer

Erin provided a very user friendly training for what I found to be a robust program. She was engaging, efficient and made it very simple to understand. She also provided support and follow up if I had questions or needed some personal attention.

She is a very positive, upbeat and engaging. Her training was detailed and efficient and I didn't feel overwhelmed by the information. She did an amazing job and I am excited to be using this useful new tool.
Sep 12, 2022

Nalini Prasad recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Assistant

She was easy to follow. Learnt a lot from her training. She is very knowledgeable.

Thanks Erin
Sep 12, 2022

Shannon McGee recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Asst

Erin is an engaging presenter. She teaches with a kind, positive and supportive approach.
Sep 7, 2022

Edith Johnson recommends Erin Goodman

AVP Escrow Officer / Audit Specialist

Erin's classes are upbeat and informative. She's well versed in the subject matter she is presenting and passionate at what she teaches. She walks you through step by step and we're able to follow with a "live" file. Great class...thank you Erin!
Sep 7, 2022

Julie Lafferty recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Manager

Erin's enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious. I had many team members comment on her wonderful attitude throughout the Checklist Tasking classes. It definitely is a factor in getting everyone excited about utilizing this tool in our workflow.
Sep 6, 2022

Rusti Gomes recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Mentor - Title Guaranty

Erin's classes are full of energy and information. She goes thru the training step by step and provides a PowerPoint for reference as well as walk us thru a live file. So it makes the visualization great! Erin also stays on after the class to answer any questions. Thank you Erin!
Sep 2, 2022

Ellen Frank-Chapman recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Administrator

Erin has so much passion and she keeps you engaged the entire class. I love her energy and she does an amazing job explaining every little detail. If you were not a fan of tasking before the class, you will be a fan after. I am totally convinced tasking will create more efficiency and Erin is spectacular at getting people excited and on board.
Sep 2, 2022

Tori LaPolla recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Officer

Erin's training style is enthusiastic and detailed, and she encourages questions and feedback. Really enjoyed learning from her!
Sep 2, 2022

Elizabeth Valdez recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Officer Assistant

Erin is a fabulous trainer with a warm and sunny personality that is evident with her never ending positivity, wealth of subject knowledge and warm, inviting smile.
As a former software trainer who had to take continued education classes on how to train folks, I would think she wrote the manual. Looking forward to implementing tasking in my workday!
Sep 2, 2022

Francine Santos recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Officer

Erin was awesome! She was so easy to follow along with and made it fun to learn the subject she was training us on. She answered all our questions to where we can understand the answers. I would love to do more trainings with her on other subjects.
Sep 2, 2022

Hanna Beatty recommends Erin Goodman

Escrow Assistant

Erin delivers valuable escrow knowledge in a consistently enthusiastic and excitable way. I happily learned about what this industry has to offer its employees and clients through her teaching. Never a dull moment with Erin!
Sep 1, 2022

Alicia Grooms recommends Stephany Beck

Escrow Officer ~ Tillamook County

Stephany shows exceptional dedication and passion to those in her coaching programs. She is committed to making your experience in programs she leads exciting, challenging, and fun with attainable results. She is consistent with keeping commitment to each and every task presented to her, energetic when faced with a new hurdle on our paths and approachable when working through things that are not always in the realm of comfortability. Her teaching style is personal, engaging, compassionate and efficient, these qualities allow for her students to be included and heard in each and every task they are presented. I appreciate how Stephany truly cares about her work she is doing and has never failed to show up for me when I needed her big or small. I cannot recommend working with Stephany and her coaching enough, the amount of personal and business growth I have attained while embracing her leadership and direction is remarkable and an experience that is truly unmatched. Thank you Coach Stephany for all that you do and your dedication to serving your trainees!
Aug 9, 2022

Alyssa Nau recommends Lisa Crown

Sales Executive Home Warranty

2nd round with Coach Lisa. I've learned to grow personally this time which allows room for growth professionally. She is a confidant to me on both sides too. She really does give a Sh**.
Podcasts to pick and choose from are a gift from god. Easy listening, it while in the car, cleaning house just put your phone in the other room and blast that podcast.
Aug 2, 2022

Pamela Nicolini recommends Shelly Farra

NCS Walnut Creek Escrow Manager/Escrow Officer

Shelly is a very positive and uplifting person. I am enjoying working through the leadership program with her.

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