Noelle Moretti

Assistant Vice President | Sales Executive Fidelity National Title Maricopa County
Pinned Recommendation
Designated Broker
There are plenty of Sales Reps that run around and sell you on how good the service is, or how special the marketing is, and so on... They should, that's their job.

Then there is Noelle. Someone that actually delivers. Someone that knows what works and what doesn't. She's responsive and attentive. She just gets it.

I want to keep a rep like this my secret weapon, but that would just be selfish. Do yourself a favor and call her right now. It'll be the best call you've made all year.
Loan Officer
Noelle is awesome! There is no better way to put it. She is a master at aligning professionals together. She is a problem solver. She is civic minded. She is very professional. She is great at staying connected. I highly recommend her to all my agent partners.
Noelle is such a professional but also a sweetheart! She goes above and beyond every time. So happy she is part of my team!
Managing Partner, Branch Manager, REALTOR, CMRS
Noelle is an amazing Sales Executive. She is professional, attentive, knowledgable and detail oriented. Her services and customer service is exceptional. She creates value to your business by bring in the tools that work best for your specific business goals. I highly recommend her and have done so personally with agents in my company.
Noelle is awesome to work with! She is very knowledgeable, helpful, she goes over and above. She made great suggestions to help with my business. I would recommend her to anyone!
Real Estate Investor
Noelle is awesome to work with. Very knowledgeable and is always easy to get in contact with. I’ve known her for a few years and would recommend her to anyone!

Recently, she just helped me close out a deal and everything ran smoothly!
Noelle is amazing! Knowledgeable, trustworthy, insightful and a joy to work with. Her level of quality is unsurpassed! She's been incredibly helpful and has always made suggestions on things of value to grow and develop my business.
Noelle is the BEST!! Since teaming up with Noelle, I have gained invaluable knowledge that will assist me in obtaining the goals I have set for myself. Noelle is always available to answer all of your questions and assist you in any way she can. She make my job easier. Noelle’s dedication and vibrant personality makes working with her a pleasure and a benefit to my success.
Meeting Noelle for the first time, I felt like I had known her for years. She is AMAZING.
Excited, friendly, hard working, always positive, and always ready to help. She has provided me and my business with tools to utilize for my own success and is always available when I have questions.
Realtor/ Investor
Since I met Noelle I Have doubled the amount of transactions that I do as a Realtor and almost doubled my portfolio as an Investor with the help of the trainnings that she helps organize and tools she provides. I highly recommend Her to anyone that is looking to do more deals both as newbie or experienced Realtor or Investor.
USA Private Equities
Noelle is amazing and keeps us armed with the latest tools and technology! Brainstorming with Noelle adds tremendous value and accelerates our business!
CEO of Savvy Investors
Noelle is on a mission to help people and that is what it’s all about . you can see how Savvy she is and how much she cares about Small Business Owners I love how she is taking the correct steps during this time to insure we make Savvy decisions during this time of opportunity thank you for all you do Noelle your amazing
Realtor and Real Estate Entrepreneur
Noelle's personalized service is unmatched. I did retail sales for years before entering the Real Estate world; customer service was my number one priority. Noelle has exceeded my expectations and will always be part of my core group of individuals I conduct business with.
Managing partner - MCG Commercial
We have begun another escrow with Noelle and the team and am thankful for such a great company.
Many more to come!!!!
Owner, The Wehner Group
Noelle is such an incredible partner to myself and my team. She supports my business in multiple ways and always has a big smile on her face that we are so grateful for!
You will be so glad you partnered with Noelle, as she is one of the best in the industry! She is extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, creative, and connected. A positive and shining light, Noelle is genuinely interested in helping all of her clients grow their businesses! So grateful to have her in my corner!
Noelle is by far the best in the business. The way she has helped me grow my own business from teaching me different systems and getting me in contact with great companies has been awesome for me.
Always a smile on her face and always helpful I would highly recommend Noelle to anyone looking to grow their business.
Noelle is THE BEST!!! There must be 2 or 3 of her because I don't know how she does it all and is everywhere with a smile and perfectly put together! She truly cares about your career and success and goes above and beyond to show it! Top Notch professionalism and just all around amazing to work with! If you want to take your career to the next level, Noelle is the one to call! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do Noelle!
Owner/Broker Phoenician Properties Realty
Noelle is the pure definition of Title rep. If you want your business to thrive and work with someone who is creative and has the ability to bring more than the same old thing to the table. Then Noelle is the one. After working with her and experiencing first hand, her drive, professionalism and ability to think outside the box, thus making her very refreshing to work with .
Branch Manager, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices AZ Properties
You never see Noelle without a smile on her face. Her positive, can-do attitude is infectious and reflects on every aspect of her career. Always willing to go the extra mile to take care of other's needs, she's truly a pleasure to work with.
Agent of Berkshire Hathaway
Noelle is AMAZING!! She is always there when you need her...pretty much 24/7. No issue is too small or too big for her to handle. She values all of her clients and makes sure they get the ultimate best care. She truly cares for the people she works with and she will do what is needed to make it happen!!!
Noelle is such an amazing partner to our business! She goes above and beyond to assist with events, marketing, and giving our team the best resources. She is also very well connected to the community and provides great relationships for us! Thank you for all you do Noelle!
VP/Sales Manager Fidelity National Title
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Noelle for almost 4 years and I'm so proud of all her accomplishments. She's a very highly driven sales executive that continually exceeds her sales goals. You won't find anyone more fiercely loyal, passionate and dedicated to finding a solution for her real estate partners. I'm honored to have Noelle on our team!
Real estate investor
Noelle and her team have been consummate professionals and fervent cheerleaders as well. They have the knowledge for handling complex transactions (such as mine), a strong work ethic and positive 'can do' attitude to match. I'd recommend them for your flips, wholesales and acquisitions too!
Managing Partner
Noelle and her team are amazing to work with.

Always a pleasure and highly efficient and very customer service driven.

I definitely recommend using them..
I would highly recommend Noelle if you are looking to build your real estate business in the Phoenix area. She is very knowledgeable about marketing and very well-connected, which i found to be extremely helpful in networking and establishing partnerships. She matched me perfectly with a great escrow officer according to my client base. And she’s just generally a really nice, caring person to spend time with. Thanks Noelle!

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