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At Fidelity, commitment is not just a word--it's a conviction. We take pride in our desire to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

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Recommendations (63)

Oct 28, 2022

Suzanne Agasi recommends Donna Santiago Woods

Bay Area Realtor

Donna and her Team did a stellar job on my Novato escrow that closed this morning. As a Realtor I appreciate her thorough work, skilled expertise and clear communication throughout the entire process. She is both professional and has a sense of humor and kind heart which is refreshing. I'll work with her again and again!
Nov 13, 2020

Laura O'Malley recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Riana is efficient and responsive. She is personable and easy to work with. I can;t say enough about her, and would highly recommend her services. She is as the saying goes, "all that and a big of chips"!
Mar 12, 2020

Future Client recommends Lia Rogers


Comments: "Fidelity National was quick, responsive, and caring in all of their interactions with us. Our house purchase fell through, and they promptly and seamlessly returned our earnest money. We will definitely be using them again for our upcoming/future house purchase."
Feb 24, 2020

Toni Shroyer recommends Fidelity National Title Marin

Sales Associate

Riana Bennerotte is smart and efficient! She is wonderful! FIVE STAR REVIEW!!! A+++
Jan 18, 2020

Danielle Botros recommends Fidelity National Title Marin

Sales Agent, Vanguard Properties

I walked out of Riana's office last week truly inspired and amazed at all she and Fidelity have to offer sales agents. Riana's style is very personable...she is so willing and enthusiastic to share all that she knows. A true asset to Fidelity!
Jan 15, 2020

Marin Realtor recommends Lia Rogers


Lia Rogers is the very best!!!
She is my go to always and her attention to detail... her care...her kindness ...her humor under pressure...and her commitment for on time closing is all extraordinary!!
My absolute highest regards for her!!
Jan 13, 2020

Mark Adams recommends Lia Rogers

Real Estate Agent

I would like to recognize Lia Rogers, She always goes Above and Beyond.
Thank you
Dec 5, 2019

Mark Rushford recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Knowledgeable, professional, and in tune with what will help agents, Riana is a problem solver, often on short notice, and always with a smile and supportive demeanor. She's just great!
Dec 2, 2019

Susan Koide recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Riana goes way way beyond to deliver excellent service. She is a true delight to work with. I highly recommend her !
Oct 9, 2019

Stephanie Breier recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Riana has been so helpful both with getting us set up for a smooth escrow and with showing me all the many tools I might use to streamline my business!
Oct 9, 2019

Q Ansari recommends Fidelity National Title Marin

Realtor at Vanguard Properties

Riana is truly amazing! The consummate professional. She is constantly introducing and exposing me to different systems and products. She is always available to assist and guide me through the process. Riana and her team at Fidelity National Title are irreplaceable.
Sep 25, 2019

Steve de Laveaga recommends Fidelity National Title Marin

SVP National Sales Manager

Riana is Customer centric and always focused on giving her customers a world class experience with us. She is also committed to learning Best of Breed technology, top systems and models that are focused on giving her clients the best ROI (Return on Investment) for their business growth. So happy to have Riana on our team!!
Aug 19, 2019

Gary Newman recommends Fidelity National Title Marin

Holmes Burrell Agent

Riana's responsiveness to questions and requests, coupled with her bubbly upbeat personality puts her in a league all by herself! It's a true pleasure having Riana on my team.
Aug 16, 2019

Miesha Morgret recommends Lia Rogers

Broker Associate

I’d say Lia is awesome, but that feels like an understatement. We had a wonderful transaction together where she went above and beyond to help us when a lender was not delivering as promised. It was my most stressful transaction to date, and I’m so glad I had an angel 😇 named Lia to help. Thank you to the whole team! Debbie was an amazing Notary too walking first-time buyers through every page of the signing. 🙏 Wonderful job all around.
Jul 30, 2019

Christine Palmer recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Hi Riana,

Thanks so much for coming by the Brokers Open yesterday. Wow, I am so impressed with the new live hyperlinked reports you are providing now. So user friendly and well designed. A great tool!
Jul 30, 2019

Keith Offord recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Riana is extremely helpful and responsive. She has provided me with great tools to assist clients, and her team swiftly and courteously manages all aspects of the escrow process for my clients.
Jul 26, 2019

Allison Salzer recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Riana is always on hand to answer questions and help out on any of my needs. She is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!
Jul 22, 2019

Mosel recommends Fidelity National Title Marin

Real Estate Agent with Holmes Burrell Real Estate

Since being introduced to Riana, she has done nothing but support my business. Is is an absolute professional and I can always trust her to have my back on any deal I am working.

She was also extremely helpful providing me with tools for success early on in my career. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with Hera nd the whole team at Fidelity National Title.
Jul 22, 2019

Kimberly H recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Riana is great! She is always there to help me with anything I need from Fidelity National Title! She is knowledgeable, kind, empathetic and delivers everything she says she is going!

If you have not already met Riana and let her help you with your Real Estate needs you are missing out!
Jul 18, 2019

Lori Odisio recommends Toni “TK” Krcha

Real Estate Agent

I appreciate your professionalism. You are always calm and wonderful.
Claudine. I love seeing you and how helpful and welcome you make me and my clients feel.
Thank you
Lori Saia Odisio
Vanguard Properties
Jul 17, 2019

Mark Paretchan recommends Lia Rogers

President & General Manager

Lia and her team took a hail Mary pass in the end zone at the last min. and scored a touch down for us. Her professionalism and willingness to work under pressure made the difference. Thank you Lia!
Jul 13, 2019

Kathee Shatter recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Riana is a star! She demonstrates utmost professionalism at every turn and never fails in her service. Her positive and energetic personality is the frosting on the cake.
Jul 10, 2019

Rick Keefer recommends Fidelity National Title Marin

Real Estate Broker

Riana is outstanding in her field! Always willing to help you, is always punctual, and very pleasant to interact with. She also is very knowledgeable about all the tools she can offer. Highly recommended! Rick
Jul 10, 2019

Jonathan Marks recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


Without question, Riana has been a most extraordinary resource in myriad ways and always with a genuine desire to help. I feel very fortunate to have her by my side as together we grow our businesses and provide even more expertise to my clients. Thanks, Riana!
Jul 9, 2019

Tania Reinhard recommends Fidelity National Title Marin


I have been a realtor with Coldwell Banker for over 30 years in Marin. I have had the pleasure of knowing Riana personally and professionally for about 5 years. Riana is an outstanding representation of the team at Fidelity National Title. She checks in with me regularly, provides helpful tools for my business, invites me to useful seminars and is just a gracious and kind lady that I am also proud to call a friend. Fidelity National Title is lucky to have her on board!

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