Sarah Fields

VP | Corporate Marketing Director Fidelity National Title Marketing Div I/III
Sarah serves as the Corporate Marketing Director for Fidelity National Title in Divisions I and III managing comprehensive marketing services, strategy and brand development.

For more than a decade, Sarah Fields has provided marketing, consulting and title/real estate-related services to clients throughout the United States. After completing her B.S. in Business with a concentration in Marketing at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Sarah began her professional career as the Director of Marketing for Fidelity National Title Company in Alameda County in 2001. In 2005, Sarah co-founded Effektive Solutions providing an independent online marketing portal for Title and Escrow companies.

In her current role, Sarah is been responsible for the re-branding and brand unification for her company and for providing leadership and comprehensive marketing resources and services for operations throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Hawaii.

Fidelity National Title is one of the nation's premier real estate service companies, providing title insurance and other real estate-related products and services and is part of Fidelity National Financial, a Fortune 500 company.
Dec 15, 2020
Sales Executive, Santa Clara County
Your extra and hard work helped us dial in on an office that is now closed to the public except to ME and one other rep. There were many competing for this position. We are now on their preferred vendor list and they will be directing all new agents to us.
Mar 25, 2020
Sales Executive
I have been working with Sarah for many years and her speedy and thorough efforts with the marketing material for our operation and she specifically she goes above and beyond. She provided us with detailed yet simple information to provide and the information was very useful and worked great. I know I asked Sarah to perform with a short turn around time and she did! So, again Sarah has helped make us look good by helping me and our operation. She is just as much part of our team as the rest! Thank you Sarah.
Nov 8, 2018
Sales Manager
I have had the privileged of working with Sarah for the past 6 years and a lot more the past 2 as a sales manager and I am always impressed. She manages marketing materials for multiple states that all have different regulations and she is able to navigate, create & deliver great marketing content to all of us. Even when I ask her for a special project she delivers promptly and always with gladness to be of service. Thank you for being a part of our team Sarah; we appreciate you.
Dec 11, 2017
Sales Executive
Sarah is always wonderful to work with. She is very responsive and always on top of her game. She puts out the most amazing marketing materials that my clients always rave about. She is easy to work with and so very thankful she is on our team. I can always count on her for all my marketing needs to keep my clients happy!
Nov 9, 2017
Senior Sales Executive
I highly recommend our VP | Corporate Marketing Director, Sarah Fields. Sarah is extremely diligent and hardworking. In fact, I couldn’t do my job -- to the highest level -- without the awesome marketing materials she creates for us. A very big thank you for all that you do, Sarah!
Nov 9, 2017
Sales Executive Manager
Hi Sarah,
Thank you for all you do! Your work is amazing and very professional! I'm very thankful to have you as part of our awesome Team! Every time I ask for custom marketing pieces, you go over the top and it turns out looking great! Cant thank you enough!


Peter Nguyen
Nov 9, 2017
VP Sales Manager
Sarah has been instrumental to our marketing and sales efforts. She is quick to respond and has elevated our brand identity. Along with supplying us with marketing collateral, she’s an enormous help with our recruiting efforts and the on-boarding of new employees.
Nov 6, 2017
Marketing & Education Coordinator
As our operation continues to look for new marketing and outreach opportunities, Sarah is always willing to jump in and help. She is a great resource for national and regional collateral and is also there to support our ideas and creative needs. She has been a great asset to us!
Nov 3, 2017
VP/Sales Executive
I've known Sarah for many years throughout my career at Fidelity National Title. She has always been so creative with her marketing ability, dependable, and quick to respond to any of my needs. She continually helps me brand myself in such a professional way. Thank you for all that you do Sarah!
Jun 26, 2017
VP Sales Development --Strategic Sales Solutions Team
Sarah Fields is a rock star and has helped me with marketing for the Elite Club members. She always has a positive attitude and is ready to help. I appreciate all she does for me and the Sales Executive team.
Aug 3, 2016
Sales Manager
I have been working with Sarah for many years and her speedy and thorough efforts with the marketing material for my team and specifically the seminar that I spoke at last night always go above and beyond. She provided me with detailed yet simple information to provide to the attendees and the information was very useful and worked great. I know I asked Sarah to perform with a short turn around time and she did! So, again Sarah has helped make us look good by helping me and our operation. She is just as much part of our team as the rest! Thank you Sarah.
Jul 25, 2016
VP/County Manager
I have been working with Sarah for over two years now, and she has been a very responsive ally and business partner for our operation. I appreciate her consistent communication, fresh perspectives, and believe that she is truly working hard for our overall success.
Jul 14, 2016
County Manager
Sarah is amazing!! She is always available and is willing to help us in any way she possible can. Sarah is an asset to our team and any team that she is part of. We are so thankful to have her supporting our operation!
Jul 8, 2016
Director of Sales
I have been working with Sarah for a few years now and have been very pleased with her performance and professionalism. She is always pleasant to deal with and is an essential part of our team. She is really on top of her game!
Jul 8, 2016
Sales Executive
I've been working closely with Sarah now for the past couple years and she has always been such a pleasure to work with. Sarah is responsive and helps our team with whatever requests we have. If we ask for something unusual or out of the blue she goes above and beyond to help accommodate us. We have definitely thrown some extremely last minute requests her way and she has completes the task in the time frame we need. Sarah helps offer unique marketing material and resources that are extremely helpful in our industry. Its always refreshing when you come across an individual who takes pride in going above and beyond for their clients, Sarah is one of those people. I highly recommend her and look forward to continuing my relationship with her! We greatly appreciate her and the knowledge and value she brings to our team!
Aug 14, 2015
CFPB Regional Manager
Sarah Fields is a pleasure to work with - you are in great hands if you are able to work with Sarah.

-dedicated to providing solutions
-this list could go on and on!
Aug 5, 2015
VP of eCommerce
Sarah changed the way that we looked at our social communities at 5.11 Tactical. She helped us craft a message that aligned with our brand, but more importantly something that we could distribute to a vast audience.

While Sarah provided superior guidance, she also was the person that created content, imagery, and video. She was a one-person band and was an asset to our organization.

She is highly recommended!
Aug 4, 2015
County Manager
Sarah Fields is a marketing genius! Her approach to outside of the box thinking and resourcefulness help her deliver non-stop value each and everyday. She is amazing at creating platforms and resources to help each and every sales executive be the best they can be each and every day. There isn't a job too small or big, that Sarah wouldn't offer to help you find the best and most efficient solution. Your business is impacted greatly from the moment you meet her!

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