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Erik Kloth recommends Kelly Kretchmer

Kelly Kretchmere and Emily are top notch. They respond to emails and call quickly. They keep you informed and updated along the way. They are a super team.

Kelly Rotter recommends Dawn Quintana

Dawn Quintana is a very professional and knowledgeable Escrow Officer and she displayed personal interest in this transaction. Months ago, way before escrow was even opened, I had called a few local title companies and Dawn was the only Escrow Officer who accepted my call. During this call and many afterwards, she took her time to help me understand what I would need to accomplish in purchasing a property for a very good friend of mine because there was not a realtor involved. One situation arose, and I did not have the time to problem solve the situation because I work fulltime, Dawn came to the rescue and helped me to learn how to possibly solve the property insurance issue. As the result of her actions and knowledge of local resources, the property insurance issue was solved, and I would be able to move forward with opening Escrow. The owner of the property suggested another escrow company (sister company to FNT) however, I insisted that Dawn be the leader in this transaction as she had gained my trust and quite frankly, she deserved to see this transaction through. I would also like to thank Katelin Chelonis, who also worked diligently in assuring all aspects of the escrow was complete. I thank Dawn and Kate for their hard work.

Kelly Ryan recommends Kelly Kretchmer

I can always count on Kelly Kretchmer to go above and beyond, to find solutions and work at making sure the title is clear and clean. She is awesome from the beginning to the close.

John Medina recommends Heather Valencia

Retired HVAC technician

Heather was extremely fast on closing once she received proper documentation would definitely use in future if needed

Laura Willman recommends Heather Valencia

Heather was professional, responsive and had great communication throughout the escrow. I wholeheartedly recommend to all!

Taylor Aksland recommends Heather Valencia

Heather was an absolute rockstar on this transaction and I would highly recommend her to any anyone in the Real Estate industry!

Michelle Molina Weupe recommends Jordan Hunt

Jordan Hunt whom I have worked with since he was an assistant. He has always gone above and beyond for our mutual clients. He is on top of everything and amazing at communication. Jordan has been and will continue to be my go to title officer. He is hands down one of the best.

Jennifer Icenhower recommends Kelly Kretchmer

Kelly Kretchmer and her team are fabulous to work with! Kelly is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Team Kretchmer is always my first choice!

Richard Howe recommends Kelly Kretchmer

All the staff at Fidelity National Title (Redding CA) are some of the best in the business. Very responsive, answer all your questions and get you to the finish line on time, if not sooner. Highly recommend.

Priscilla Ramirez recommends Jordan Hunt

i have done most of my deals now with Jordan , he is very fast and responsive ! Being in my first year of real estate, he has helped make each transaction smooth and always available when i have questions ! Highly recommend!

Karen Schmidt recommends Tosha Rymel

I have worked with Tosha Rymel several times and she is always very professional and quick to respond. She answers all of my questions and makes the clients feel comfortable during the process. Her and her team are my first choice when choosing a title company to work with!

Laura Willman recommends Tosha Rymel

Tosha is great to work with. She is efficient, knowledgable and has great communication. My client and I were both very pleased with this transaction.

Talor Aksland recommends Jordan Hunt

Jordan did a fantastic job, we had a quick 21 day escrow and he was on it the entire time and was able to make things happen at the end which made my clients extremely happy. I couldn't say enough good things about Jordan. I appreciate him and Fidelity for a smooth transaction

Danit Dollar recommends Dawn Quintana

I highly recommend Dawn Quintana as an extremely knowledgeable escrow officer who effectively communicates with clients throughout the entire transaction process.I strongly endorse her services.

Anonymous recommends Jordan Hunt

Very professional & always available

Anonymous recommends Fidelity National Title Northstate

The entire staff is amazing. They make our transactions so smooth! Fidelity is definitely my favorite!!

Terry Johnson recommends Tosha Rymel

Tosha is extremely responsive and actually picks up the phone 90% of the time when I call. The entire staff at Fidelity makes me feel that my business is appreciated through every step of our escrow process. Can?t say enough about how much I appreciate their service!

Keith Fickert recommends Jordan Hunt

Jordan goes above and beyond to help clients and works hard to have a smooth experience.

Jennifer Icenhower recommends Kelly Kretchmer

Kelly Kretchmer has always done a wonderful job with my escrows. She is responsive and helpful and communicates very well. She is an absolute pleasure to work with! Team Kretchmer is always my first choice!

Darren Harvey recommends Fidelity National Title Northstate

Kelli Hartline goes above and beyond on every transaction. Her & her team are thorough, accurate and timely in every transaction.

Tony Hord recommends Fidelity National Title Northstate

Kelli Hartline and the staff at Fidelity are the best in the business. Professional guidance and service all the way. I thank you and look forward to many more smooth transactions.

Danit Dollar recommends Dawn Quintana

Dawn Quintana demonstrates a high level of expertise and support. I am grateful for her assistance with my recent home purchase.

Elise Pope recommends Fidelity National Title Northstate

By far the best escrow team I?ve gotten to work with is Kelli and Athena. The communication is consistent the entire transaction and they have everything ready on their end shortly after opening the file allowing for quick closes. Kelli also sends out a detailed Preliminary title report review for each file which is immensely helpful for the clients.

Robbie Middleton recommends Fidelity National Title Northstate

Kelli goes above and beyond to insure the best transaction possible. Her communication and desire to get the job done do not go unnoticed. Thank you Kelli for all that you do!

Frankie Miller recommends Jordan Hunt

Jordan Hunt is the best and will handle any situation that comes his way with the utmost professionalism. I recommend him for superior service and great communication.

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