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3 days ago

Markus Ribbe recommends Tori LaPolla

Tori and her team did a truly outstanding job with our escrow transaction. Not only highly professional and most responsive, but also very friendly and pleasant to work with! We would highly recommend her! Mahalo nui loa Tori!!
Jul 17, 2021

C Barber recommends Deni Kawauchi

I’ve been in association with Deni for both the purchase of my condo and five years later, the sale. One transaction was quick and smooth and the other more complicated. Both experiences I could count on Deni to be professional, level, diligent, positive, and always providing a consistent level of leadership. I highly recommend her services and Aloha.
Jul 17, 2021

Sarah Golden recommends Rose Bento

Rose Bento is the Best! She is the reason we use Fidelity National Title.
She goes above and beyond every time! I encourage everyone I work with to use Rose too.
Jul 16, 2021

Tyler Coons recommends Rose Bento

Rose Bento is a total pro! Rose is always available to help when we need it and is 100% solution oriented. I count rose as a team mate that I can count on no matter the situation.
Jul 15, 2021

Christine Babian recommends Monica Smith

Monica gave us exceptional service and was very professional. We had a very smooth transaction from beginning until end in just 30 days. I would highly recommend her and I look forward to my next transaction!
Christine Babian
Jul 15, 2021

Hazel Roces recommends Henson Balais

It's always a pleasure working with Henson Balais. My clients get the time and attention for their concerns and any questions especially during the signing appointment. He is also always quick to reply to my emails, in returning calls and consistent with sending a status update. Thank you Henson for always doing a great job!
Jul 15, 2021

Alyssa Waki recommends Tori LaPolla

Real Estate Sales - Shore to Shore Realty, Inc.

Tori and her team did an amazing job with our escrow transaction. Tori and her team made our escrow transaction smooth and easy with quick response times. Highly recommend. Thank you Tori! :)
Jul 14, 2021

Myriam Edwards recommends Vonnie Razo

Vonnie Razo was right on time with our Escrow. With the market as crazy as it is now, most Escrow companies are way behind. Great Service with Vonnie! Highly Recommended!
Jul 14, 2021

Lorraine De Blanche recommends Deni Kawauchi


It was an absolute pleasure to have Deni help me through the process regarding the sale of my condo! She is extremely efficient and so professional - I am currently in South Africa, with a 12 hour time difference and SA ahead of Maui, and she often started at 6 am to make it easier for me, as that is 6pm my time! She really exceeded all expectations!!!
Jul 12, 2021

Chris Summers recommends Tori LaPolla

Tori and Kassi did a fantastic job processing our Maui property purchase. We purchased the property from Canada during COVID which had us concerned at first but Tori and Kassi walked us through the entire process which couldn't have gone any smoother. We will definitely be recommending Fidelity to anyone looking to purchase a property in Hawaii! Thanks again Tori and Kassi, you rock!! :)
Jul 12, 2021

Catherine Chang recommends Daisy Su

I had the pleasure of working with Daisy Su during a home transaction for my parents. We really appreciated how detailed she and her team were and how responsive they were to all of our questions/requests. They worked quickly to make sure everything was in order and that we met all of our deadlines so we could close in the timeframe that we wanted. Thank you for making the process ever so smooth and for assisting in this big purchase for my parents! Hope to be able to work with Daisy again in the future!
Jul 10, 2021

Michael Fish recommends Deni Kawauchi

Deni Kawauchi is always prompt and professional. She makes the escrow process go smooth and easy. We really appreciate her hard work.
Jul 10, 2021

Tracy Stice recommends Wendy Gomes

Wendy Gomes and her entire staff and sales department always jump to get me what I need , immediately. If they can't insure a property or there is an issue, they let me know right away, so that I can inform my clients. Having this level of service allows me to do a much better job for my clients and helps to create more business opportunities for me. More business= more $$$= more escrows for Fidelity !
Jul 10, 2021

Jason Wong recommends Daisy Su

Daisy is awesome.
Jul 9, 2021

Jennifer Hardy recommends Mandy Marumoto

Mandy and her team really went above and beyond to coordinate with another escrow company to get us to the closing and record. I was truly impressed and grateful!
Jul 9, 2021

Jessica Miller recommends Deni Kawauchi

It's always a pleasure working with Deni Kawauchi at Fidelity National Title!!! The entire team is top notch, professional, personable and kind!
Jul 8, 2021

Chris Ferronato recommends Deni Kawauchi

Deni did a great job. She was very cooperative working with me in my different time zone and provided me with her personal cel phone number and took my call after her working hours. I happily recommend her!
Jul 8, 2021

Kelly Kistner recommends Tori LaPolla

Tori, Kassi and the entire team were fantastic! Even when we hit a snag with the other side, they kept the ball moving and got the job done. Tori and team were proactive, communicative and thorough. They are truly a joy to work with and I highly recommend them.
Jul 8, 2021

Zenaida Lopez recommends Mandy Marumoto

Mandy is so good in responding on whatever questions or requests i have on the transaction.
Thanks so much Mandy, for your services.

Zenny Looez
Realtor- West Oahu Realty Inc.
Jul 8, 2021

Christyl Nagao recommends Bea Jeal

Preston, Bea and Penny are amazing. They are the reasons why my clients choose to work with Fidelity. Their knowledge is key when it comes to complex transactions and they get us to the finish line!
Jul 7, 2021

Terry Kamen recommends Bea Jeal

Bea is extremely knowledgeable.
Jul 7, 2021

Mary Anne Fitch recommends Kosei Nagata

Kosei closed another transaction perfectly. I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism, his accessibility and kindness in getting these escrows closed.
Jul 6, 2021

Gareth and Julie Green recommend Deni Kawauchi

Mahalo Deni and team!! You helped make a technical and complicated transaction easy to track and understand. We appreciate the extra time, effort and special care in handling our transaction. Aloha
Jul 6, 2021

Cole Kachur recommends Tori LaPolla

Wealth Advisor

Tori was the key piece to getting this condo purchase done for us. Being in Canada, we encountered some unexpected hoops and Tori was very knowledgeable of the process for Canadians and how we could best ensure that we meet the deadlines. Our lender was very tardy in releasing the loan docs for signing and Tori deftly juggled any impediments.

I couldn't be more impressed with Tori and the excellent job that she was able to do with us. A very exceptional job. Thank you!
Jul 6, 2021

Richard Pascua recommends Olivia Morikawa

Principal Broker

It goes without saying that Olivia is very helpful and vital to all of us realtors. She comes highly recommended and for good reason. Give her a call and ask her to help you and you’ll be happy you did…

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