Kim White

Escrow Branch Manager Fidelity National Title Portland
Kim has over 16 years of industry experience serving customers involved in New Construction, Residential Resale, Short Sales, REO Sales, Refinance and Private Financing Transactions. Kim's proactive approach to communication and a well-rounded team of assistants, ensure her client's needs are exceeded on every transaction. She is absolutely committed to closing your transaction with the highest level of professionalism and service. Outside of work you can find Kim enjoying University of Oregon football, walking her Coton de Tulear, Lucky, and spending time with her husband John.
Apr 9, 2015
Real Estate Agent
Kim White is the perfect blend of professionalism and customer service. She knows how to bring the human element effortlessly into the escrow portion of a real estate transaction leaving each and every one of my clients walking away satisfied and well served. There is a reason why I work diligently to direct all of my escrows to Kim. She is efficient, a fantastic communicator and never makes a mistake. Isn't that what everyone wants? An escrow that is seamless and each party walking away feeling like they were served well. I am a raving fan for Kim White and Fidelity National Title.
Apr 8, 2015
Loan Officer
I've used Kim's services for escrow on my refinances for over a decade. I can not remember one time there were any errors by her or her team's part that caused problems for me or my clients. Not one. My clients have always had a pleasant experience with Kim. She has been phenomenal to work with and I will be opening my future escrows with Kim as well. If you are not using Kim, you should be.
Apr 8, 2015
Senior Loan Officer
Kim and her team and hands down the best in the business. They all act with such professionalism yet care about each of their clients needs. Kim always responds in a timely manner and she takes the time to explain everything to my clients. Kim treats every transaction like it is the most important one she has.

I am so lucky to have Kim as a part of my team.
Apr 8, 2015
Principal Broker
Kim and her team did a superb job of facilitating the sale of a condominium with some very challenging issues. She foresaw issues with the title and existing liens and took the initiative to clear them up. The communication and follow up was thorough and on-going. There were no surprises at closing the seller informed me that she was very impressed with the professionalism. I heartily recommend Kim White and Fidelity National Title.

Apr 8, 2015
Loan Officer, HomeStreet Bank
It has been my privilege of working alongside Kim and Emily for over 10 years. We have a bit of an usual association in that we didn't meet for nearly 7 years. All was and still is working well and I didn't want to mess up a great relationship by meeting. To them going the extra mile, doing something extraordinary is just part of their "normal". They make me look good even when I don't deserve it. Their excellence shows itself when my previous clients demand to work with them again.
You are simply the best. Thank you.
Apr 8, 2015
Kim and her team are always amazing! She is always on top of her game, even when I know they are over worked she always makes time for me with stopping what she is doing or fitting me in. I know my clients are in good care with her and I do not worry that things will not be taken care of in a professional and timely manner. I can not thank her enough for al that she does! On top of it, she does it with a smile! Thanks Kim for all you do and the wonderful team behind you. You are the best!
Apr 8, 2015
Real Estate Broker
Kim and her team are simply the best in the business. I'm consistently astounded by how quickly she and her team respond to every request. Working on the buyers agent side of a transaction and forced to deal with another title/escrow agent, I always have to double and triple check that signings are scheduled or wires happen. I never have to do that with Kim - she just takes care of everything and I can count on it every time without fail. I've been working with her for almost ten years and in that time cannot point to a single instance where I wasn't absolutely delighted with her attentive, reliable and expert service.
Oct 2, 2014
Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Portland Premiere
Kim is amazing! Emily is right there too! What a duo! I can always be rest assured that my clients will be well taken care of in my presence and outside of my presence. There are alot of title representatives in our area and when I started my business I knew without a doubt that Kim and her team were the one's to partner with. They are very timely, efficient and professional. If I don't get an email back from Kim within a few minutes as she is in a meeting, I know that Emily is truly that fast no kidding! Even though her love for yellow, green, and the City of Eugene separate us a great deal, I will always have a have Kim involved in my business. Thank you Fidelity and Kim White!
Aug 20, 2013
Always my first choice for an Escrow officer. She and her team take such good care of my clients, always helpful, accurate, on time and they are a pleasure to work with. The Customer Service team provides wonderful tools as well.
When choosing a Title Company consider Kim White and Fidelity National Title. You will not be disappointed!
Aug 8, 2013
Principal Broker, Owner- Park Place Real Estate
I have worked with Kim White for almost a decade now and can't say enough about what an amazing job she does. Kim and her staff are on top of every detail in a transaction from start to finish and are phenomenal at spotting potential issues long before they arise.

She has been a fantastic member of our team for a long time and I wouldn't consider using any other team. If you have a need for title and escrow, Kim White and Fidelity are an obvious number one choice!

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