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Fidelity National Title Insurance Company through its nationwide network of direct operations and agents, FNTIC provides title insurance, underwriting, escrow and closing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients, lenders, developers, attorneys, real estate professionals and consumers.


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Rene Donahue recommends Nichole Klausner

Trans. Coordinator

OMG, Nichole Klausner and Terri Pellini are the best of the best!! I never have to worry when I have a transaction with them!! When I have to use another Title Company I almost cry but, it really shows just how good Nichole and Terri are!!
Feb 12, 2020

Tony Williams recommends Nichole Klausner

The Dynamic Duo of Roseville Fidelity National Title - Nichole and Terri. Thanks Ladies!!
Jan 27, 2020

Jeff Hoffar recommends Nichole Klausner

Very easy. Not one problem.
Very professional.
A million thanks
Jan 14, 2020

Jeffery Sessions recommends Laura Peachey

Laura is simply the best Escrow officer I have dealt within my 20 years in the business.
Jan 3, 2020

Tony Williams recommends Nichole Klausner

Another smooth escrow with Nichole and Terri of Fidelity National Roseville
Jan 2, 2020

Gail Cirata recommends Nichole Klausner

Nichole Klausner is the very best in the business!
Jan 1, 2020

Cynthia Smith recommends Laura Peachey

Laura Peachey (assisted by the amazing Courtney Groshong) is the reason that Fidelity Natl Title is my top choice for handling escrows. Laura is responsive, professional, friendly and pro-active. And of utmost importance - she is accessible! Laura has often taken my business calls late at night and on weekends. Her knowledge and experience is evident and she always go above and beyond. I know that she had my back and will take great care of my clients every time.
Jan 1, 2020

Irene Fairman recommends Laura Peachey

The team at Fidelity are a great team and helpful. I recommend them for your next escrow. Especially Courtney__
Dec 24, 2019

Shawnivan H recommends Janell Willis

Executive Director

Janell Willis is an easy going, attentive title representative. The title business seems easy....until you run into a problem, right? That's when people like Janell stand out. She will respond quickly to your cries of HELP and very patiently research the problem until a resolution is found. In this industry, you are constantly looking for solid team players - Janell should be on that team.

Work with someone you can count on!
Dec 19, 2019

Donna Phelan recommends Janell Willis

Director of Sales

Janell Willis is an outstanding representative for her company and her clients. She stays on the cutting edge of technology and trends to keep everyone informed to offer the best advice and service. Her knowledge of the region, the real estate industry and her sphere of influence are vital resources. She has a generous heart and a terrific sense of humor! Your experience will be richer by knowing her.
Dec 18, 2019

Katherine Katches recommends Nichole Klausner

Nichole Klausner was AWESOME! She answered my every question and was super helpful and accommodating especially at the end when it got hairy and there was a lot of back and forth she maintained friendliness and professionalism.
Dec 5, 2019

Maria Haneffant recommends Laura Peachey

I have worked with different Title officers over the years, and I have known Laura Peachey for over 20 years. She is knowledgeable, thorough, dedicated, with great attention to detail. She is relentless to accomplish the needs of all the people involved in the transaction. She goes above and beyond. to ensure closure in a timely matter. I would definitely recommend her, and her Team!
Dec 3, 2019

Kimberly Patrick recommends Audrey Hartsgrove

Audrey Hartsgrove is the BESTEST! Her and her team always go above and beyond for my clients, including making special signing arrangements. All my clients are very pleased, as am I. We all love her.
Nov 23, 2019

David Silva recommends Laura Peachey

Laura Peachey is the best. She always gives me full attention, does her own signings, and puts my clients at ease when they are intimidated by the process. She is very knowledgeable and knows who to call no matter if it�s utility related, tax related, or HOA. She is assured by Courtney and together they make an unbeatable team. Couple that with the power and support of Fidelity National and it�s a �No Brainer�! If you wasted your time trying the rest than it�s time you use the best!
Nov 7, 2019

Shawna Adrien recommends Audrey Hartsgrove

Audrey is just the best when it comes to efficiently handling all my clients escrow needs. She�s knowledgable and always accommodates their time to sign.
Nov 1, 2019

Barry Mathis recommends Nichole Klausner

Just got an very fast cash deal done that turned into a 3 day loan addition and still closed on time. Great Job Ladies !
Oct 21, 2019

Kari Jo Clark recommends Laura Peachey

The Peachey Team!!!! Your survey does not offer great, phenomenal or awesome... I would've given those responses for everything!!! Laura and Courtney are amazing! Laura is The most experienced , knowledgeable and professional escrow officer I have worked with in my professional career. That is why I always choose her and rhe Peachey team __
Oct 8, 2019

Fred Festersen recommends Laura Peachey

Laura is a great escrow office. It seems like she always gets my difficult transactions, and is always rock steady. I receive calls and emails from Laura on weekends where by I literally have to say "go home and rest Laura". She really works hard.
Oct 1, 2019

Chelsea Peitz recommends Janell Willis

Natl Dir of Social Sales

Janell is an innovate sales executive who is dedicated to not only her personal growth but that of her clients as well. She has shown a proven commitment to mastering the art of social selling and continues to push herself outside of the comfort zone
Sep 21, 2019

Anthony Koregelos recommends Nichole Klausner

As Real Estate Agents, we want to rely on our Title companies to get the job done. The last contract I had went through another FNT branch as I was not able to pick my local FNT office that I usually use. As expected FNT did not disappoint. Nichole Klausner made this deal simple and was on top of everything. Although this was not my local FNT office the deal went smooth as can be. Thanks for all the hard work from Nichole, her Notary at signing, and her supporting team to make this an easy deal for my clients and I. Sincerely Tony Koregelos
Sep 11, 2019

Theresa Campbell recommends Laura Peachey

Loved working with Laura Peachey and her team. Always there and quick to answer questions. I appreciate all of their hard work!
Sep 3, 2019

Gail Hargis recommends Laura Peachey

Laura Peachey and her team are the best ever! They are responsive, understanding, kind and they know the business. The always go above and beyond their job requirements to make a smooth and satisfying escrow. Our last escrow has some challenges they were handled with pure professionalism!
Aug 30, 2019

Tim Howard recommends Nichole Klausner

Nichole and her team never cease to amaze me- They have closed several deals for me over the past year and are always very responsive to all those involved- Thanks to her and to Terri Pellini for a job done well!!!
Aug 28, 2019

(Sam) Sohanpreet Singh recommends Audrey Hartsgrove

I have been working with Audrey Hartsgrove from last year or so.. she is very professional, on time and very responsive. Loved working with her.. - Sam Chahal with Golden State Realty 916-612-5773
Aug 28, 2019

Daisy Vasandani recommends Audrey Hartsgrove

She knows what she's doing and quick to respond on calls or emails. Very professional. Thank you Audrey.

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