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Recommendations (1096)

Dec 5, 2019

James Callejas recommends Pete Dawson

VP/Account Executive

When it comes to follow up, organization and knowledge Pete Dawson is second to none. I've worked with Pete for over a decade and he is a true professional that always looks out for his client's best interests. Thank you for the awesome service you provide!
Nov 23, 2019

David Silva recommends Laura Peachey

Laura Peachey is the best. She always gives me full attention, does her own signings, and puts my clients at ease when they are intimidated by the process. She is very knowledgeable and knows who to call no matter if it�s utility related, tax related, or HOA. She is assured by Courtney and together they make an unbeatable team. Couple that with the power and support of Fidelity National and it�s a �No Brainer�! If you wasted your time trying the rest than it�s time you use the best!
Nov 22, 2019

Charles Lauria recommends Jana Farias

I have been a Real Estate Professional over 30 years. During this time I have worked with some very good escrow teams. I would place Jana Farias & her team in Folsom, CA at the top of my list. Their willingness to go above & beyond reminds me of Aristotle's words: "Excellence is not an act. It's a habit."
Nov 22, 2019

Brett Shaffer recommends Pete Dawson

AVP / Sales Executive

Pete Dawson is the consummate professional bringing value to his business partners every day! He brings many years of title & escrow knowledge paired with his passion for success he is a great assets not just to our sales team and escrow partners but for each real estate and mortgage professional he meets with. When you work with Pete you can't help but grow!
Nov 21, 2019

Carmen Bird recommends Kelly Bell

Professionalism at it's finest, positive can do work ethic, patient with changes and challenges. I highly recommend using Fidelity for your next escrow.
Nov 20, 2019

Ricki Manahan recommends Linda Gayton

Linda Gayton & Heather Tone are an exceptional team. They continue to go above and beyond in every situation put in front of them. They handle their work with professionalism and personal care for my team and clients. I will continue to use them for every transaction I can hand their way! Thank you, Ricki Manahan
Nov 20, 2019

Tony Allen recommends Lindsay Paoli

Lindsay Paoli - I could not ask for a better Escrow Officer. Lindsay is a great communicator. She keeps me informed at all times. I really appreciate how hard she works. It seems like she is always working.
Nov 20, 2019

Sherry Ekdawy recommends Cindy DeGennaro

Cindy and Adreana did a great job!
Nov 20, 2019

C Spainhower recommends Terra Fletcher

As a Buyer's Agent on my recently closed transaction I am very pleased with Terra Fletcher's professionalism and communication!
Nov 18, 2019

Cary Sanders recommends Jamie Ryan

Jamie did a fantastic job throught the entire escrow. Her communications with me, my buyer clients, the lender, and the other parties were always prompt and thorough. I was especially impressed how she explained the closing documents to my clients and how she made us all feel comfortable and at ease. Very well done!
Nov 14, 2019

Jeremy Jacobson recommends Beatriz Munoz

Beatriz Munoz-Martinez always gets the job done and is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and hard working. She always goes the extra mile to ensure that all questions are answered and that any problems are solved and everyone is happy.
Nov 12, 2019

SHANDA LUSICH recommends Mitch Perez

Real Estate Agent

I thoroughly enjoy working with Mitch Perez. His knowledge of some very good programs that are available to us agents is extremely helpful. He is super helpful in reaching out and getting us in contact with the right people! Love Fidelity:)
Nov 11, 2019

Margo Laustsen recommends Lori Pynappel

Another smooth transaction with these ladies. Lori and Tabatha continue to make it happen. A pleasure to work with!
Nov 7, 2019

Dan Earls recommends Terra Fletcher

Realtor w Remax Gold

I am so happy working with Terra Fletcher . She is so very knowledgeable and very patient with clients, particularly at signings. She did a great job answering the many questions asked by my client, and patient as he read most of the documents,
I enjoy working with Team Fletcher and my Transaction Coordinator Sheri. Together they make my job easier and also make me look better .
Thank You Terra and Team
Dan Earls
Remax Gold
Nov 1, 2019

Shanda Lusich recommends Mary Medina

Mary Medina is the utmost professional in closing escrows . I have used her in the past and obviously felt extremely comfortable in opening another escrow with her .
Oct 31, 2019

Michele Ramos recommends Colin Roe

Escrow Officer

Colin, is infectious! I have no idea what kind of vitamins that he takes but I want them. He is always happy, has the best things to say to make you happy, just an all around favorite human of mine. I am lucky that we get to team up with him to conquer the Escrow World with our Rock Star AG. Just today, came in with a huge smile, fixed a printer and order supplies. Always taking care of us, showing us that nothing is impossible, and encouraging us to reach beyond the stars and just blow the door right off the hinges! Thanks for all that you do for us Colin!
Oct 31, 2019

Patrick O Hare recommends Terra Fletcher

Terra Fletcher has always been great to work with. A great escrow officer smooths out the bumps during the escrow and Terra has the knowledge, skill and support to do that. She and her team are always our go to resource.
Oct 30, 2019

Ricki Manahan recommends Linda Gayton

Linda Gayton and Heather Tone were extra helpful on this transaction. Power went out around Ca and we were not able to close on the day we hoped. Their team went above and beyond to make a miracle happen that following Monday am. The client was evacuated from her primary residence and driving around with her kitties. They made it so she had her new home to go to , turning a stressful situation into a positive one. Thank you for all your extra efforts to pay personal attention to this client. Thank you Ricki Manahan
Oct 29, 2019

Evelyn Jenkins recommends Jana Farias

Jana Farias is wonderful to work with. Very quick with responses and knows here stuff. Always a pleasure to work with
Oct 29, 2019

Marcy Boyd recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Broker, Old Valley Homes & Loans

We are thrilled to recommend the services of Jennifer Vicari-Cox. She is our sales rep at Fidelity National Title. Because of her ability to empathize and quickly build rapport she’s been able to demonstrate and explain helpful programs, resources and applications, that we would’ve never had the opportunity or taken the time to try. Jennifer gives our small company - - big company tools and attentions.
Oct 28, 2019

Tiegen Boberg recommends Jennifer Vicari-Cox

Broker Associate

Jennifer is hands down one of the best professional contacts I have encountered. She is personable, sweet, caring & most importantly listens to your needs and wants. She is not a "sales" person at all, but more aimed towards building professional relationships and being a great resource. She truly wants to help you with your needs and wants, and will always find a way to accomplish the long or short term goals. Her level of service is refined & unique and I'm honored to have her involved in my business.
Oct 27, 2019

Nancy Wilcoxon recommends Colin Roe

Escrow Officer

Colin is an amazing marketing expert who possesses a highly developed knowledge of industry technology along with great skill in providing clients with the most up to date programs that fit their specific needs. He loves his job and is inspiring to those around him !
Oct 25, 2019

Tracy Helphingstine recommends Pina McDermot

Terra Fletcher has always been my go to for almost twenty years but on this file the Seller chose to use Pina McDermott. I was at a breaking point because the listing agent had not returned a signed repair request he'd been given 13 days earlier. Super Lazy. Pina got it signed by the Seller in 7 minutes flat and saved the closing appointment!
Oct 23, 2019

Yuri Oushakoff recommends Cindy DeGennaro

Cindy and Adreana are my dream team. I always appreciate their attention to detail and responsiveness. They always handle my needs with the utmost attention.
Oct 21, 2019

Kari Jo Clark recommends Laura Peachey

The Peachey Team!!!! Your survey does not offer great, phenomenal or awesome... I would've given those responses for everything!!! Laura and Courtney are amazing! Laura is The most experienced , knowledgeable and professional escrow officer I have worked with in my professional career. That is why I always choose her and rhe Peachey team __

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