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Recommendations (1067)

Oct 18, 2019

Jerry Bloom recommends Liz Tholen


Liz is the best! Professional but warm and friendly. Lucky us to have Liz close our escrow!
Oct 14, 2019

Matt The Mortgage Guy recommends Liz Tholen

Mortgage Broker

Everyone is off on this holiday (Columbus Day) but Liz is in the office getting our docs prepped and ready for signing
Thanks Liz!

Oct 9, 2019

Andrew Hall recommends Liz Tholen

Liz, has done 98 % of my escrows , for close to 17 years, excellent, Andy
Oct 8, 2019

Fred Festersen recommends Laura Peachey

Laura is a great escrow office. It seems like she always gets my difficult transactions, and is always rock steady. I receive calls and emails from Laura on weekends where by I literally have to say "go home and rest Laura". She really works hard.
Oct 8, 2019

Nicole Misfeldt recommends Beatriz Munoz

Beatriz Munoz is a very professional, thorough and friendly escrow officer. A joy to work with!
Oct 8, 2019

Robert Keinhofer recommends Terra Fletcher

Terra Fletcher and her team keep me informed through the entire escrow. They are a valuable asset to my team. Bob K.
Oct 7, 2019

Joyce Espinosa recommends Mary Medina

Mary was very responsive to my emails. I frequently got answers to my questions within minutes.
Oct 7, 2019

I Sami Siddiqui recommends Cindy DeGennaro

Cindy DeGennaro and her entire staff goes out of their way to make sure my transaction are done on time and my clients are super happy with their service.
Oct 5, 2019

Bill Murphy recommends Beatriz Munoz

Beatriz Munoz-Martinez does a terrific job in all aspect of an escrow. She can even deal with an "impossible" lender and calmly see the transaction through to a successful close. Use Beatriz for your escrow agent -- it will significantly lower your "real estate agent related blood pressure". Worked for me.
Oct 3, 2019

Brandon Owen recommends Cindy DeGennaro

Great Job!!!
Oct 3, 2019

Patti Babish recommends Liz Tholen

Liz and her staff work seamlessly to get things done and they do it with a smile. I very much appreciate all that they do!
Oct 1, 2019

Anonymous recommends Kim Meidinger

I've been a custoner if Kim's for many years. She is very knowledgeable and effecient. She is someone I trust throughly with all of my very special clients.
Sep 30, 2019

Jessica Patrick recommends Jamie Ryan

Jamie was excellent to work with. Organized, efficient and always available to answer my questions. The transaction was incredibly smooth and she was very accommodating to my requests to to coordinate recordings at a certain time so that we could consecutively close on another transaction for my clients at another title company. Thank you Jamie!
Sep 27, 2019

Margo Laustsen recommends Lori Pynappel

Lori and Tabatha make a great team. They are patient with my clients, always professional and extremely responsive. They get the job done, it's that simple. I would give them 6 stars if I could.
Sep 27, 2019

Tony Allen recommends Lindsay Paoli

Lindsay and Michaela (Team Paoli) ..This a dynamic duo. I can't thank them enough for all they do for our clients.. Lindsay is always available for our clients. She always gets the job done! I am always impressed and satisfied with their service. Because of their hard work and competence, I have very happy customers. Lindsay and Michaela really shine when we have difficult situations. Instead of staring at the ball, they pick it up and run. Real Pros.
Sep 26, 2019

Colin Roe recommends Jennifer Goodman

Sales Manager

I am soo happy that Jen is home with the Fidelity National Title Family. She is always looking to bring her clients the best of what we have to offer. The genuine care that she has for everyone that she works with is incredibly impressive. Her drive to learn and grow herself to bring more value to her marketplace is encouraging to me and pushes me to improve as well. If you're in Jen's marketplace and looking to move your business to the next level I highly recommend setting a meeting with her.
Sep 26, 2019

LINDA MCMILLAN recommends Liz Tholen


Thanks to Liz and her team, AGAIN. Very messy title issue successfully resolved by Liz. Don't want to imagine how this would have gone if I did not have this group to count on. THE BEST!!!
Sep 26, 2019

Sara Raudelunas recommends Terra Fletcher

Terra Fletcher is amazing! She is quick, knowledgeable and diligent. She goes above and beyond. I just love her.
Sep 25, 2019

Patience Lewis recommends Beatriz Munoz

Beatriz Munoz is an amazing Escrow officer to work with, she keeps us up to date and is on top of any challenges that may occur. She gets things done! The entire office works together seamlessly and our clients are always impressed by the service they receive.
Sep 23, 2019

Rose Cabral recommends Lorna Johnson

Lorna and team are always available to my clients making the process smooth and simple. Thank you!
Sep 23, 2019

Linda Stirling recommends Liz Tholen

Liz Tholen is always the consummate professional. She is very patient with my clients, explains the process to them so it is easily understood. She is always consistent with her service. Of course, her team is right there doing a great job as well.
Sep 21, 2019

Julie Lewis recommends Lauri Isle

Laurie isle has so much experience to bring to escrow transactions. No matter how unique the situation, she manages to have a solution. She is also a very easy going person and is very good with buyers and sellers, young and old alike.
Sep 20, 2019

Liz Glyzewski recommends Bridgette Rist

Bridgette went above and beyond to ensure that our transaction closed. It was definitely one for the books and she made it happen!
Sep 19, 2019

Amanda Jackson recommends Jana Farias

Jana and Hai are the dream team very knowledgeable, professional and perhaps most importantly they are very responsive!
Sep 18, 2019

David Hong recommends Mary Medina

Mary Medina was our escrow officer. She was professional throughout the transaction. We had 3 sellers in 3 different parts of.the US. Mary handled it, no prolem.

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