Rane Davis

Escrow Officer Fidelity National Title Sacramento
Aug 3, 2015
Rane is one of the most hardworking individuals I know. It doesn't matter if the transaction is big or small, she will treat it with the same importance. I always appreciate the kindness, consideration and professionalism she shows all parties to the transaction. I have a majority of older clients and she is wonderful at explaining things calmly and then patiently waiting for questions. My clients ask specifically for Rane and drive 45 minutes just so that they can work with her at closing because they feel comfortable. Rane is great because she responds to emails, return calls promptly, keeps all parties in the transaction moving forward in order to ensure a timely closing. She is always calm, even when my most recent transaction had docs delivered to escrow almost 3 weeks early with no notice. I feel very lucky to have someone I can trust helping my clients with such an important financial transaction. I would always recommend Rane to anyone looking for a great escrow officer!
Jul 31, 2015
121 West Real Estate, Broker-owner
Rane' is extremely knowledgably about what it takes to service an escrow & get it done. I'm not sure if it is her patience with me or her ability to answer any question I throw at her. Probably both. I started going to her in 2005 & I have not met anyone better. I saw her pull a rabbit out of a hat last year.... miracle save of the year when I thought the deal was dead. Thank you, Rane'!!

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